The Magic of Aged Coffee: Lifeboost Bourbon Barrel Coffee Review 2 Lifeboost Bourbon Barrel Coffee Review

The Magic of Aged Coffee: Lifeboost Bourbon Barrel Coffee Review

Getting an exceptional coffee can sometimes be tricky. But, Lifeboost always has something special you can celebrate. Bourbon barrel remains one of the fantastic coffees you will never forget.

Derived from the Bourbon coffee beans, they are fermented in bourbon whisky barrels. Therefore, the coffee always ensures flavors and aromas are exceptionally unique.

Lifeboost Bourbon barrel coffee review gives you every detail about this specialty coffee. Discover the flavor and uniqueness you are about to experience from this specialty low-acid Bourbon coffee.

Lifeboost Bourbon Barrel Coffee Review


  • Expertly crafted organic coffee
  • Mold-free spring water cleaned beans
  • Low tannins levels
  • Fermenting reduced acidity
  • Free from harmful bacteria

  • A bit more expensive than other coffee
  • Go Bags aren’t available

Drinking Bourbon barrel coffee from Lifeboost creates a different perception for drinkers. The coffee is unique, making it a perfect choice for everyone. 

Since it’s fermented in bourbon barrels for 30-45 days, the flavor differs from the others. Also, the acidity is less, which makes it soft on the stomach. 

Besides, the fermentation ensures the coffee beans are safe and free from harmful bacteria and fungi. This is even ascertained by independent laboratories testing more than 400 mycotoxins.  


The origin of Lifeboost Bourbon barrel coffee is in the Central American country of Nicaragua. The beans are grown at high elevations, which gives them the best coffee characteristics. 

To give the coffee its unique flavor, the beans are fermented in the Poconos Mountains distillery for 30-35 days. Using bourbon barrels, the beans attract sweet, attractive scents and exceptional tastes.

Since the coffee is single origin, organic and Non-GMO, it is safe for any drinker. Fermentation further reduces the overall acidity.


Fermentation is vital in altering Lifeboost barrel coffee. It improves the overall aroma. 

The coffee presents a complex aroma blend featuring sweet vanilla mixed with caramel. The oak barrels help in deleting the alcohol aroma hence making the coffee have smoky notes. 


Lifeboost Bourbon Barrel coffee has one of the best flavors you can celebrate if you are a serious drinker. 

Since fermentation features oak barrels, they ensure the best flavor development. The coffee feels smoky oak, with sweet vanilla and notes of caramel. Despite the intense earthly flavor, the coffee doesn’t have additives. 


This fairly traded shade-grown and bourbon barrel fermented coffee has a great appearance. The coffee beans have a smooth texture compared to regular Beans. 

The roasting process ensures the coffee gets a perfect shade depending on the level. Whether you want light or medium roasts, the color is rich and perfect, making the beans attractive. 


Lifeboost Bourbon coffee comes in 12oz bags. The bags are plastic made which ensures they keep the content clean. This means there is no quality compromise, even during a season change. 

Using the latest technology, Lifeboost uses nitrogen flushing to ensure no oxygen is left on the bags before sealing. Packed one day before delivery, the coffee is always fresh. 


To enjoy Lifeboost aged coffee, you can get it on the official website. The buying options available are one time buy or subscription

Subscription entrains shipment at your desired time. Also, you can get up to 34% discount. The cost is $35.16 for one bag, $30.76 for 3 bags, and $26.36 per bag for 6 bags 

When you subscribe, you can choose shipping intervals; you can have 1 week up to 8 weeks of delivery intervals. 

When you opt for one time buy, you can get a discount of up to 25%. The options available are $35.95 for one bag, $34.95 for 3 bags, and $26.95 for 6 bags. It is worth noting the price is per bag. 

Don’t buy Lifeboost Bourbon Barrel Coffee if… 

You are looking for acid coffee

Lifeboost Bourbon barrel coffee is extra low acid coffee. The low acidity is due to organic growing and fermenting. If you love more acidic coffee, this one is low acid.

You want to spend less on organic coffee

You can choose a cheaper, organic coffee if you want to save money. Lifeboost Bourbon coffee is a bit expensive. 


While there are many types of specialty coffee, bourbon barrel coffee is fantastic. It offers unique earthy flavors, ensuring every coffee lover gets the best experience. By going through the Lifeboost bourbon barrel coffee review, you can be sure of the quality and what to experience when drinking. 


Does Lifeboost Bourbon barrel coffee contain alcohol?

The coffee doesn’t have alcohol or a fermentation smell. It has earthy sweet flavors. 

What is bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee? 

Barrel-aged coffee is a type of coffee that is fermented and aged inside whisky casks. It develops natural flavors without the addition of chemicals or additives. 

What does Barrel coffee taste like?

Barrel-aged coffee has an earthly and nutty flavor contrary to what many people think it tastes like alcohol.

The Magic of Aged Coffee: Lifeboost Bourbon Barrel Coffee Review 3 Lifeboost Bourbon Barrel Coffee Review

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