Is JIAWANSHUN 500g Best Home Coffee Roaster? JIAWANSHUN 500g Roaster Review 

Roasting coffee beans at home should not be a headache. You only need reliable equipment that can roast coffee with less stress. JIAWANSHUN 500g is one of the great roasters that leaves your family enjoying gold-quality roasted coffee. 

The roaster is large enough to roast enough coffee for a large group at once. Instead of small roasters, this one allows for great convenience. 

Since it’s superb equipment, this JIAWANSHUN 500g coffee roaster review offers anything you need to know. The review provides all details, including features and specifications. 

If you are eager to know more about the roaster, let’s dig deeper.

JIAWANSHUN 500g Coffee Roaster With Timer Review

jiawanshun 500g roaster with timer

Design 4.3/5
Roasting Capacity 5/5
Roasting Time4.5 /5
Roast Quality 4.5/5
Cleaning 5/5
Price 4.5/5

Overall 4.6/5

Jiawanshun Coffee Roaster with Timer Review


  • Durable tempered transparent glass lid 
  • Free digital timer to enable time tracking 
  • Super simple cleaning 
  • Non-stick interior to keep it clean 
  • Compact and easy to store

  • It doesn’t have an inbuilt timer 
  • Lacks coffee cooling feature

JIAWANSHUN is one of the brands that offer different-sized coffee roasters. They are convenient and provide efficient roasting. In this review, we will look at JIAWANSHUN 500g coffee roaster. 

With amazing features and qualities, let’s see whether it’s worth spending your money on. 

Design 4.3/5

Looking at the machine design, it has simple construction yet high performance. Unlike complicated designs, this has a simple design hence enabling easy usage. 

One of the notable features is a temperature dial which shows the temperature. Unlike the complicated roasters, you just set the temperature by turning the knob. 

The interior and exterior have premium materials; the nonstick inside prevents beans and other food from sticking. Also, the shell is made from sturdy steel to ensure it doesn’t break easily.

Once roasting your coffee or nuts, it’s easy to see the process. The transparent tempered glass lid is amazing. It lets you see the beans Transform from light to dark. You don’t have to open the cover to inspect the roasting process.

Is JIAWANSHUN 500g Best Home Coffee Roaster? JIAWANSHUN 500g Roaster Review  1 JIAWANSHUN 500g Coffee Roaster With Timer Review

Besides the unbreakable nature, the glass lid has vents to ensure high safety during roasting. 

Since the roaster doesn’t have an inbuilt timer, it comes with a magnetic digital timer. The timer is easy to use since it has an audible sound when the set time is over. 

This roaster is 1200W and rated 110-120 volts, designed for US electricity standards. 

Roasting Capacity 5/5

The JIAWANSHUN 500g is one of the coffee roasting machines for home with a fantastic roasting capacity.

Once you choose it, there are no doubts about its capacity as it packs an impressive 500 grams capacity. You can roast more coffee compared to rivals. 

Even though the machine has a massive capacity, you can roast smaller batches. According to the manufacturer, the best capacity is 300-500g. 

Since the temperature goes from 0-240 degrees Celsius, you can adjust depending on the amount of coffee in the roaster. 

Apart from roasting coffee, the machine can roast nuts, popcorns, sunflowers, and more. 

Roasting Time 4.5/5 

Roasting coffee beans in this machine is superb. It comes with a variable temperature dial. With a maximum temperature of 240 degrees Celsius, it offers ample heat to roast your coffee.  

Roasting coffee using this roaster is great due to the excellent heating. The indicated time for roasting coffee using this machine is 20-40 minutes at 180-120°C. 

Apart from the indicated time, if you roast a small batch, it will take less time. 

Since the roaster has no cooler, you can get this JIAWANSHUN coffee cooler and chaff remover

Is JIAWANSHUN 500g Best Home Coffee Roaster? JIAWANSHUN 500g Roaster Review  2 JIAWANSHUN 500g Coffee Roaster With Timer Review

Roast Quality 4.5/5 

The versatility of this machine gives you a fantastic experience when roasting. It can roast your coffee depending on the degree of roasting. 

Different temperature settings make it easy to set for light, medium, or dark roast. Additionally, the provided timer helps you work hand in hand and enjoy an amazing roast. 

Typically, the roast quality will depend on the temperature set and the amount of time. 

The rotating stirrer is handy for turning coffee hence keeping the beans evenly heated. 

Cleaning 5/5

Cleaning JIAWANSHUN 500g is a piece of cake. It is worth remembering that the interior has non-stick paint. Therefore, even when roasting nuts or coffee, there is no sticking. 

The cleaning process requires a wet piece of cloth, and the machine is clean. The overall cleaning process takes less than two minutes. 

Price 5/5

The price is impressive, considering the machine has massive capacity. Compared to other similar machines, the price is a bit fair. 

Also, the price compared to the other versions is a good deal. However, for the best deal, JIAWANSHUN 800g coffee roaster

Don’t buy JIAWANSHUN 500g if…

You want the big brother – JIAWANSHUN 800g

If you want to roast more coffee at once, you can opt for the larger roaster version. The 800 grams capacity machine is a better option when you want to enjoy more convenience. 

You have the older version without a timer 

For anyone who owns the same versions that come without a timer, there is no need to spend money on the upgrade. The roasters are the same, only that the upgrade comes with a separate magnetic digital timer. 

Also, this one is designed for a 110-120 Volts power rating. 

Is JIAWANSHUN 500g a recommendable machine? 

JIAWANSHUN 500g is a recommendable machine. I can confirm it’s one of the good roasters available that offers simplicity of use and high performance. 

It can roast beans smoothly in different stages like light, medium and dark roast. Also, ease of cleaning and a digital timer makes roasting simple. 

jiawanshun 500g roaster with timer


What is the importance of upgrading from 100V to 110-120V machine? 
There is no difference when it comes to these electrical standards. In the US, the standard outlet is 110 volts; however, if you see a machine rated 120V, it will work perfectly on your home outlet. 
How long does the roaster need to be warmed before roasting? 
The roaster doesn’t need warming time. You need to fill the coffee beans, and the process starts. 
Does this machine separate coffee from chaff?
No, when you roast coffee using this machine, it doesn’t separate chaff. You need separate equipment to separate coffee beans from the chaff. 


Product name 
Manufacturer JIWANSHUN
Materials Stainless steel, Quartz glass 
Power rating 110-220 volts 
Capacity 500 grams
Item weight 2.73 kg
Dimensions 27 cm internal diameter 
Warranty 1 year 
Price $118.98
Motor Nil

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