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The Ultimate Guide to Medium African Coffee: Lifeboost Africa Medium Roast Coffee Review

Lifeboost is always at the forefront to ensure every customer gets a different taste of single-origin coffee. Like coffee from other regions, African medium roast is single-sourced and purely organic

Since conventional African coffee is generally considered high in acid, Lifeboost ensures you get a perfect coffee. Low acid guarantees everyone to enjoy the coffee without experiencing drawbacks like acid reflux. 

For anyone who can’t take regular coffee, check this Lifeboost Africa medium roast coffee review. It offers a fantastic overview of one of the sweetest low acid coffee you can enjoy in peace.

Lifeboost Africa Medium Roast Coffee Review


  • Sweet and low-balanced acidity 
  • Intense wild fruit aroma 
  • Balanced acidity for great flavor 
  • Freshly roasted before delivery

  • Can increase the heart rate 
  • Not available in decaf

When you think about African grown coffee, it’s known worldwide for its flavors and aroma. Due to its growing and processing, the coffee is always delightful and refreshing. 

With Lifeboost sourcing only low acid and organically grown, your cup is always fulfilling. Also, there is no raised acidity, and coffee is free from mold and GMO that can affect your body health. 


Lifeboost African medium roast coffee comes from highly elevated coffee-growing areas. Specifically, on the slopes of volcanic mountains where soils are fertile, and conditions are perfect for organic coffee growing. 

Purely from Arabica coffee, the shaded environment reduces instances of pests and diseases. Therefore, coffee grows naturally without pesticides and other chemicals. 

Besides the growing conditions, coffee is handpicked, processed, and selected to remove deformed beans. Sun drying ensures a natural process hence best-tasting beans. 


When brewing the Lifeboost medium roast coffee from Africa, it has a robust appealing fragrance. The coffee aroma is fruity and flowery, with hints of blueberries and grapes. 


The flavor, just like the aroma, is also outstanding. It brings exciting refreshments, which gives you a reason to enjoy this coffee. It usually features notes of sweet caramel, lemon, and chocolates with undernotes of grapes and blueberries. 


Lifeboost Africa medium roast coffee has an appealing appearance. The coffee is roasted to perfection, which gives it a brown color. Unlike the dark roast, the coffee roasting stops just right before the oil starts appearing.

 Besides the beans, even the ground coffee has an amazingly appealing brown color with little oil. 


Packaging of Africa medium roast coffee at Lifeboost is 2 days before delivery. The dedicated packaging line ensures every pack gets perfect airtight sealing. 

Before sealing, the coffee packs are flushed with nitrogen to remove oxygen that can affect coffee quality. Each packet is 12oz, enough to make up to 40 cups.


The pricing is also considerate; thus, everyone can enjoy coffee depending on their budget. Whether you want one pack or multiple, there is an offer for everyone. 

Africa medium roast coffee is available in one time buy, subscribe & save. 

For one time buy, you can buy one pack at $29.00, 3 packs at $25.00 each, and 6 packs at $23.00. The discount is for 3 and 6 packs at 28% and 34% respectively. 

On the other hand, under subscribe and save, you can buy one pack at $25.52, 3 packs at $23.00 each, and 6 packs at $20.24 each. Discount is massive where 3 and 6 packs get 37% and 42%. 

Don’t buy Lifeboost Africa Medium Roast Coffee if; 

You have a preference for espresso coffee 

African medium coffee has a light body and doesn’t have the strong taste needed for a perfect espresso. Thus, if you like espresso, you can go for dark roasted beans. 

You are sensitive to caffeine 

The coffee is caffeinated, and some people can’t tolerate a high level of caffeine. Lifeboost has decaf and half-caff.


For everyone who loves the authentic African coffee flavor, now you can enjoy it in organic and medium roasted. The coffee is superb and ensures you can always enjoy a cup without worrying about contaminants, as seen in this Lifeboost Africa medium roast coffee review. 


Is Lifeboost Africa medium roast coffee bitter? 

No, the coffee is pleasant and is never bitter unless you brew it incorrectly.

Is Lifeboost Africa medium roast less acidic than regular coffee?

No, even though conventional coffee from Africa has more acid, Lifeboost African medium roast is less acidic. This is because the coffee is fully organic, thus keeping it less acidic.

Does the coffee have preservatives or other additives? 

NO, Lifeboost sells pure coffee free from preservatives or other coffee additives. It’s purely organic and clean. 

The Ultimate Guide to Medium African Coffee: Lifeboost Africa Medium Roast Coffee Review 1 Lifeboost Africa Medium Roast Coffee Review

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