how to make sweet iced coffee

Learn How to Make Sweet Iced Coffee at Home, Simple Tips.

When you can’t get enough iced coffee from your favorite coffee shop, the best thing is to make yours. But, many people make awful coffee different from what they get in cafés. 

Making a great coffee doesn’t need you to break the bank. You can make simple yet delicious iced coffee. With minimum ingredients, there is a guarantee of fantastic coffee. 

This sweet iced coffee recipe shows you how to make sweet iced coffee. The steps are simple, and you won’t experience difficulties when preparing.  

Why does my Iced coffee come out watered? 

Well, watered iced coffee is the major problem that people encounter. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t make perfect coffee at home that is delicious and appealing. 

The main reason your coffee turns out watered is simple mistakes. Using hot coffee and pouring over ice is the main culprit. Therefore, using hot coffee should only use when you have coffee ice cubes. 

With the dilution from the ice cubes, expect the coffee to taste a bit watered down. 

How to make coffee less watered down?

Since watered-down coffee is the main concern, how do you prevent it? Making less watered down is easy than you ever imagined. 

The first thing, although it might sound like a joke, is to avoid ice cubes. Ice cubes cause your coffee to taste dilute. Especially when you pour a hot drink over regular ice cubes. 

Although I am not blaming ice cubes solely, you can make your coffee ice cubes. Even when they melt, they won’t affect the quality of your coffee. 

The best way to protect the deliciousness of your coffee is chilling. Keeping it in a freezer for 20 minutes will make it chilled and preserve its freshness. 

Is iced coffee sweet?

Iced coffee is supposed to be sweet. But, it doesn’t mean you must add sweetener to make it sweet. Preparation and addition of other ingredients make it yummy.

If you don’t want to add a lot of calories to your iced coffee, you can substitute sugar with creamer, flavor, or milk. 

Unlike many people beliefs, approaches of making your iced sweet are diverse. Each of the methods will result in excellent chilled coffee.

How to sweeten iced coffee without sugar?

As mentioned, sweetening iced coffee is achievable in many ways. One of the alternatives is using non-sugary ingredients

Apart from the sugar, you can make keto-friendly iced coffee. The most common sugar substitutes include unsweetened cocoa cream, cinnamon, coconut cream, and coconut milk

The purpose of these alternatives is to ensure your coffee tastes yummy without adding a lot of calories. 

Apart from the alternatives, you can always enjoy sweet-tasting iced coffee using non-nutritive sweeteners. Although these sweeteners are great substitutes for simple sugar syrup, some have different tastes. 

Simple Quick sweet iced coffee recipes 

If you want to make a simple sweet iced coffee, there are many styles to achieve it. But, most people will result in watered down coffee. 

I will show you how to make delicious sweet iced coffee in this simple recipe. It’s time to say goodbye to watered coffee. 

This recipe will use the simplest ingredients you can get at home quickly. 


Brewed coffee: Brewed coffee is easy to make. You can brew using the traditional method or use cold brewing. Whichever way you use it ensures to make extra strong coffee. 

Typically, 1 cup of water requires 2 tablespoons of coffee. Suppose you decide to use ice cubes; it’s better to add an extra spoon of coffee. However, using a regular quantity is alright for people who love to freeze their coffee. 

Sugar syrup: Sugar syrup is easy to make at home. Take equal parts of sugar and water, then heat to boil. Making more than enough syrup will ease your work when making iced coffee. Also, the syrup can last up to one month in a refrigerator. 

Unsweetened Vanilla syrup: If you use sugar syrup, there is no need for sweet vanilla syrup. The best way to get the syrup is to buy a readymade. 

Ice cubes: The requirement for ice is to chill your coffee. This, however, doesn’t apply when you want to freeze your coffee


How much sugar is in iced coffee? 

Iced coffee doesn’t contain sugar. However, it depends on whether you love it sweetened or unsweetened. If you love sugared coffee, one tablespoon is enough for one cup. 

Does iced coffee have sugar? 

Iced coffee doesn’t have sugar unless you customize it to include sugar. 

Where can I buy liquid sugar for iced coffee? 

 You can buy sugar syrup and sweeteners in different online stores. Also, it’s easy to make simple sugar syrups at home. 

How to use coffee syrup for iced coffee?

Coffee syrup is usually sweetened. Therefore, when your flavored drink is ready, add 2 tablespoons per cup is recommended. 


Making sweet iced coffee at home is easier than you have ever imagined. Besides being easy to prepare, the process is quick since you can enjoy iced coffee anytime. You can make fantastic coffee at home by knowing how to make sweet iced coffee. 

Sweet iced coffee recipe

Recipe by Scarlett JonesCourse: Drinks


Cooking time




Total time



This sweet iced coffee allows you to make your coffee quickly. 


  • 1.5 cups extra strong brewed coffee 

  • 0.5 cup sugar syrup 

  • 2 tablespoon unsweetened vanilla syrup 

  • Ice cubes 


  • Put your brewed coffee in a jar, add sugar, vanilla and stir. 
  • Pour the mixture over ice and enjoy. 

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  • 1. If you don’t want ice cubes, freeze the mixed coffee for 20 minutes.
    2. You can add milk or creamer if you enjoy creamy iced coffee. However, these are optional.