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Low Acid, Organic Africa Light Roast Coffee: Lifeboost Africa Light Coffee Review

Africa produces some of the best coffee you can find in the world. The coffee is known for its profile which features fantastic flavor, aroma, and body. However, different countries in Africa, like Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, produce coffee.

Lifeboost is a company that deals with low acid and organic coffee from different parts of the world. It sources some coffee from African countries alongside other places. 

Through this Lifeboost Africa light roast coffee review, you will learn more about the coffee and all its qualities. Sit back and see why Africa light roast is your best coffee.

Lifeboost Africa light roast coffee review


  • Perfect for body energy boost 
  • Intense flavor and aroma 
  • 100% organic and chemicals free 
  • High elevation grown beans

  • High consumption can cause stomach upset 
  • Slightly high caffeine content

Although Africa has different coffee producing countries, Lifeboost sticks to the policy of single sourcing. The Lifeboost Africa light roast is always safe and abides by all the rules of organic coffee production. 

The coffee is free from pesticides, and every production process ensures full organic coffee beans. Also, it’s free from GMO and undergoes 3rd party mycotoxins testing. 


The origin of this coffee is Africa. The region is known for its diversity and other impressive aspects. The coffee-growing areas are 1800 meters above sea level. 

Besides elevation, the coffee is grown in deep volcanic soils on the slopes of different mountains. Due to the rich soils, there is no need to add fertilizers and other conditioners hence naturally organic coffee. 


Every coffee growing region produces coffee with a different aroma. Lifeboost Africa light roast has a distinctive aroma that you can only enjoy in this coffee. It has a flowery and citrusy aroma with a light body. 


The flavor is also outstanding and brings warmth and delight due to the slight acidity that improves its taste. Although low in acid, the coffee has a balanced and bright feeling. 

The flavor features citrusy and floral essence, while the undertones of Merlot and breakfast tea takes the flavor to another level. 


Lifeboost Africa light roast is lightly roasted. Therefore, it boasts a light brown appearance and is light brownish without any trace of oil. 

The coffee has no color difference when comparing the ground beans and whole beans. With ground and whole beans options, the coffee offers a perfect appearance of a light roast. 


Packaging is the core factor in maintaining coffee quality. When you think about the packaging of Lifeboost light roast African coffee has top-notch bags.

The packaging materials and technology ensures perfect sealing. Coffee is airtight, and nitrogen flushing eliminates any oxygen to keep coffee away from oxidation.

Each packet of Africa light roast contains 12 oz of coffee. 


Lifeboost is always considerate when it comes to coffee pricing. Africa light roast is affordable and offers two buying options. 

The first option is one time buy, where a single packet costs $29.00, three packs $250.00 each, and six packets $23,00 each. Three and six bags get a 28% and 34% discount. 

The other option is subscribe & save. With this package, you can enjoy a constant supply of coffee. A single packet costs $25.52, three packets at $22.00 each, and six bags at $20.24 per bag. 

Don’t buy Lifeboost Africa Light Roast coffee if; 

You are sensitive to coffee acidity

African light roast coffee has lower pH compared to other low-acid options. Therefore, if you are sensitive to acidity, try another coffee from Lifeboost. 

You like coffee from South America 

If you love South American sourced coffee, Africa light roast is not for you. This coffee has different characteristics from South America. 


Although many people love African coffee, it is sweet when drinking single-sourced beans. Lifeboost ensures the coffee is single-sourced, giving it excellent safety and flavor. 

This Lifeboost Africa light roast coffee review shows that the coffee is delicious and appealing. It’s time to join the premium coffee drinking club. 


Where is African coffee grown?

Coffee is grown in different African countries. Some countries include Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, and DRC. 

Why is African coffee so good?

The coffee from Africa grows in deep volcanic soils rich in minerals. This gives the coffee its unbeatable unique flavor. 

What kind of coffee comes from Africa? 

Mostly, the coffee that is grown in Africa is Arabica. However, there are also some Robusta plantations in flat plateaus. 

Low Acid, Organic Africa Light Roast Coffee: Lifeboost Africa Light Coffee Review 1 Lifeboost Africa Light Roast Coffee Review

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