Lifeboost Pacamara Coffee

The Lifeboost Pacamara Limited Collection Specialty Coffee: Lifeboost Pacamara Coffee Review

Specialty coffee popularity, especially in the US, has pushed the manufacturer to compete for this piece of pie. But, limited edition coffee is on another level. Some coffee, like Pacamara coffee, isn’t something you find in every shop or manufacturer. 

Lifeboost is giving you the ability to taste this specialty coffee. It’s delicious and one of the best-tasting beans sourced from famous regions that produce top coffee worldwide. 

The coffee produces giant beans that are sweet and nutrients packed. If you are curious about the coffee, Lifeboost Pacamara coffee review details everything about this limited-edition coffee. 

What is so special about this coffee? Let’s find out.

Lifeboost Pacamara Coffee Review


  • More nutrients and caffeine than regular coffee
  • Large coffee beans than other coffee
  • Intense floral and fruity aromas and flavors
  • Great energy-boosting beverage

  • High caffeine can mess your stomach
  • Can cause cholesterol increase

Pacamara coffee is a hybrid coffee developed in El Salvador in 1958. The coffee is known for its giant-sized beans and unique flavors, making it special and rare.

Being the biggest coffee bean, it is rare and doesn’t grow in many regions. Therefore, it is considered a rare type of coffee and is available in Lifeboost as a special limited edition. 


Lifeboost Pacamara coffee is single-sourced in the Central American country of El Salvador. It Grows in the Dipilto & Jalapa mountains. The area is highly elevated and provides great biomass diversity.

Since the growing practices are natural, the coffee is organic. Therefore, it is always soft on the stomach due to low acidity. 

Besides the low acidity, the coffee is handpicked, selected, and processed using clean spring water. Growing under natural canopy and deep volcanic soils gives the coffee cherries unique characteristics. 


One of the main notable qualities of Lifeboost Pacamara coffee is its aroma. The aroma is super impressive as it features jasmine-like essence backed up by a blend of different floral essence. 

Especially when you open the pack, it bombards you with an intense, unique, and exclusive aroma. 


When you think about flavor, the coffee has a complex yet outstanding taste that leaves your mouth yearning for more sips.

The flavor features sweet, delicate hints of honey, butterscotch, and chocolate finish. Each of the flavor notes comes out perfectly and leaves you satisfied. 


The appearance of the coffee is one of the most distinguishing features. Especially if you request whole bean coffee, they are massive in size. 

Besides the size, Lifeboost Pacamara coffee roast is either light or medium. Roasting is medium and light enables you to enjoy the authentic coffee flavor. 

The bean color varies from light brown to brown. However, they are oil-free since they are only slightly roasted. 


The packaging is exclusive since coffee is a special edition. Lifeboost uses luxurious-looking bags with impressive decorations. 

Unlike the other packaging from other companies, Lifeboost ensures the bags are simple to open and seal. This ensures coffee remains sealed and has no deterioration due to absorbing moisture. 

The Lifeboost Pacamara Limited Collection Specialty Coffee: Lifeboost Pacamara Coffee Review 2 Lifeboost Pacamara Coffee Review


One thing with Lifeboost is that limited edition coffee is only available for a limited time. Therefore, it’s available for one time buy and not subscribe and save. 

One bag is $50.00, while 3 bags go for $47.95 per bag and have a discount of 4%. When you buy 6 bags option, each costs $43.95, which is a discount of 12%. 

Once you purchase, shipping is free anywhere in the US. 

Don’t Buy Lifeboost Pacamara coffee if? 

You are sensitive to high-caffeine coffee

Pacamara coffee can have up to 60% more caffeine than regular beans. Thus, if you don’t like high caffeinated drinks, don’t drink this coffee. 

You like a cheaper priced coffee

Lifeboost Pacamara coffee is expensive. For anyone looking for cheaper specialty coffee, this one requires more bucks.


Pacamara coffee is a rare coffee you can get on this planet. It is super delicious and smells like paradise. If you were confused about whether it’s your coffee, Lifeboost Pacamara coffee review has confirmed it’s worth your bucks. It’s time to taste the limited-edition coffee. 


What type of coffee beans are Pacamara? 

Pacamara coffee is a varietal of arabica. It’s a hybrid of Bourbon mutation Pacas and Maragogype developed in El Salvador in 1958. 

Where is Pacamara coffee grown? 

Pacamara is grown mainly in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Peru, Central American countries. 

Is this coffee nitrogen flushed? 

Yes, the coffee is nitrogen flushed and is always roasted less than 48 hours before delivery.

The Lifeboost Pacamara Limited Collection Specialty Coffee: Lifeboost Pacamara Coffee Review 3 Lifeboost Pacamara Coffee Review

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