how to use coffee creamer to make coffee

How to Use Coffee Creamer to Make Coffee | Ultimate Tips for Sweet Coffee 

Coffee creamer is delicious and allows your drink to have a creamy feel. But, some people will wonder whether creamer is the same as milk. 

 Although both are for upgrading the taste of your coffee and adding creaminess, they are different. Creamer is non-dairy and has vegetable oil, sugar, and water. It is, therefore, the source of fat and calories. 

While you can use milk to make coffee, it’s also great to know how to use coffee creamer. Whether it’s your hot or cold coffee, creamer is always one of the best additives to enhance the flavor. 

How does creamer taste? 

Cremer is formulated to add the same flavor as you get in milk when added to coffee. When you use it in coffee, it adds the same experience you get in half and half. 

Apart from the milky essence, the creamer is also available in different flavors. You can get the latter in vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, pumpkin, and chocolate. 

This enables choosing the right flavor to give your coffee a delicious taste. 

Is coffee creamer healthy? 

Before deciding to use non-dairy creamer, people always ask whether it is bad to add creamer to coffee. 

Consuming a small amount isn’t bad, but in large quantiles is not advisable. It has high calories, which you need to watch to maintain the intake to the recommended level. 

The high calories in creamer is due to fat and sugar. It is worth noting some creamers have trans fats which make them less healthy.

Creamer VS milk 

People have been wondering, can I use coffee creamer instead of milk? It is perfect to substitute creamer with milk. Actually, they are interchangeable 

If you don’t have creamer, you can grab milk and vice versa. It doesn’t matter the milk you use. You can use whole, half, or even non-dairy milk

Whether it’s a creamer or milk, you should be aware they will alter the calorie pack of your coffee. 

Can you add creamer to cold brew coffee?

Creamer is a good option when you want to sweeten your cold coffee. Especially the liquid creamer is an excellent option when you want to enjoy creamy cold coffee. 

Adding creamer directly into cold coffee is super easy. It readily mixes, which means a smooth drink. Also, it’s advisable to make a stronger brew before adding a splash of creamer. 

Can you add creamer to iced coffee? 

Like cold coffee, iced coffee tastes great when topped up with creamer. Whether you choose flavored or unflavored creamer, it’s a perfect add-on for your iced coffee. 

Besides adding a creamer, it doesn’t restrict the use of other additives. Adding creamer to iced coffee not only adds creaminess but also gives a sweet taste. Remember creamers contain sugar which is responsible for sweetness. 

How to make cold foam with creamer?

Making cold foam with creamer should never be stressful. It involves a mason jar and a creamer. 

With ¼ cup of coffee creamer, put it in a Mason jar and close the lid. Shake vigorously for a few minutes until it foams. 

Alternatively, you can use a milk frother to whip the cream to make foam. 

Once the foam is ready, pour it over your coffee drink. 

How to make creamer for iced coffee?

If you have run out of coffee creamer you bought in the store, there is no need to miss your creamy coffee. It is possible to enjoy making homemade creamer to spice up your coffee. 

Unlike the store creamers, you can make healthy and delicious creamer home using available ingredients. 

To make creamer for iced coffee, you need the following. 

  • 1 cup half and half 
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup 
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 

To make creamer, 

  • Mix all the ingredients in a jar and put the lid. 
  • Shake the mixture vigorously until it mixes fully. 

Taste the creamer, and you can adjust the ingredients depending on your liking. Also, half and half can be substituted by other milk, while vanilla, you can swap with flavors you desire. 

5 Ways to use coffee creamer 

Coffee creamer, though popular to flavor the beverage, has multiple uses. You can use it to flavor different drinks as well as other delicacies. 

Some of the ways to use coffee creamer includes, 

5 Ways to use coffee creamer


Although people love to add milk in tea, you can try a splash of coffee creamer. With a variety of flavors, you can use one that matches your taste. 

Mock Italian Soda

Coffee creamer is great for making mock Italian soda. Just put ice cream in a glass and fill it with juice. Top up with a spoon of dairy-free coffee creamer and enjoy. 

Hot chocolate 

When you have hot chocolate, adding a creamy essence is perfect. It blends well when using a flavored coffee creamer to give your hot chocolate or cocoa an ideal elevation. 

Cream soup 

If you love soups, you can add a splash of unflavored creamer to increase richness. When you mix your soup ingredients well, add a bit of coffee creamer at the end of cooking. 

Thickening pudding 

Thin pudding is problematic to some people. Therefore, you might be looking for a thickener. Coffee creamer is one of the ideal options, which is non-dairy and ensures your pudding is exceptional 


How much creamer to put in coffee?

On average, most people use 2-4 spoons of creamer in one cup of coffee. However, you can add the amount you are comfortable with. 

What to add to coffee when out of creamer?

You can always substitute creamer with milk when you are out of creamer. Whether it’s dairy or non-dairy milk, it’s a perfect substitution. 

How much Starbucks creamer to put in coffee 

The amount of creamer in Starbucks coffee depends on the size of a cup. Normally, the company uses 3 pumps for Tall, 4 in Grande, and 5 in Venti.


Coffee creamer is amazing and ensures your drink has superb flavor. With the ability to use the creamer for different purposes, it’s tasty and must have at home. You can enjoy awesome beverages by knowing how to use coffee creamer to make coffee and other recipes.