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Is Little Bear Coffee the Best Café for Coffee and Cookies? Little Bear Coffee Co. Menu Prices

Feeling like taking a break from the large coffee chain shops? Well, it’s a good idea, but that should make you taste coffee from other cafes. One of my favorites when it comes to enjoying cool coffee brewed by experts is Little Bear Coffee co. It is one of the cafes where you can enjoy coffee while relaxing in a cool atmosphere. 

Unlike most coffee chains, Little bear is relatively new on the market. It has been on the market for almost 5 years and has excellent products. If you have not been to the café, check their latest Little bear coffee co. menu (with sizes & prices) and see what to pick and make your day fun. 

When was Little Bear Coffee Co founded?

Little Bear Coffee co is a coffee shop dedicated to creating a unique experience for coffee drinkers. Founded in 2019, the coffee shop is known for its unique environment for coffee and other beverage lovers. 

The coffee company was founded and owned by Maja Austin and Senka Delich, who are still the owners, while Kristina Harder is the manager. According to the founders, they entered the coffee shop business due to their love for coffee. Their passion for the beverage leads them to open Little Bear to share the love and creativity of their high-quality crafted products. 

Where is Little Bear Coffee Co?

Wondering how many Little Bear Coffee co stores are there and where it was founded? Well, the company was founded in Lafayette, Indiana. The headquarters are still located in Lafayette Ave Terre Haute, Indiana. 

Since opening its first café, Little Bear Coffee has expanded its menu. However, it is yet to open other locations. As of December 2022, the company had only one store. 

What is Little Bear Coffee Co known for? 

Little Bea coffee is a walk-in and drive-thru service. However, once you get into the café, the experience is exceptional. Besides the professional and family-like treatment, the café has much to explore. 

The most popular menu items are coffee-based drinks like bear bomb, skinny bomb, cub bomb, and others. Also, you can enjoy hand-crafted pastries like muffins, cookies, hot paninis, and others. 

Since every menu at the café is prepared in small batches, the pastries and beverages are always fresh. 

Little Bear Coffee Co Menu 

Little bear coffee co menu


Hot SizePrice 
Chai Latte (Milk based)(Choose a flavor: spiced, vanilla, raspberry)16oz$ 4.20
Chai Latte (Milk based)20oz$ 4.80
Chai Latte (water-based)(choose a flavor: spiced, vanilla, raspberry)16 oz$3.85
Chai Latte (water-based)20oz$4.10
Hot chocolate (topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle) 16oz$3.85
Hot chocolate20oz $4.10
Apple cider 16oz$3.85
Apple cider 20oz$4.10
Hot Tea 16oz$2.35
Hot Tea 20oz$2.65
London fog 16oz$4.20
London fog 20oz$4.80

Hot with espresso 

Drink Size Price 
Coffee of the day 16oz$2.60
Coffee of the day 20oz$3.30
Drip coffee (Medium/Dark) 16oz$2.00
Drip coffee 20oz$2.90
Café Au Lait 16oz$3.60
Café Au Lait20oz$4.10
Black eye 16oz$3.35
Black eye20oz$4.40
Double Espresso $1.75
Triple Espresso $2.50

Hot or Iced with espresso 

Hot or Iced with espressoSizePrice 
Americano 16oz$3.00
Americano 20oz $4.00
Dirty Chai Latte 16oz$4.95
Dirty Chai Latte 20oz$5.55
Macchiato 16oz$4.80
Macchiato 20oz $5.90
Mocha 16oz$4.80
Mocha20oz $5.90
Cappuccino 16oz$4.80
Latte 16oz$4.20
Latte 20oz $4.80


Iced Size Price 
Iced chai latte 16oz$4.20
Iced chai latte20oz$4.80
Iced chai tea16oz$3.85
Iced chai tea200z$4.10
Iced tea 16oz$1.75
Iced tea20oz$2.25
Iced black coffee 16oz$2.60
Iced black coffee20oz$2.90

Skinny bomb

Drink SizePrice 
Skinny bomb20oz$3.00

Club bomb 

Drink Size Price 
Club bomb 20oz$3.00

Kids Menu 

Item Size Price 
Steamer 16oz$1.90
Steamer 20oz$2.50
Magical milk 16oz$1.90
Magical milk 20oz$2.50
Hot chocolate 16oz$3.85
Hot chocolate 20oz$4.10
Blender 16oz $4.80
Blender 20oz$4.90

How to order from Little bear coffee co?

Suppose you want to order brewed coffee from Little Bear; you need to visit their café. The coffeeshop doesn’t offer an online ordering system or deliveries. However, for bagged coffee and other merchandise, you can order online from their website and collect in their stores. 

Since the coffee shop doesn’t have one, can you order using other apps like Ubereats and Seamless? The service isn’t available, and food ordering is only in their café. 

Little Bear Coffee Co contact information 

Postal address: 2720 Lafayette Ave Terre Haute, Indiana 47805 / 62 Central St, Rosedale, IN 47874

Operating hours: Mon-Fri 6:00 am – 8:00 pm, Sat 7:00-8:00, Sun 8:00 am-5:00 pm.

Telephone: (812) 917-2268

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form:

Social Media


Twitter: None


Pinterest: None 

YouTube: None 

TikTok: None 

Important links 

Official website 
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Final Words 

Little Bear Coffee café offers a wide selection of beverages. By concentrating on beverages, the quality is always unmatched. The espresso and other blended drinks keep you satisfied. Despite it lacking an online ordering system, this guide of Little Bear Coffee Co menu with prices is perfect for your planning. 


Does Little bear coffee have an app? 

No, the coffee house doesn’t have an app and doesn’t support online ordering and deliveries. 

How is the little bear coffee shop rated? 

The coffee shop has a great rating on Google, with 4.6/5 after 400+ reviews and 4.7/5  in Facebook after 500+ reviews. 

Does Little bear coffee have outdoor seating? 

Yes, the coffee café has ample outdoor seating where you can enjoy coffee and a cool breeze. 

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