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Best tasting Low acid African Dark coffee: Lifeboost Africa Dark Roast Coffee Review

As a coffee drinker, there is nothing more fulfilling than having a great cup made from the roast of my preference. Africa Dark Roast from Lifeboost is one of the coffee that everyone with a love for full-bodied coffee should taste. 

The coffee is exceptional because it undergoes precision roasting and is all organic. Say no to acid reflux and coffee; loaded with molds.

Suppose you are eager to know more about this product, Lifeboost Africa dark roast coffee review. It has essential detailed information you might be looking for.

Lifeboost Africa dark roast coffee review


  • Full-bodied, roasty intense flavors and refreshing
  • Sweet and less acidic
  • Safe, moderate caffeine levels
  • High nutrients and antioxidants
  • Perfect for regular and espresso

  • Less place of origin characteristics
  • Potential for bitter roasting taste

The dark roasting in African coffee is fantastic since it’s naturally tasty. Combining low acid and gluten-free qualities, the coffee is super easy on the stomach. Further, the processing eliminates any chance of mycotoxins, whereby 3rd party ascertains through testing. 


Lifeboost Africa dark roast coffee originates deep inside the African continent. Grown at over 1500 meters above sea level, the climate is superb for the best production. 

Apart from creating better conditions for coffee growing, elevation plays a part in slowing the development of fungi and other coffee contaminants

Farming practices are natural, like shading using trees, which creates a microclimate for the coffee bushes. This results in exceptional coffee that is unique from a regular one. 


The aroma differs from the light and medium roasted African coffee. Usually, Lifeboost Africa dark roast has strong and rich citrusy and floral with roasty essences. 


Africa dark roast coffee from Lifeboost is unique and distinguishable from others. The flavor features notes of sweet caramel, roasty with undernotes of floral and spices. 

The toasty flavor supersedes the original place of origin due to longer roasting. 


Besides unique flavor and aroma, the coffee also has an easy to distinguish appearance. Due to the excessive roasting of a dark roast, the beans are dark brown. 

The coffee surfaces are oily, making them perfect for rich espresso coffee. It is easy to choose your coffee state since it comes in ground and whole beans. 


The pricing of Lifeboost dark roast Africa is convenient for every coffee drinker. When buying, choosing the right option that fits the budget is easy. 

The first way to go is one time buy. It has options for one bag for $29.00 and 3 bags for $25.00 each, saving 28%. Also, 6 bags for $23.00 each are available, saving 24%.

The other option is to subscribe to scheduled deliveries. You can save up to 30% on your first purchase with a subscription. One bag costs $25.53, 3 bags for $22.00 each, saving 37%, and 6 for $20.24 each, saving 42%. 

Don’t buy Lifeboost Dark roast coffee IF

You prefer to enjoy the coffee place of origin qualities

Dark roasting burns the original flavors making them less noticeable. Therefore, you can choose light and medium roast Lifeboost African coffee if you like lighter roasts.

You like to taste coffee from South Asia

Coffee, depending on the origin, has different qualities. If you plan to taste coffee from south Asia, you can also get it from Lifeboost. 


Drinking premium quality coffee comes with a sacrifice. But, you don’t have to struggle to get clean and safe low acid coffee. Lifeboost Africa dark roast coffee review is the right information you need to buy your coffee with confidence. Especially for dark roast coffee lovers, it’s time to try this one. 


Is a Lifeboost Africa dark roast coffee strong? 

The coffee has the same caffeine as light and medium roasts. However, the flavor is pretty strong with a toasty feel.

What is Africa dark roast coffee good for?

Generally, the dark roast has a lot of benefits. They have a high level of nutrients, antioxidants, ions, and other beneficial components to the body. 

Does Lifeboost offer a 50% discount for this coffee? 

No, the company doesn’t offer 50% price off but has exciting discounts for different coffee packages.

Best tasting Low acid African Dark coffee: Lifeboost Africa Dark Roast Coffee Review 1 Lifeboost Africa Dark Roast Coffee Review

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