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Blonde Espresso, Is It Sweeter Than Regular Espresso? Lifeboost Blonde Espresso Review

Blond espresso is popular nowadays. But, you might have many questions regarding blonde espresso and whether it differs from regular espresso. However, blonde espresso is a light version of espresso with the original coffee flavor and higher caffeine. 

Lifeboost blonde espresso is roasted from specialty coffee from Central America. Besides being a lighter version of espresso, the beans are organic, low acid, and free from mycotoxins. 

To get a great glimpse of the coffee, check out this Lifeboost blonde espresso review. Find out how the coffee tastes, smells, and overall quality.

Lifeboost Blonde Espresso Review


  • Higher caffeine than regular espresso
  • Exceptional original coffee flavor
  • Perfect for mixing with milk
  • Naturally processed and sun dried

  • A bit acidic than espresso
  • The coffee isn’t blended

The blonde espresso from Lifeboost is exceptional and brings great refreshments. Unlike regular espresso, this has unique roasting to maintain the coffee flavors from the origin while presenting the espresso qualities. 

Besides the light nature of blonde espresso, the coffee is all natural without agrochemicals. 


Lifeboost blonde espresso is exceptional and comes from Central America. The coffee originates from the highlands of Nicaragua.

The coffee is from fully grown and ripe cherries that grow under canopies. Besides, the coffee is processed using spring water and sundried. The coffee is clean and doesn’t have molds. 


The great thing with Lifeboost blonde espresso is it allows the drinker to enjoy original coffee aromas. There is no smothering of the actual smell by excessive roasting. 

The blonde espresso has citrusy chocolate and a bit of toasted aroma. 


When it comes to flavor, the Lifeboost blonde espresso has a unique taste. It is more acidic than the espresso roast. However, overall, it has less acid than conventional coffee. 

The flavor features slight sour and citrusy flavors with a roasty essence.


Lifeboost Blonde espresso has a different profile than espresso. Unlike the traditional dark brown espresso, blonde espresso is light brown. 

The light color is the reason this coffee is referred to as blonde. Due to the shorter roasting session, the coffee doesn’t achieve traditional dark brown espresso coffee. 

Apart from the bright color, the beans are not oily, which makes them distinct from the espresso roast.


The packaging of Lifeboost blonde espresso is one of the best. The packaging bags are of premium quality which is vital for keeping the coffee fresh. 

Since the coffee absorbs water on exposure, the bags are perfectly sealed to keep coffee dry. Further, the bags are easy to reseal after scooping, keeping the coffee fresh throughout. 

Each coffee bag weighs 12oz, allowing you to enjoy coffee for more than a week. 

Blonde Espresso, Is It Sweeter Than Regular Espresso? Lifeboost Blonde Espresso Review 1 Lifeboost Blonde Espresso Review


Lifeboost blonde espresso is delightful. However, pricing is incredible, and everyone fits everyone’s budget. 

There are two options when it comes to pricing; you can decide for one-time buy or subscribe and save. 

For one time buy, buyers can get one, three, and six bags for $27.95, $24.95, and $22.95 per bag in the order. Besides, the three and six bags attract 29% and 34% discounts. 

The subscribe & save is much cheaper than one time buy. You get 1 bag for $24.60, 3 bags for $21.96 and 6 bags for $20.20. The 3 bags option is 37% while 6 bags attract a 42% discount.

For Lifeboost, blonde espresso is only available in whole beans and ground coffee. 

Don’t buy Lifeboost blonde espresso if,

You love the traditional espresso roast 

Blonde espresso has more caffeine, and the flavor differs from regular espresso. Therefore, if you want the original taste, go for espresso roast coffee.

You like drinking Less acidic espresso

If you love less acidic coffee, blonde espresso is a bit acidic. This is due to less roasting and a bit higher level of caffeine. 


Espresso is great, especially for hardcore coffee drinkers. But, when a regular espresso roast isn’t your best option, blonde espresso is the best alternative. Lifeboost blonde espresso review offers you a chance to know everything about the coffee. 


Is Blonde espresso stronger?

Lifeboost blonde espresso is more potent in terms of caffeine per cup. 

Is Lifeboost Blonde espresso easier on the stomach? 

The coffee is easy on the stomach despite having more caffeine than regular Lifeboost espresso. It is low in acid and much lower in caffeine than regular coffee.

How many calories are there in Lifeboost blonde espresso?

The coffee offers zero calories. Thus, when you brew your daily cup, no worries about adding weight.


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