Does Lifeboost Offer the Best Coffee? Lifeboost Coffee Review 

If you randomly type ‘coffee roasters’ on the internet, hundreds of options will pop up. But not all brands out there provide the quality of coffee that can match your expectations. 

Scooping the right brand can be tricky. Moreover, the ability to choose a brand that is high quality will give you confidence as a coffee roaster. 

Lifeboost is one of the coffee brands offering the best organic coffee ideal for everyone. With their customer growing every day, what could be the driving factor? 

If you want to know why the brand stands out strong, follow this Lifeboost coffee review until the end.

Lifeboost Coffee Review

lifeboost coffee subscription

Quality 4.8/5
The Roasts 4.6/5
Flavored Coffee 4.4/5
The Packaging 4.5/5
Buying Option 4/5 

Total 4.5/5

Lifeboost Coffee Review

  • Mold, mycotoxins, and GMO-free coffee
  • Ethically sourced organic coffee
  • Low acid delicious beans
  • Single sourcing to maintain quality
  • Available in different aromas
  • Affordable and flexible subscription options
  • Lack of coffee blending
  • Expensive than other brands

About Lifeboost coffee

Lifeboost is a coffee company that deals with roasting and supply of coffee. The company started as the brainchild of Dr. Charles Livingston, CEO, and co-founder. 

Since its founding, it has seen people join its premium coffee club. With the dedication to providing the best coffee, there is exceptionality from other coffee suppliers. 

One of the main qualities of the company is that it supplies organic coffee. Utilizing a single sourcing policy ensures no mixing of beans from multiple sources, hence no contamination. 

Additionally, the company sources coffee from the high-elevation mountains areas of Nicaragua. Grown under the shade, there is production of extra high-quality coffee with intense aroma and flavor. 

The production and harvesting also follow strict guidelines and processing to maintain quality. The roasting is done in small batches by experts to deliver the best roast.

Due to all the quality assurance techniques employed in coffee production, Lifeboost boasts one of the best coffee. The beans are low in acid and stomach-friendly coffee.

Lifeboost Coffee Review In details 

Undoubtedly, the coffee you get at Lifeboost is one of the best. Well balanced, safe, and delicious, it is of no match. 

If you want to boost your life, this is what to expect from Lifeboost coffee. 

Quality 4.8/5

The quality of Lifeboost is unquestionable. All aspects of a good coffee are present in their beans. 


One aspect that makes the coffee from Lifeboost great is the production methods. The farmers use organic means, which means no use of chemicals. 

To ensure sustainability, the coffee is grown in the shade to reduce the need for spraying. 

Since the farmers get good wages, they are motivated to produce excellent coffee. Also, the use of natural means promotes environmental sustainability. 

The production of organic coffee gives it better quality and palatability. Therefore, even for people who don’t drink coffee due to acidity, Lifeboost coffee is a low acid alternative.   

Low acid

Does Lifeboost Offer the Best Coffee? Lifeboost Coffee Review  1 Lifeboost coffee review

Many people give up drinking coffee due to its high acidity. However, Lifeboost is changing that narrative. They have good coffee that has low acidity. 

Low acidity allows people with stomach problems to enjoy coffee without issues

The secret to low acid coffee starts right from the cultivation. The absence of conventional fertilizers and other chemicals helps maintain the beans natural state. 

Additionally, beans are grown to maturity, clean harvested, washed with spring water, and sundried. 

With low acidity, it makes even the flavoring of coffee easy. Every flavor note comes out strongly; hence easy to enjoy your flavored coffee. 

Mold free 

One of the significant concerns in the coffee industry is mold. The problems emanate from poor processing and high moisture level during storage. 

The presence of mold leads to mycotoxins which can lead to other body problems. However, Lifeboost coffee is exceptional and safe to drink. 

Lifeboost allows third-party labs to test their coffee to ensure it is safe. They test for mold, heavy metals, and other 400 mycotoxins

The testing is to ensure mycotoxin free coffee. Therefore, the safety and health of their coffee consumers is never compromised. 

Single origin

If you have tasted Lifeboost coffee, you know the consistency in flavor and aroma. It’s not a coincidence; it’s a carefully considered practice. 

Lifeboost gets its coffee from a single source. The coffee beans originate deep in South America, in the mountains of Nicaragua. 

The essence of single sourcing is to prevent cross-contamination and maintain quality consistency. 

roasted coffee

The Roasts 4.6/5

Typically, you can get all types of roasted coffee at Lifeboost. Whether you love light, medium, or dark, you get what is best for you. 

Dark Roast

lifeboost dark roast coffee

For espresso lovers, this is the perfect coffee to go for. It is roasted to perfection to give you an outstanding java experience.

Apart from the great flavor, the dark roast offers the least acidity. With expert roasting, the coffee has the best flavor and, even after taste, stands out exceptionally. 

The dark roast is perfect for cold brew or your espresso.

Medium Roast 

lifeboost medium coffee

If your favorite drink comes from lighter roast, Lifeboost brings it in style. The meticulously roasted beans offer classic flavor, and the aroma is intense. 

The appealing brown color and rounded flavor make your coffee drinking experience amazing. 

With less oil, the roast lets you get every not in case of flavored coffee. 

Light Roast 

Lifeboost Light Roast Coffee

The light brown coffee beans are just lightly roasted. Due to its crispy nature, the coffee offers a bright flavor and broad taste. 

Due to the light roasting, the beans preserve the natural flavor of coffee beans. The ability to bring out the authentic flavor of beans origin. 

With slight acidity, it is best for people who love to enjoy the original bean flavor. 


lifeboost medium decaf

For people who don’t do caffeinated coffee, there is a good option at Lifeboost. Decaffeinated coffee is a perfect way to enjoy great flavor without caffeine. 

Despite being decaf, the original flavor and aroma are preserved. Therefore, every sip gives you the original Lifeboost coffee experience. 

Special Coffee

Apart from the regular and flavored coffee, Lifeboost also has specialty coffee. It’s a special type of coffee that ensures your coffee desires are met. 

Some of the specialty coffee you can get include,

Biotics Cold Brew

Lifeboost Biotics Cold Brew Coffee

This is a coffee that packs a lot of benefits, according to Lifeboost. Packed with antioxidants, it offers a great boost to your body. 

Apart from boosting the body, it has a mouthwatering crispy flavor. 

Midnight Organic Roast

Does Lifeboost Offer the Best Coffee? Lifeboost Coffee Review  2 Lifeboost coffee review

Full of flavor, midnight organic roast is another exceptional coffee you can enjoy. It is rich in smoky-tasting organic coffee with a hint of chocolate. 

The combination of flavors leaves it with robust and appealing flavors.

Espresso Organic Coffee


Espresso organic coffee is perfect for a cup of fantastic drink. Offering great refreshment, it has a sweet enhancement through caramel, chocolate, and fruity flavors. 

Despite the complex flavors, the coffee is sweet and low in acidity. 

Flavored Coffee 4.4/5

Apart from regular coffee, Lifeboost offers flavored coffee. This coffee offers your desired flavor, so there is no need to add flavors at home. 

All the flavored coffee at Lifeboost are dark roast, which means fantastic taste. The flavor comes out perfectly and ensures every drinker gets the best. 

Usually, there are 6 popular types of flavored coffee at Lifeboost. They include,


Does Lifeboost Offer the Best Coffee? Lifeboost Coffee Review  3 Lifeboost coffee review

The creamy and delicious coffee delivers intense flavor with a sweet flavor. If you love hazelnut, you can enjoy this coffee without the need to add hazelnut milk. 

French Vanilla 

Does Lifeboost Offer the Best Coffee? Lifeboost Coffee Review  4 Lifeboost coffee review

The vanilla taste in this coffee is a perfect way to enjoy coffee. The careful and broad flavor ensures your coffee has a captivating experience.

Although the coffee offers excellent taste, the coffee is sweet, organic, and has low acidity.

Pumpkin spice 

Does Lifeboost Offer the Best Coffee? Lifeboost Coffee Review  5 Lifeboost coffee review

If your favorite flavor is pumpkin, this is the best organic coffee with the flavor. 

The combination of pumpkin, cinnamon, and clove results in a delicious, creamy drink. 

Caramel macchiato 

Does Lifeboost Offer the Best Coffee? Lifeboost Coffee Review  6 Lifeboost coffee review

When you mention Caramel Macchiato, Starbucks comes to mind. However, unlike the regular drink, this one, you won’t need to add sweetener or milk. 

It’s a healthy coffee that is delicious and packs low calories.

Highlander Grogg 

Does Lifeboost Offer the Best Coffee? Lifeboost Coffee Review  7 Lifeboost coffee review

You might be wondering what this is. But, it’s a fantastic organic coffee with a twist to deliver satisfactory refreshment. 

With a butter flavor, the coffee delivers vanilla, nut, and a rum finish.

White Russian 

Does Lifeboost Offer the Best Coffee? Lifeboost Coffee Review  8 Lifeboost coffee review

For Russian cocktail lovers, this is the coffee to grab. To give the coffee a white Russian flavor, vanilla and Kahlua flavoring ensure a perfect cocktail coffee without alcohol. 

The Packaging 4.5/5

Like the processing, the packaging of coffee features premium quality packaging materials. Also, the techniques ensure coffee remains fresh for an extended period. 

The packaging entails biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable materials, allowing for environmental sustainability. 

The packaging entails biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable materials, allowing for environmental sustainability. 

Does Lifeboost Offer the Best Coffee? Lifeboost Coffee Review  9 Lifeboost coffee review

Apart from materials, the coffee is packaged in different states. You can order whole beans, ground, go bags, and coffee pods. 


If you love a ready-made coffee that is easy to prepare, you can order or buy ground beans. The beans are ground after careful roasting. 

You can always get pre-ground dark roast, medium, and light roast. This saves you time and is ideal for people without grinding machines

Whole Beans 

Some people love to grind coffee at home. This gives them flexibility when preparing a drink. 

Lifeboost delivers the coffee also in whole beans. With whole beans, you can achieve the required level of the ground. Whether it’s course, medium, or fine ground, you can make it at home. 

Go bags 

When you need to make coffee fast without needing a coffee maker, you can opt for Lifeboost go bag coffee. 

There are different options you can go for and enjoy superb-tasting coffee. Usually, average bags come with 10 go bags. With Nitro sealing, there is a guarantee of coffee freshness. 


When you have a coffee pod making machine, making coffee is super easy with Lifeboost pods. They are coffee pods for different roasts and flavors available. 

Filled with high-quality organic coffee, the pods deliver the same experience as other coffee from the brand. 

Buying Option 4/5

Lifeboost is one of the flexible coffee brands. It offers different buying options and is hence ideal for all customers. 

Buy One Time

If you want to give this coffee a try, you can try the one time buy option. The process is simple, and no signing up is needed. With this, you can be wondering where to buy Lifeboost coffee. 

The coffee is available on the official Lifeboost website or their Amazon store.

Subscribe & Save

subscribe lifeboostApart from buying in their stores, you can also become a member and subscribe to their coffee program. 

Once you sign up, there are a lot of conveniences when it comes to coffee deliveries. Also, there are discounts which allow you to save.

The subscription services are excellent since you get a 22% for single boost, 40% for Triple Boost and 44% for  Turbo Boost. The packages  enable you to save a significant amount of money.     

Further, the program ensures you can get your favorite coffee at scheduled intervals. 

Besides convenience and timely deliveries, the shipping is free. In the event of displeasure, you can return the product for free. Also, you can cancel your subscription anytime, return damaged coffee and get your money within 30 days. 

Limited-time 50% off discount

A great discount saves the day when you want to enjoy more convenience. Lifeboost has Limited-time 50% off discount package that lets everyone enjoy great coffee while saving half price. 

This offer makes it possible to get double the amount of coffee by paying the normal price. The good thing is the offer is available for subscribed customers and new subscribers. 

Despite the huge offer, there is no compromise on coffee quality.    

Why You Might Think Twice About Lifeboost coffee 

Although Lifeboost coffee is of premium quality, you might still need to consider your options. Whether a single buy or subscription, you need to be aware of these drawbacks. 

No variety of coffee to sample 

If you love sampling coffee from different origins, Lifeboost doesn’t have varieties. With single sourcing from Nicaragua, no chance to sample coffee from other famous countries like Colombia, Ethiopia, and Indonesia. 

No acid coffee 

Although less acid coffee is best for people with some health issues, not everyone loves non-acid coffee. Lifeboost deals with less-acid coffee, which might not be best for people who love acid beans. 

Final Verdict

Is Lifeboost coffee worth it? I would undoubtedly say the company is worth your consideration. The degree of specialization in less acid organic coffee is on another level. 

I love their commitment to ensuring quality is never compromised. By involving third-party labs, you can be sure your coffee is safe. Also, by supporting sustainable coffee production, they are environmentally conscious. 

Lastly, the discounts and subscription services are amazing to ensure you never run out of coffee. 


Is Lifeboost Coffee legit? 

Lifeboost is a legit coffee brand that offers one of the best quality coffee. Boasting certification by organizations like Fairtrade, Natural Food Certifiers, USDA, and others. 

Where is Lifeboost coffee grown? 

Lifeboost coffee comes from the mountains of Nicaragua. Located in central America, the place has high elevation and perfect conditions for growing coffee. 

How to brew Lifeboost coffee? 

Brewing Lifeboost coffee isn’t complicated. It is brewed just like regular coffee. 

You can make hot brewed coffee or espresso and cold brewed coffee. However, for cold brewed coffee, remember to use coarse ground coffee. 

Can you buy Lifeboost coffee in stores? 

Unfortunately, the coffee isn’t available in local stores. You can only buy Lifeboost coffee online. Specifically on their website or other leading online stores.

lifeboost coffee subscription

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