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How To Clean Mr Coffee Better Than Anyone Else

Making coffee by yourself is good and cleaning the coffee maker by yourself is better!

Most times, people prefer the fast option of getting their coffee from the restaurant. This is so sometimes because they do not have the machinery to make their coffee themselves and other cases, they feel too lazy to actually prepare the coffee themselves. 

Either way is cool but then if you have a coffee maker at home then it will be best you stick through with me.

In this short guide, you’ll learn the basics of cleaning Mr Coffee. I will also show you how cleaning Mr. Coffee with vinegar works too. 

I cannot overemphasize the need to keep Mr. Coffee clean. It will surely protect you from drinking filthy coffee the next time you have the cravings.

Should You Clean Mr Coffee?

Mere looking at the body of the coffee maker, you may be drawn to conclude that the appliance is absolutely clean but I would like to warn that it may not be the case. 

After you make coffee, debris may be left in the machine over time, these will bring germs to the coffee maker and in the long run, the appliance may develop some faults due to clogging and that as well interrupt the normal flow of the making process.

Trust me when I say you don’t want to brew coffee with a dirty machine.

Are you still with me? Okay, moving on;

I’m about to expose you to simple procedures to make Mr. coffee clean.

 mr coffee cleaner instructions

The Art of Cleaning Mr Coffee:  Mr Coffee Cleaner Instructions

Mr Coffee clean cycle is an easy three-step by step procedure that is very much explanatory and will surely yield good results.

To keep your appliance clean, safe, durable and still producing tasty coffee; Here are the steps I follow to clean mine.

Part 1

Use a wet soapy sponge to wash all the removable parts as soon as you are done making coffee with the appliance. This is of utmost importance because when you are in the process of making coffee, there are some leftovers that will consciously stick to the body of the appliance. 

It is your duty to discover them and wipe them off immediately. You can either choose to wash them with the hand or use the dishwasher to make it a lot safer. 

The exterior parts are also of major concern. As much as you clean the interior, also clean the exterior.

When you are done with the cleaning of these parts, you can take a dry towel and clean up every wet patch to leave it dry and moist free. Germs always habit in damp places. Leave the lid of the tank or reservoir open too so that it can be easy to dry out.

Part 2 

This part will require using the Mr coffee clean button.

Use vinegar on the machine every month to decalcify it. Cleaning mr coffee with vinegar is one of the best practices. From way back, it has been noticed that the use of hard water often affects the workings of the machine. 

If you follow well, when you notice that drips come from the machine in a longer span of time then it’s time to check the machine thoroughly. 

The machine needs to be decalcified meticulously. To make this cleaning possible then you need to use vinegar to carry out this purification. 

This is where the “Mr coffee clean mode” comes to play. 

Put an equal amount of vinegar and water in the tank or reservoir. In the empty basket of the machine, you can place a piece of paper filter. Make sure the pot is placed in the right position and then brew the solution halfway. 

Turn the appliance off and allow it to rest for about half an hour. When this time has elapsed, put on the coffee maker again and be sure to be done with the brewing. Put the vinegar and water mixture again. You will have to insert a new paper filter on the appliance after you have rinsed everything off for the last time with clean water.

If you can repeat the entire process again, you should be good to go.

Part 3

Another profound method is to use rice to make the decanter sparkle again. Every time you use the decanter, you should make an attempt to wash it. 

If this does not work well in the long run and you find out that your decanter is looking stained. 

Don’t worry, there is always a way out. First, you will have to fill it up with water and make sure it is warm, not hot. Add a little portion of rice to the warm water. With the water and rice in it, spin it for a good number of times to help loosen any cling of slime. 

You can use a soapy sponge on it as well for extra effort in removing any form of dirt that decided to be left behind. When this process is done, rinse the decanter thoroughly and replace it on the machine.


If you can wash your dishes after eating breakfast then this should not be too difficult for you.

This kind of appliance should be cleaned often because it is very possible for yeast and mold to settle in it and make it 100% unclean. If you don’t develop the culture of cleaning the appliance often then you are in danger of drinking up coliform bacteria that is usually attributed to growing with this kind of appliance.

I hope this article has taught you how to clean Mr coffee and given you info on Mr coffee clean cycle. Do not forget to tell us how the experience went and if it was worth the while.

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