Lifeboost Special Edition Coffee: Is It The Most Delicious Coffee? Lifeboost Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Review 2 Lifeboost Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Review

Lifeboost Special Edition Coffee: Is It The Most Delicious Coffee? Lifeboost Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Review

Ethiopia is where the coffee originated from. Therefore, it must be one of the best producers of coffee. One undeniable fact is the country produces some of the prized coffee with unique and sweet flavors. 

One of the famous coffee from Ethiopia is Yirgacheffe. With its sweet distinctive characteristics, no doubt it’s one of the best you can get. 

Lifeboost through its single sourcing policy, they source coffee from different countries. Through this Lifeboost Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee review, you are about to learn about this limited-edition coffee. Let’s sail together.

Lifeboost Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Review


  • Perfect for hot and iced coffee
  • Unique and robust floral notes
  • Small batch roasted 
  • It contains extra high levels of antioxidants

  • Lower pH than other low acid coffee 
  • Only available for a limited duration

As a serious coffee drinker, finding the best coffee is sometimes daunting. But, Yirgacheffe coffee, it’s one of the rare beans that offers exclusive characteristics. 

The reality of this coffee makes it a privilege to enjoy availability at Lifeboost. Although the price is premium, the coffee is also exclusive and worth drinking. 


As the name suggests, Yirgacheffe originates from Ethiopia, the cradle land of coffee. Growing this coffee happens in the highlands of Ethiopia, specifically in Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Guji, and Harar. 

The coffee is grown by small-scale farmers with experience dating back to1920. With pure organic growing and processing methods, the coffee brings absolute goodness. 

Besides growing, coffee is handpicked, selected, and processed using clean water and sundried.


The coffee is aromatic and offers some of the best aromas you can wish as a coffee drinker. The aroma features a combination of fruity and floral profile with bright acidity. 


One of the notable features of Lifeboost Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is its unique, intense flavor. The coffee combines notes of lemon, peach, pineapple flowers, wine, chocolate, and black tea. 

It is the blending of all these flavor notes that make the coffee distinctive and rare. 


Yirgacheffe limited edition coffee is fantastic and is available in light and medium roasts. The beans are either dark brown, brown, or light brown, depending on the roast level. 

The essence of light roasting is to maintain the high fragrance quality of the Yirgacheffe coffee. 


Packaging of Lifeboost Yirgacheffe coffee is premium to ensure the beans get into your place while fresh. The bag is airtight sealed, which eliminates the chances of air seepage.

With beans roasted 48 hours before shipment, they are delivered while the freshness is at the climax. Each bag contains 10oz of this precious coffee. 


Lifeboost Yirgacheffe coffee pricing is premium, just like the beans. Unlike other organic coffee from the company, this is only available as a one time buy option. 

It’s possible to buy one bag for $50.00, 3 bags for $47.95 each, and 6 bags for $43.95 each. 

When purchasing 3 and 6 bags options, there is a discount of 4% and 12%, respectively.

Don’t Buy Lifeboost Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee IF 

You have a cheaper option limited edition coffee 

One of the downsides of Yirgacheffe coffee is that it is expensive. Therefore, you can opt for other cheaper limited-edition coffee.

You want it delivered regularly 

Availability of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe isn’t always guaranteed. It’s a limited edition and thus only available for a specific time; you can’t subscribe to weekly delivery like other coffee. 


While drinking coffee is a hobby and a lifestyle to many, it is rare to taste limited editions like Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. However, courtesy of Lifeboost, it is now possible to enjoy the coffee. This Lifeboost Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee review lets you learn more about the coffee before adding it to the cart and enjoying it.   


How is Lifeboost Yirgacheffe coffee processed? 

Lifeboost Yirgacheffe coffee processing utilizes a process known as TRUSTPURE to achieve the best quality coffee. The process ensures low acid coffee is easy on your gut. 

What is Yirgacheffe coffee?

Yirgacheffe coffee is a unique variety of arabica coffee that is only grown in Ethiopia. It has an intense fragrance of citrusy, floral, and tea-like notes. Moreover, it’s one of the most prized coffees in the world.

Is Lifeboost Ethiopian Yirgacheffe good for espresso?

Yes. The coffee is perfect and results in sweet espresso when roasted to dark or espresso roast. The dark roast has a rich body that is perfect for espresso shots.

Lifeboost Special Edition Coffee: Is It The Most Delicious Coffee? Lifeboost Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Review 3 Lifeboost Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Review

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