The Ultimate Gas Mini Roaster for Home, Kaldi Mini Coffee Roaster Review

Roasting coffee at home seems like an uphill task for most people, especially beginners. However, there are many techniques you can employ and get good results. 

One of the most straightforward and uncomplicated methods is using a Kaldi mini coffee roaster. It’s a reliable and easy to use machine trusted  by hundreds of users.

This Kaldi mini coffee roaster review offers all details you need to know about the machine. Whether it’s the capacity, roasting quality, or overall performance, you will get every detail. 

If you have another roaster, this review will help you determine whether to upgrade to this or not.

Kaldi Mini Coffee Roaster

The Ultimate Gas Mini Roaster for Home, Kaldi Mini Coffee Roaster Review 1 Kaldi mini coffee roaster review

Design 4.5/5
Roasting Capacity 4/5
Roasting Time 4.5/5
Roast Quality 5/5
Cleaning 4.8/5
Price 4.5/5

Overall 4.6/5

Kaldi Mini Coffee Roaster Review


  • Durable food-grade stainless steel construction 
  • Corrosion-free and easy to clean 
  • Powerful motor made in Korea 
  • Easy maintenance for machine and motor 
  • A durable and reliable thermometer 
  • Compact and simple to store in small spaces

  • Lacks the latest technology features 
  • It doesn’t come with a gas stove and canister

Kaldi is a Korean brand that specializes in making coffee roasters. Utilizing the highest technology, the roasters are always reliable. 

Kaldi mini coffee roaster is one of their top-ranking machines. It has simple but unique features that ensure roasting is smooth for beginners, armatures, and experts. 

If you are eager to know what this roaster can do, let’s find out. 

Design 4.5/5 

The coffee roaster looks boxy and has a compact design, enabling it to fit even in tight places. Manufacturing features 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion. 

Even when subjected to high temperatures, the roaster doesn’t emit harmful chemicals. Besides the durability, the drum is super reliable and has high safety.

To ensure quiet rotation, the drum has a smooth bearing, eliminating noise during the roasting process. The high-quality SPG geared motor is also reliable and offers needed rotating power. 

The Ultimate Gas Mini Roaster for Home, Kaldi Mini Coffee Roaster Review 2 Kaldi mini coffee roaster review

The drum is durable since it has a 2mm stainless steel body. To make it perfect for the job. Ensuring proper coffee stirring are two stirring blades. They ensure coffee beans are evenly turned to enable complete roasting. 

Apart from the even roasting, the machine has a bimetallic thermometer that can measure up to 300°C. A hopper and sampler also ensure this machine is super easy and convenient.options

Despite these fantastic features, the machine has no timer and requires a gas burner to roast. 

Roasting Capacity 4/5 

On roasting capacity, Kaldi Mini coffee roaster is not for large quantities. It can only roast 200-250g of beans. 

This capacity means it can take some time if you want to roast a lot of coffee beans. This is even more complicated since it isn’t an automatic machine. 

If you want a large machine with more roasting capacity, there are options like the Kaldi New Wide 400 Upgraded Version

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Roasting Time 4.5/5 

The roasting time is impressive when using the Kaldi mini roaster. It has an efficient tilted drum and provides fast coffee roasting. 

While it can roast up to 250 grams, you can opt for small batches to achieve the perfect roast quickly. Typically, the machine will take 8-20 minutes to attain dark roast. 

When roasting about 150 grams, the machine will take an average of 15 minutes. However, the time will also depend on the roasting temperatures. 

Roast Quality 5/5

One of the factors that affect the roast quality is the drum. This machine has a thick stainless-steel drum, which means it is more efficient. 

It provides slow heating to produce excellent roast during the roasting process. 

Since the drum is stainless steel and has double stirrers, the beans get perfect roasting. 

Even though it lacks an inbuilt timer, you can control temperature and time to achieve light, medium, or dark roast. 

However, you need to get a chaff remover since this roaster doesn’t have the mechanism. 

1st crack coffee beans

Cleaning 4.8/5

Cleaning your machine is vital to ensure the quality of coffee is as per your expectations. Kaldi mini roaster has stainless steel, which is super simple to clean. 

Cleaning is simple; rubbing the drum with a cloth is enough. Also, the casing is simple to wipe clean without the need to use water. This machine is easy to clean due to premium stainless steel. 

Price 4/5

In my opinion, the price is fantastic. The quality of this machine and its performance ensure the best experience when using it.  Also, shipping and after sale services  are   remarkable.  

The roaster doesn’t have other essentials like a gas stove and canister. Therefore, the overall cost for the complete setup exceeds the one listed. 

Don’t buy Kaldi Mini Coffee Roaster if

You love roasting coffee outdoors. 

This is not the best roaster for anyone who loves roasting coffee outdoors. It doesn’t have wind guards, affecting the performance due to flame deflection by the wind. 

Also, since it doesn’t have a smoke suppressor, you need to roast coffee in a chimney. 

You want a complete gas coffee roaster. 

If you are looking for a gas coffee roaster, this doesn’t come with a gas canister. The gas is bought separately, which means spending more money. 

Especially if you don’t have a gas stove, you need to invest in a stove. 

Is Kaldi Mini Coffee Roaster a Recommendable Option? 

Kaldi mini coffee roaster is a perfectly recommendable machine. Especially if you have a gas roaster, it’s a fantastic replacement. The heavy-duty construction ensures there is exceptional roasting due to even heat distribution. 

On the other hand, the initial cost will be a bit costly if you don’t have the necessary accessories like gas stoves.

best commercial coffee roaster


Will this machine work with a gas cooktop?
The roaster will perfectly work with your gas cooktop. However, you need an open place since it doesn’t have a smoke suppressor. 
Does coffee roast affect caffeine?
The roasting of coffee doesn’t have much effect on caffeine levels. Roasting only improves the coffee flavor due to smoke and the change of state of the beans.
Can you roast good coffee at home?
Roasting a good coffee at home is possible. Whether you are a beginner or expert, you only need a good roaster and instructions.


Product name KALDI Mini Coffee roaster
Manufacturer SEINN Technology Inc
Materials 304 Stainless steel 
Power rating 220V AC
Capacity 200-250 grams
Item weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 26.01 x 19.99 x 24.00 cm
Warranty 1 year 
Price $389
Motor 12V DC, 3W
Thermometer 300°C Bimetal 
Country of origin South Korea 

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