Whisky Barrel Aged Organic Coffee, Does the Coffee Have Alcohol? Lifeboost Whiskey Barrel Coffee Review 2 Lifeboost Whiskey Barrel Coffee Review

Whisky Barrel Aged Organic Coffee, Does the Coffee Have Alcohol? Lifeboost Whiskey Barrel Coffee Review

Aging whisky is normal, but what about aging coffee in whisky barrels? Fermenting green coffee in casks before roasting has proved to improve overall coffee quality. 

Lifeboost is a company that deals with whisky barrel fermented coffee beans. The resulting beans from fermentation are super delicious and provide a unique beverage. 

To know more about this coffee, Lifeboost whiskey barrel coffee review is your perfect guide. It’s time to understand whether the coffee has some alcohol in it.

Lifeboost whiskey barrel coffee review


  • Sweet wooden fermented aroma
  • Improved palatability
  • Free from harmful microorganisms
  • Low acid and easy to digest

  • Some people can find flavor unpleasant
  • Fermentation doesn’t reduce caffeine

Lifeboost whiskey barrel fermented coffee isn’t your usual coffee. It’s one of the fantastic options for everyone who desires to sip top-notch coffee. 

Manufactured from coffee fermented in whiskey barrels, the coffee gets excellent flavors. Also, fermenting helps in improving coffee properties. 

Since the coffee is low in acid, fermenting improves the overall quality. 


One of the unique qualities of Lifeboost Whiskey barrel coffee is single-sourcing. Also, it is grown in South America, where the climate and other conditions are perfect for coffee growing. 

Since it grows in tropical rainforests, there is a canopy that ensures perfect conditions for organic coffee growing. 

Besides sourcing from South America, the coffee is barrel fermented in the Poconos mountains distillery for 30-45 days. Since the coffee fermentation takes place in oak barrels used for years to age spirits. This allows the green beans to absorb exceptionally delicious barrel flavors. 


The aroma that develops after fermenting this coffee is one of a kind. It leads to naturally infused aromas that are only for this coffee. Usually, the flavor entails smoky oaky with fruit, nutty, and hints of vanilla


Besides its impressive aroma, Lifeboost whiskey barrel coffee brings appealing flavors. The coffee flavor feels smokey due to the infusion of oak barrels. Also, nutty and floral hints and vanilla undernotes make coffee an everyday beverage. 


This Lifeboost barrel coffee is a medium roast, giving it a perfect brown color. The beans have little surface oil but are not as intense as dark brown. 

The coffee is available in whole beans. This is as opposed to other Lifeboost coffee that is available in ground and whole beans. Thus, you need to grind it to your preferred size. 


Premium coffee attracts premium pricing. But, Lifeboost ensures that buying the coffee does need you to break the bank with huge discounts; it’s one of the affordable premium coffee. 

One of the buying options is one time buy, where one pack goes for $39.95. 3 packs cost $34.95, saving 13%, while 6 bags cost $29.95, saving 25%. 

Another option is becoming a member through a subscription. Subscribe and save is ideal since coffee delivery is on a set schedule and has a massive discount. 

Besides the convenience in delivery, the option lets you buy coffee at a lower price than once. One bag costs $35.17, 3 bags cost $30.76 each while saving 23%, and 6 bags sell at $26.36 each, saving 34%. 

Don’t buy Lifeboost Whiskey Barrel coffee if; 

You like drinking flavored coffee

For people who like drinking flavored coffee, this coffee has a consistent flavor. For different flavors, you can check the Lifeboost flavored coffee section. 

You like instant or K-cups coffee 

To prepare coffee quickly, instant coffee or pods are the ultimate choices. If you always have limited time, this coffee isn’t available in instant or K-cups. 


While many think that barrel-fermented coffee beans have alcohol, they don’t. Fermentation aims to impart cask flavors, improving the coffee profile. As seen in this Lifeboost whiskey barrel coffee review, it’s time to enjoy one of the best naturally flavored coffee. 


What is whiskey infused coffee?

Whiskey infused coffee is a coffee where green beans are soaked in whiskey for 24 to 72 hours. The beans get a fantastic flavor and don’t contain alcohol. 

Does Whiskey barrel coffee have caffeine? 

Yes, aging coffee doesn’t eliminate caffeine. The amount of caffeine doesn’t decrease since fermentation isn’t meant to eliminate caffeine. 

Can you ferment roasted coffee beans? 

Although you can ferment roasted coffee beans, they require fermentation starter liquid since all probiotics are eliminated during the roasting process. However, the best fermentation is done on green beans.

Whisky Barrel Aged Organic Coffee, Does the Coffee Have Alcohol? Lifeboost Whiskey Barrel Coffee Review 3 Lifeboost Whiskey Barrel Coffee Review

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