Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee Review

Lifeboost Embolden Dark Roast, Delicious and Unique: Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee Review

Lifeboost offers excellent organic coffee for people who don’t drink regular coffee. You can select light, medium and dark roast with different options on the table. 

Dark roast is one of the best choices for anyone who loves espresso. The good thing is you can enjoy different brewing for organic Lifeboost dark roast coffee.

To know more about this coffee, check this Lifeboost dark roast coffee review and get every detail. Whether its origin, flavor or appearance, it’s subtly explained.

Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee Review


  • Less acidic than light and medium roast
  • Dark brown with an oily surface
  • Unique roast flavors and aromas
  • Moderate caffeine levels

  • Original coffee flavors are roasted out
  • Might feel bitter to some people

Lifeboost dark roast coffee is entirely organic. It has some of the best qualities of specialty coffee and has less acid than medium and light. Also, the coffee boasts thorough independent lab testing to ensure there are no mycotoxins. 


Lifeboost Dark roast organic coffee originates from Nicaragua. Grown in the highlands, there is outstanding quality in terms of the overall taste and smell.

Due to the efforts and support, the coffee is grown by trained farmers. They don’t use chemicals, which keep the coffee clean and protect the environment from pollution. 

Through fair trading, coffee production is exceptionally sustainable.


The aroma is fantastic and roasty since the coffee is roasted for a longer time. Therefore, it feels smokier than the original coffee flavors. 

Lifeboost dark roast has roasty, chocolate and bright citrus essence. Once you open the pack or brew the coffee, you can feel the distinguishable scents. 


One of the notable Lifeboost coffee is the delighting and delicious flavors. The coffee has a unique and mouthwatering taste and aftertaste. Its full-bodied nature means every coffee drinker enjoys the drink. 

The dark roast brings an intense roasty essence, with chocolate and notes of citrus. For expert drinkers, they will also experience the undernotes of tobacco.


The beans are the longest roasted, hence the name dark roasted. The coffee has a deep dark brown and shiny surface due to the presence of oil. The oil is due to high temperature and more time   in the roasting drum.   

Since you can get the coffee in whole beans or ground forms, there is no difference in color. If you make a drink from this coffee, it delivers a dark, intense brown beverage. 


The packaging is impressive since the coffee is packed in 12oz bags. The bags are made from recyclable plastic and have simple impressive printings. 

Apart from the 12oz bags, Go bags come with steeped coffee. Thus, you can steep like teabags when you need a quick beverage. 

The bags are easy to open and seal, which is essential for keeping the coffee safe. 

Lifeboost Embolden Dark Roast, Delicious and Unique: Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee Review 1 Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee Review


When it comes to pricing, Lifeboost offers impressive options. Whether you want to buy a single pack or multiple, you can choose from the available buying selection. 

The first option for a dark roast is a one-buy. You can choose your best selection as shown below. 

Buy one timeGround/whole beansGround/whole beansGround/whole beansGo BagsGo BagsGo Bags
Number of packets136136
Price per bag$27.95

The other option is ‘subscribe and save’. This option lets you enjoy scheduled delivery, and you can save up to 37%. 

Buy one timeGround/whole beansGround/whole beansGround/whole beansGo BagsGo BagsGo Bags
Number of packets136136
Price per bag$24.60$21.96$20.20$30.76$26.39$21.91

Don’t buy Lifeboost Dark Roast if, 

You love bright and original coffee flavor

Dark roast has bold and roasted flavors; thus, if you love sweet and original coffee flavors, go for a light roast. 

You like blended dark roast

For people who love a mixture of flavors due to blending, this coffee is single sourced. Lifeboost dark roast doesn’t contain blended flavors. 


For everyone who loves dark roast, this coffee from Lifeboost is the right or satisfying beverage. The coffee has fantastic flavors and is packed with a lot of antioxidants. With Lifeboost dark roast coffee review, there are no more questions when buying.


Is the ground coffee fine enough for a pour-over? 

Yes, the coffee is grounded perfectly to suit different brewing methods, pour-over being one of them. 

Are the coffee beans Arabica or Robusta?

All the coffee from Lifeboost is pure Arabica grown in high elevation areas. 

How much caffeine per cup?

Lifeboost caffeine per cup is around 80mg per 8oz cup of dark roast. 

lifeboost dark roast coffee

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