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Best Medium Roast Organic Coffee: Lifeboost Medium Roast Low-Acid Coffee Review

For medium roast coffee lovers, going organic is one of the best resolutions you can make. Lifeboost medium coffee is an excellent choice for every coffee drinker. 

This coffee is best for you if you don’t drink coffee due to reflux or other issues. It doesn’t cause trouble since it is pure organic and mold-free. 

Although Lifeboost offers pure organic coffee, there are different roasts. Lifeboost medium roast coffee review gives you the reasons to opt for this as your top choice.

Lifeboost Medium Roast Coffee Review


  • Freshly roasted and packed
  • Toxins and GMO-free coffee beans
  • Zero calories and cholesterol
  • High nutrients content
  • Moderate caffeine levels

  • Coffee beans aren’t flavored
  • Bags have similar weight

As you contemplate whether this coffee is best for you, medium roast coffee offers many benefits.
The great thing with Lifeboost medium roast is it is clean and the beans are handpicked. Also, the beans are hand washed and sundried to preserve their freshness. They are mold-free, vegan-friendly, and GMO-free. 


If you are a coffee drinker curious about the beans origin, Lifeboost medium roast is fascinating. The coffee originates from the Central American country of Nicaragua

Grown in elevations of 5,700ft under trees canopy, the beans ate the best. The coffee is part of the 3% world specialty coffee. 


Aroma is always satisfying when you think about Lifeboost medium roast coffee. It balances the original and roasting aromas to blend some of the best you can imagine. 

The coffee brings sweet chocolaty with some toasty essence due to the roasting. Usually, the aroma is intense and distinguishable. 


The flavor also is impressive when you are drinking Lifeboost medium roast coffee. The balanced acidity and notes of coffee origin make it one of the best tasting. 

The medium roast has a sweet and smooth flavor with a mild body. With chocolaty and crispy essence, the coffee has a citrusy finish. Besides, you will feel the slight roasty essence which blends well to create an excellent aftertaste. 


One of the key features you can’t confuse is the Lifeboost roast level. The medium roast is distinctive from light and dark roasts. 

The coffee comes in brown and has a uniform color. Whether you opt for whole bean or ground, there is no color variation. Additionally, Coffee has a slight oily surface. 


High-quality coffee requires premium packaging. Lifeboost delivers coffee in premium bags. The bags are superb and airtight to keep the coffee free from contamination. 

The coffee is always packed just before delivery. Thus, you always enjoy fresh aromas and flavor. With easy to open packs, it’s easy to enjoy scooping and reseal the bags to keep coffee without deteriorating.

drink lifeboost medium roast coffee


The pricing of Lifeboost medium roast coffee offers two options. The first one is one time buy. This option lets you buy without subscribing.

You can purchase whole beans, ground, and Go bags for one time. Ground and whole beans come in one, three, and six packs, as shown below.   

Buy one TimeGround/Whole beanGround/Whole beanGround/Whole beanGo bagsGo bagsGo bags
Number of bags136136
Price per bags$27.95$24.95$22.95$34.95$29.98$24.90

Apart from the one time buy, there is Subscribe & save, which enables you to save huge. Below is a summarized price and discount you should expect.  

Buy one TimeGround/Whole beanGround/Whole beanGround/Whole beanGo bagsGo bagsGo bags
Number of bags136136
Price per bags$24.60$21.96$20.20$30.76$26.39$21.91

Don’t Buy Lifeboost medium boost if

You love slightly acidic coffee 

Lifeboost medium roast isn’t your choice if you love a bit of acidic coffee. This one is low acid and hence not best for lovers of acidic coffee. 

You love to make espresso

For espresso lovers, this coffee isn’t the best for that purpose. The coffee is best for making your regular coffee brew.


When you want to enjoy the authentic medium roast, Lifeboost offers some of the best. It’s one of the chemicals free, tested, and verified by different labs to be mycotoxins-free. For anyone who was wondering whether it’s a great coffee, this Lifeboost Medium Roast Coffee Review offers everything about the coffee. 


How many tablespoons of ground coffee in a 12-ounce bag?

The bag contains 24 tablespoons of coffee; hence great for making up to 24 cups.

Where is the Lifeboost coffee roasted? 

Lifeboost roasts all its coffee in New York. 

Does Lifeboost print dates on the packets? 

The brand doesn’t print dates on the packs, but you can check roasting dates on its website. 

lifeboost medium coffee

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