Are Coffee Subscriptions Worth Considering? Lifeboost Coffee Subscription Review 

A regular coffee supplier ensures you access quality beans every moment you need to refresh. Although many people often get their coffee from groceries, having a trusted supplier is more convenient. 

There are many coffee subscriptions available nowadays. But, you might be wondering which one is best for you. 

Lifeboost is among the many coffee suppliers with subscription services. But, is it worth to subscribe for their services? Get more information through this Lifeboost subscription review. Also, get to know what is included in the Lifeboost coffee subscription.

Lifeboost Coffee Subscription Review

lifeboost coffee subscription

Coffee selection 4/5
Coffee Quality 4.5/5
Membership 4.7/5
Flexibility 5/5
Pricing 4/5 

Total 4.3/5

Lifeboost Coffee Subscription Review


  • Single sourced coffee 
  • Flexible subscription plans 
  • Easy to cancel anytime without conditions 
  • Third-party tested coffee for contaminants 
  • Sweet, low acid and freshly roasted coffee

  • No coffee from different parts of the world 
  • The lowest plan is a bit more expensive than its rivals

Lifeboost is a company that offers coffee subscription services to its customers. Their subscription ensures every member gets coffee that is of high quality. Additionally, strict control assures the safety and quality of their coffee. 

If you are looking forward to joining their membership, this review offers what to expect. 

Coffee Selection 4/5

Usually, according to the company, they source coffee from a single source. The motive behind this is to avoid getting contaminated coffee. 

When you source from various sources, it is easy to get contaminated coffee from agrochemicals and other elements. However, Lifeboost gets coffee from a single source. 

Even more, the coffee comes from 2% of the world’s best coffee beans. Specifically, the coffee comes from the high altitudes in Nicaragua. 

Besides selecting top-quality coffee, there is testing for pesticides and other chemicals. Therefore, by getting coffee from Lifeboost, you can be sure of drinking organic coffee. 

Coffee Quality 4.5/5 

lifeboost coffee drinkThe quality of coffee you get is fantastic. Once you subscribe for deliveries, every coffee you get is freshly roasted. Therefore, the quality is always at its best. 

The roasting of the coffee is top-notch; experienced personnel roast coffee beans in small batches. This not only ensures uniformity but balanced and low-acid coffee

There is impressive deliciousness when enjoying a cup of coffee from the company. The coffee is always perfect for your taste buds and stomach. 

Flexibility 5/5 

Typically, the company offers great flexibility when you want to enjoy coffee. 

One of the highest flexibility you get is the variety of roasts. You can specify whether you are looking for a light, medium, or dark roast. Also, there is decaf for people who don’t like caffeine. 

Besides various roasts, the coffee is also available in whole beans or ground. Thus, a lot of flexibility exists at Lifeboost. 

Membership Options 4/5 

Once you enroll in Lifeboost membership, there are various subscription plans. 

If you are a new member, there are three subscription plans to enroll. There is a single boost, Triple boost, and Turbo boost. 

Each of the subscription plans ensures it caters to your needs. Amazingly, you can also choose the frequency of delivery from 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks. 

Depending on your coffee consumption, there is a subscription for everyone. 

One unique thing with Lifeboost is you can cancel your membership anytime. Also, you can ship back your bag in case of dissatisfaction or physical damage without extra charges. 

Price 4/5 

buy lifeboost coffeeAlthough Lifeboost offers premium coffee, their lowest subscription is a bit higher than others. But how many bags to get for a coffee subscription? 

The starting subscription single boost starts at $24.60, shipping included. However, for new subscribers, there is a 22% discount. The package entails 2 weeks of coffee supply for 1-2 individuals. 

On Triple boost, it goes for $65.87 with shipping included. For this package, it is best for 1-2 individuals. It comes with 3 bags of coffee which can last you for one and half months. On subscription, the package comes with a 40% discount retail market. 

Turbo boost goes for $121.18 with free shipping. The package has 6 bags, enough to take a single user for 8 weeks. For 2-3 people, the package is enough for up to 4 weeks. If you go for this package, you save 44%. 

Overall Experience 4.4/5 

The overall experience with Lifeboost is impressive. It has incredible subscriptions and quality coffee. Whether it’s a regular or decaf coffee subscription, they have amazing offers. 

Quality organic coffee and high flexibility make the company a great deal. Unlike the coffee subscription box, Lifeboost offers coffee from a single source hence high safety assurance. 

Don’t subscribe to Lifeboost Coffee IF…

You want fancy packaging. 

The packaging of Lifeboost coffee isn’t the best on the market. If you love fancy-looking organic coffee, you can probably try another brand. However, the quality is always excellent despite the unattractive packaging. 

You want to enjoy a variety of coffee from different countries. 

Although Lifeboost coffee is great, people who love sampling beans for different countries will lack this opportunity. The brand only deals with single-sourced coffee hence no taste diversity. 

How does Lifeboost subscription work? 

Lifeboost coffee subscription is super simple. Even when you are new, there are no technicalities. 

1. You need to enter the official website and sign up to become a member. After signing up, you can now start shopping for coffee or opt for subscription services. 

2. Usually, you need to choose between caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee. The plan also requires selecting whether you prefer ground or whole beans. 

steps of lifeboost subscription

3. Then, select the subscription plan and frequency of the coffee supply. The frequency runs from 1 week to 8 weeks. 

step 4 of coffee subscription


Does Lifeboost have a coffee subscription? 

Apart from buying coffee from Lifeboost, it also has subscription services. The subscriptions are divided into different packages to ensure a continuous, timely supply of coffee. 

What is Lifeboost coffee subscriptions? 

Lifeboost coffee subscriptions are a convenient way to enjoy high-quality delivery to your home. The plan has different packages which customers can choose. Also, the plans have different pricing. 

How do I cancel Lifeboost coffee subscription?

You can always opt out if you are not comfortable with your coffee subscription at Lifeboost. There is always an option to cancel your membership anytime you want. 

Is Lifeboost coffee subscription worth it?

What is evident is that Lifeboost is committed to providing the best services to members. Therefore, the subscription is worth it for coffee lovers looking for convenience. 


Lifeboost coffee subscription is fantastic and worth enrolling in. You are assured of coffee every day and huge discounts. 

While it might be slightly expensive, the plans are perfectly crafted to suit your needs. Also, the flexibility in this company suits every coffee lover. 

lifeboost coffee subscription

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