What Midnight Roast is, and How Does It Taste? Lifeboost Midnight Roast Coffee Review 2 Lifeboost Midnight Roast Coffee Review

What Midnight Roast is, and How Does It Taste? Lifeboost Midnight Roast Coffee Review

Midnight roast coffee is popular, especially if you love drinking coffee at Dunkin. However, you can make your coffee drink home when you opt for Lifeboost midnight roast coffee. 

The coffee is full-bodied and is popularized by Dunkin. Lifeboost midnight coffee is dark roasted from single-sourced organic beans. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy a fantastic brew at home. 

Check out this Lifeboost midnight roast coffee review to know what to expect. You are about to know everything about this coffee.

Lifeboost Midnight Roast Coffee Review


  • Full-bodied, delicious coffee
  • Mixes well with cream and milk
  • Low acid and stomach-friendly
  • More caffeine than a regular dark roast

  • It feels a bit different from regular dark roast
  • Huge discounts for subscribers

You might be familiar with different Lifeboost coffee roasts, but midnight is special coffee that offers a unique experience. Like other coffee in Lifeboost, the coffee is fully organic and has low acid.  It is also GMO-free, mycotoxins tested, and freshly roasted.  

Besides, the roasting is unique, giving it a different flavor and aroma from the regular dark roast.


When you think about coffee sourcing, Lifeboost midnight roast comes from the lush mountains of Central America. Specifically, the coffee comes from Nicaragua, known for specialty coffee.

Apart from growing in the tropical rainforest, the coffee is clean since agrochemicals are not used. Furthermore, the processing is from spring water, and drying is natural to maintain the beans clean without mycotoxins. 


If you are eager to try the midnight roast, it brings incredibly delightful and inspiring aromas. Usually, the scent features bittersweet aromas that feature chocolate and fruity notes. 


Apart from the aromas, Lifeboost midnight coffee has delicious flavors. This dark roasted bean offers a roasty feeling with chocolate, bittersweet essence, and hints of fruit. 

The flavors are unique, and you can detect each of the notes, which brings perfect refreshment. Additionally, the aftertaste is superb.


Lifeboost midnight roasted coffee is exceptional and offers excellent dark roast characteristics. 

The beans are dark brown, which gives them a shiny look due to the oil. Whether the coffee is ground or whole beans, the soft dark brown color distinguishes it from the regular dark roast. 

Since the beans are roasted for longer, they look smaller than in light and medium roast. 


The packaging is unique, and the bags are differently colored from a regular dark roast. Usually, the bags are dark colored with bright imprints. 

Additionally, the bags are perfectly airtight and sealed to keep the coffee free from moisture. Since the bags are resealable, the coffee flavor for the first scoop tastes the same as the last one. 

Still, on the packaging, the coffee isn’t available in Go bags. You can only buy ground and whole beans in 12oz bags.


The pricing of Lifeboost midnight roast pricing is like other coffee from the brand. You have different options available to buy your coffee. 

For subscribe and save, you can buy a single bag, three, and six. One bag costs $24.60, three bags $21.96 each, and six bags $20.20 each. Besides, you get an amazing 37% and 24% discount for 3 and 6 bags.

When you go for one time buy, a single bag costs $27.95 without a discount. The 3 bags package costs $24.95 per bag and a 29% discount. Moreover, 6 bags cost $22.95 each and a discount of $22.95. 

Whether you buy once or subscribe, the coffee is shipped free to your doorstep within the US.

Don’t buy Lifeboost midnight roast coffee if 

You enjoy the regular dark roast coffee 

Although the midnight roast is dark roasted, it has a different flavor from the original dark roast. Therefore, for the original taste, grab Lifeboost dark roast coffee. 

Your best choice is a light roast

Not everyone is comfortable with dark roasts. Therefore, Lifeboost midnight coffee isn’t your choice if you are one such drinker. 


While many people might be confused about this coffee, it is a variation of dark roast. Therefore, if your favorite is a dark roast, the Lifeboost midnight roast is one of the best. As highlighted in the Lifeboost midnight roast coffee review, you can enjoy Dunkin version coffee at home. 


Is midnight roast different from dark roast? 

Both are dark roast, which gives them almost similar characteristics. However, midnight roast has a lighter profile than dark roast.

Does Lifeboost midnight have more caffeine?

Lifeboost midnight roast coffee has up to 15%-20% more caffeine than regular dark roast. 

Is Midnight roast available in decaf? 

Unfortunately, Lifeboost doesn’t provide midnight roast in decaf versions.

What Midnight Roast is, and How Does It Taste? Lifeboost Midnight Roast Coffee Review 3 Lifeboost Midnight Roast Coffee Review

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