Is KALDI WIDE 300g Home Roaster Up to The Tasks? The Latest KALDI WIDE Coffee Roaster Review

Getting a premium coffee roaster guarantees impressive coffee. But, not every machine can deliver the desired roasting. KALDI WIDE 300g is one of the premium roasters that ensure everyone can get perfectly roasted coffee beans. 

Unlike other roasters, this has an elegant design, and performance is as you expect. It allows you to roast your coffee while presenting a super appealing look. 

I have good news for anyone looking to get this machine. This KALDI WIDE coffee roaster review provides an in-depth overview of the roaster. 

If you have been aspiring to get it, find out whether the features fit your coffee roaster expectations.

Kaldi Wide Coffee Roaster

kaldi wide roaster

Design 4.5/5
Roasting Capacity 4.5/5
Roasting Time 5/5
Roast Quality 4.5/5
Cleaning 5/5
Price 4/5

Total 4.5/5

Kaldi Wide Coffee Roaster Review


  • Larger roasting capacity than in KALDI 200
  • Efficient heating technology
  • Safe wooden handle 
  • Three agitator blades for uniform roasting 
  • Extra powerful 24V DC motor

  • A bit tricky for novice users
  • It gets too hot during roasting

Like other machines from SEINN Technology Inc, KALDI WIDE offers impressive technology. It allows for more coffee roasting and looks incredible.

Despite the complicated look, this machine is perfect for home roasting. It ensures you have the best coffee and saves money. 

The following is what to expect from this machine:

Design 4.5/5

Looking at this machine, it looks impressive. With construction featuring polished stainless steel, the material is food grade. Additionally, the casing is smooth, which is remarkable even when cleaning. 

Apart from a heavy-duty exterior, the roaster has a fantastic working mechanism. The flame arrest wire mesh is unique for ensuring outstanding flame distribution. The wire mesh is vital since it changes round flame to square, allowing even better roasting. 

The flame arrest radiates infrared heat, which is effective for coffee roasting. Additionally, it is removable to facilitate easy cleaning. 

The roasting drum is 2 mm thick and made from stainless steel. Also, the perforations are 3mm, enabling further roasting efficiency. Fitted with 3 agitators, they are super-efficient in promoting even coffee mixing during the roasting process.

kaldi wide stainless design

Besides the extensive nature of the drum, it is tiltable to ease the emptying. Also, the 24V DC heavy-duty motor and oil-less bearing allow for smooth and noise-free rotation. 

KALDI WIDE is a fantastic machine as it comes with additional features that make the roasting amazing. It has a fitted bimetal thermometer that runs up to 300°C. 

Also, the hopper is handy and assists when feeding the coffee beans. Unlike the smaller version, this has a chaff tray. It is easy to make clean coffee; you don’t need an extra chaff remover. 

In addition to these peripherals, the sampler is handy in inspecting coffee roasting levels. No stopping the process, and you can always check the coffee state. 

Roasting Capacity 4.5/5 

The roasting capacity in this machine is better than in the 200g version. This has 300 grams capacity, which improves the convenience. 

With the added capacity, it helps in roasting 300 grams of coffee at once. Therefore, using the golden coffee ratio of 1:18, you can roast enough coffee to make 36 cups. 

brewing coffee after 24 hours

Roasting Time 5/5

One notable thing about this machine is the ability to roast coffee faster. The flame arrest and square mesh perforations are the features that improve the roasting time. 

The machine can roast coffee beans in 15-30 minutes. Monitoring time is essential to ensure you achieve the perfect roast. 

To roast coffee using this KALDI WIDE 300g, follow these steps. 

1. Place the roaster in a gas stove and turn on the power to drive the drum. Then, preheat the drum up to 200 degrees Celsius. 

turn on the power

2. Measure your green beans and put them in the hopper. The beans will get into the preheated hopper. After adding beans, the temperature will drop, but you should continue heating. 

measure and pour green beans

3. After 4-5 minutes, the temperatures will get to 230°C, which should be the first crack. At this point, control the roasting to suit your needs. It is vital to use the sampler to check color changes. 

roasting temperature

4. Tilt the drum and empty the roasted coffee when the proper roast is achieved. The chaff will collect at the designated tray. 

kaldi wide roaster on stove

Roast Quality 4.5/5 

Gas roasters are excellent and deliver outstanding results when you do it right. Using this machine enables you to get professionally roasted coffee

The innovative infrared heating mechanism is superb for ensuring perfect roasting. Additionally, the thick nature of the drum and triple agitator blades gives every bean even roasting. 

Besides, the chaff tray allows for clean roasted beans. Once you have the machine, the quality of beans is excellent. 

Cleaning 4.5/5 

On cleaning, there are no complications. The exterior has smooth polished steel, which needs only wiping with a wet cloth. 

 Moreover, the drum requires simple cleaning. A dry cloth is enough to clean the drum and the flame arrest. The mesh is removable, which further aids in easing the cleaning process. 

With a detachable chaff tray, emptying and cleaning don’t give you problems. 

Price 4/5 

Looking at the machine price, it’s average. It’s not as cheap as mini-roasters and not as expensive as heavy-duty roasters. 

However, since it’s a gas roaster, it doesn’t come with a stove or gas. Therefore, you need to consider the extra cost when buying. 

The machine is pretty priced. But, considering its performance, the price is satisfactory. 

Don’t buy a KALDI WIDE 300g Roaster if… 

You want a digital instrument coffee roast. 

If you love digital instruments, this machine has an analog thermometer. Therefore, it is hard to set the operating temperature like in other electric coffee roasters

The machine does have automatic functions; hence it’s not the best for a novice. 

You love manual-driven coffee roasters. 

Although most people love motorized coffee roasters, some experts love manual ones. This machine is motorized, which enables it to run at 50 rotations per minute. 

If you want a manual one, it’s better to consider a non-motorized version.

Is KALDI WIDE 300g Coffee Roaster Recommendable? 

Without doubt, this coffee roaster is highly recommendable. I Would recommend it to amateurs and experts. However, even beginners can use the machine if they have the instructions. 

The machine has all the features that a coffee roaster is looking for. KALDI WIDE 300g is one of the premium coffee roasters you can buy. 

kaldi wide roaster


Could you use a container of Sterno fuel? 
The Sterno fuel is mainly alcohol which doesn’t produce enough heat to roast coffee. Therefore, you can use these types of fuels. 
Can you roast coffee in an air fryer?
Air fryers are great equipment. They are suitable to roast coffee if you love light or medium roast. However, if you want a dark roast, they aren’t suitable for this roast. 
Is it better to roast coffee slow or fast?
Fast roasting is excellent when you don’t want beans to lose a lot of weight. However, slow roasting results in more weight loss but fantastic taste. 


Product name KALDI WIDE 300g Coffee roaster
Manufacturer SEINN Technology Inc
Materials Polished Stainless steel 
Power rating 110-220V AC
Capacity 300 grams
Item weight 5.8kg with hopper
Dimensions 16.99 x 37.01 x 46.00 cm (LxWxH
Warranty 1 year 
Price $699
Motor 24V DC, 6W
Thermometer 300°C Bimetal 
Country of origin South Korea 

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