how to store coffee beans

A detailed guide on how to store roasted coffee beans

Coffee beans are the harvested seeds of coffee plants that have a strong aroma and freshness associated with them. Workaholics and sometimes even students cannot imagine a single morning without a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee

Well, drinking coffee renders numerous medical benefits. It activates your brain cells. Also, coffee beans contain antioxidants that reduce internal inflammation and protect you from heart and Alzheimer’s diseases. 

The fresher the coffee beans, the better it tastes and adds to your health value. So, to maintain their freshness here’s how to store roasted coffee beans.

8 Effective Ways to Store the Roasted Coffee Beans

The secret to making one fantastic cup of coffee lies in how the roasted coffee beans are stored. Coffee beans are delicate and must be taken care of properly. Sunlight, moisture, and heat have a terrible impact on roasted coffee beans, which is why one should know how to store them adequately. 

  1. Use Airtight Containers

Oxygen is the known enemy of roasted coffee beans. It reacts with the beans leading to oxidation and destroying the aroma of the beans. Premium coffee beans come in a foil bag, which can be stored in an airtight container. 

Sometimes, airtight containers contain some percentages of oxygen. Only 14 cubic centimeters of oxygen can turn a whole pound of coffee poor in quality. Avoid paper bags because they are not durable enough and can have tiny pores through which air can get in.  

To be more careful, the beans can be first stored in a small water-proof bag and then put inside the container.

  1. Freeze Coffee Beans for a Short Time

Another solution to store roasted coffee beans is freezing them. However, ensure not to freeze them for long. Freezing roasted beans for a short time can render them moisture, and the refrigerator’s cold temperature will impact their integrity. 

The best way to store the roasted coffee beans in the fridge is to keep the beans in a cloth bag that will absorb moisture, and then the bag must be put inside an airtight container. The container will maintain the temperature of the beans inside. 

One pro tip, in this case, is to store a little amount of roasted coffee beans in the fridge that will be used within 1-2 days.

  1. Store the Beans in a Dark Place

Sunlight harms roasted coffee beans, and they impair the strong flavor of the roasted coffee beans. It causes heat that is not suitable for the oils present in the coffee beans. The sunlight initiates a thermal reaction in the beans, which distributes unevenly and leads to the rise of moisture inside the jar. 

Light triggers the oxidation process inside the roasted coffee beans, destroying their natural flavor. Storing the coffee beans in a completely sealed container inside a cupboard or shelf in the room will keep the coffee beans fresh for a long time. 

Also, it is better not to place the coffee jar near the stove, absorbing heat and destroying the beans’ flavor and taste.

  1. Put Them in Special Coffee Containers

These unique containers are available in the market and are the best to store roasted coffee beans. Coffee containers are made of non-reactive materials such as glass or ceramic. 

These containers’ lids are airtight so that moisture never gets inside them. In addition, they are opaque, giving the roasted beans protection from sunlight and moisture from the outside. 

Coffee containers ensure that the roasted coffee beans do not lose their freshness even after a long period. So, the next time you wonder how to store roasted coffee beans, you know the answer.

  1. Keep the Beans at Room Temperature

To restore coffee beans to their best flavor, it is suggested that you store them at room temperature. The ideal temperature is not too hot or not too cold. 

Both heat and cold harm the roasted coffee beans, damaging the beans’ oils that give them a strong aroma. Instead, roasted coffee beans give the best results when stored in a dark and dry place having a moderate temperature. 

A pro tip for storing the beans at room temperature is to keep the roasted coffee beans away from light or warmth as the beans will start releasing moisture, leading to oxidation.

  1. Consider Not Storing Coffee Beans for Too Long

Lengthening roasted coffee beans’ shelf life can be a good way to store them, but it doesn’t give them the best flavor after a long period. The coffee aroma stays fresh for one month, after which it loses its distinctive flavor. 

Roasted coffee beans have lesser amounts of amino acids and sugar as compared to non-roasted ones. Therefore, it starts to taste stale after a month and more.

A detailed guide on how to store roasted coffee beans 1 how to store roasted coffee beans
  1. Store the Beans in the Bag They Came in

One common mistake we all make while storing roasted coffee beans is to dispose of the pouch in which they came. Avoid using paper bags to keep roasted coffee beans as they will absorb moisture from the air and transfer them to the beans, leading to oxidation. 

A plastic package with a one-way valve where most manufacturers sell the coffee will keep the beans safe, allowing carbon dioxide to escape.

  1. Keep the Roasted Coffee Beans Away from Water

Do not bring the beans near the water unless you want to make coffee. Water damages roasted coffee beans, which should be kept away even from the tiniest drop of moisture. 

Water in any form, such as steam, condensation, and droplets, will increase the oxidation procedure of the coffee beans, making them unsuitable for consumption.


Finding out how to store roasted coffee beans is not very difficult. Roasted coffee beans can be easily stored by following the 8 easy ways mentioned above in the article. 

In addition, purchasing the right amount and keeping them appropriately will increase the coffee aroma’s longevity and give your coffee a fantastic taste.

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