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All You Need to Know About Low Acid Coffee

Coffee is one of the most desired and loved drinks in the world. But the presence of acids makes them flavorful. This acid is due to the oil in the coffee beans breaking down due to high temperatures. 

But then, considering coffee’s long-term effects on your body, should you restrict its consumption? Absolutely not! To avoid facing the consequences of having regular acidic coffee, here comes an effective alternative – low acid coffee. So, let’s learn what these coffees are about and how they differ from regular coffees regarding acidity.

What is Low Acid Coffee?

Unlike regular coffee, low acid coffee has an acid level nearly neutral on the pH scale. It has healthy chlorogenic acid. Low acid coffee can have an acid level of up to 6 pH. 

Usually, countries like Mexico, Brazil, Sumatra, Guatemala, and Peru naturally grow organic low acid coffee.

Does Normal Coffee Have Acid in It?

Yes, regular coffees have high acidic content. 

Coffee beans are roasted until they are medium or dark. And this results in a high level of acid in them, which releases once brewed. The acid level of regular coffee is between 4.8 and 5.3 on the pH scale.

There are approximately 30 types of natural acids present in regular coffee. Amongst them, the quinic acid acquired during roasting is the most harmful. If you keep the coffee out for a longer period, overheat it, or reheat it more often, the level of quinic acid gradually increases.

4 Downsides of Regular Acidic Coffee

Though regular coffee starts your day and keeps it going, drinking it certainly has many downsides.

  1. Acid Reflux

In certain people, drinking regular coffee with high levels of quinic acid may cause heartburn, acid reflux, and an upset stomach. 

  1. Laxative Effect

Sometimes it can also have a slight laxative effect, making one want to use the restroom frequently. It can further lead to dehydration and tiredness. 

  1. Affects the Teeth Enamel

The acid in the coffee can cause the teeth to get discolored and worn, weakening the strong layer of the teeth. It might not happen suddenly but gradually over time.

  1. Aggravates IBS

The acidic nature of the coffee aggravates the intestine, making it unpleasant for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Apart from it, regular acidic coffee affects gastric ulcers too.

5 Benefits of Low Acid Coffee

While regular coffee has its downsides, low acid coffee is here to help us enjoy the coffee without aggravating any health issues. 

benefits of drinking low acid coffee
  1. Prevents Bloating

Low acid coffee can prevent you from bloating and feeling lazy all day. Unlike regular coffee, the low-acid levels prevent it from negatively affecting the stomach.

  1. Doesn’t Affect IBS

Since the acid concentration is low, the chance of IBS getting aggravated is low. So, you can enjoy a good cup of coffee without any symptoms. 

  1. No Heartburn

With low acid coffee, you don’t have to experience acid reflux or heartburn due to high acidity levels or high levels of caffeine. Instead, you’ll have a good experience having this coffee.

  1. Promotes Good Oral Health

The coffee’s low-acid concentration ensures that your enamel is not eroded. Since enamel cannot grow back, focus on oral health while enjoying organic low acid coffee. 

  1. Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Because of the less roasting time, low acid coffee is packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant health benefits. 

How to Reduce the Acidity Levels of Regular Coffee?

Here are 4 ways to reduce the acidity in regular coffee.

Prepare Cold Brew

Have a cold brew instead of a dark one because the former has a lower acid concentration. It reduces the acidity of your coffee by about 60-70%. 

Add More Water 

To lower the acidity of your brew, add a little extra water to make it more alkaline by nature. Adding milk also raises the pH of your coffee.

Avoid Brewing at High Temperature

Try not to brew the coffee at a high temperature. The higher the temperature, the higher the acid concentration. So, maintain the temperature when you’re brewing. 

Add Salt or Baking Soda

Add a little salt or baking soda to your coffee to reduce acidity. Since the pH of baking soda is 9, it will reduce the acid concentration.

How to Choose a Great Low Acid Coffee?

Elevation, brewing methods, and the roasting process all contribute to the acidity of the coffee. Let’s take a look at how to select good low acid coffee.

Opt for Light Roasts

When you buy coffee beans, select light roasts. As acidity increases in coffee due to high temperatures, darker roasts will not be ideal. 

Consider the Origin of Coffee Beans

Coffee beans from low-elevated areas have low acidity. Conversely, the coffee beans from highly elevated regions will naturally be packed with quinic acid. 

Choose Arabica

Arabica coffee beans have less acid concentration than Robusta beans. This is because they are packed with chlorogenic acids. Besides, Arabica beans have a great aroma and a wide variety of flavors. 

3 Best Low Acid Coffee Brands 

Every coffee enthusiast has preferences for flavors and roasts. So, here are the three best low acid coffee brands you should check out.

Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost is one of the best low acid coffee manufacturers. They ensure to grow coffee beans in the natural habitat of high-altitude areas and let them dry under the shade, which renders less acidity and rich flavor to their coffee.

Once the coffee beans mature, they’re handpicked, cleaned, and tested for pesticides, mycotoxins, and chemicals. After clearance, they’re delivered directly to the customer. 

They even have a decaf option. But unfortunately, it’s a little expensive yet popular, which gets sold out quickly.

Fabula Coffee

Fabula coffee produces freshly roasted, organic coffee that has low acid. It sources light, medium, and dark-roasted coffee beans from Mexico and Peru. They also offer medium-roasted Decaf coffee from Mexico’s Southeastern highlands and Espresso from Colombia.

Like Lifeboost, Fabula also procures coffee beans grown in high altitudes and matured in the shade. These factors largely contribute to their coffee having low acid. 

This brand also offers varied coffee flavors like chocolate, rich, caramelized sugar, and nutty.

Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio processes its coffee well, so there is only a low amount of quinic acid. Hence, no tooth decay and acid reflux. 

With a lot of flavors, they can be brewed hot or cold. It’s less bitter and comes in single-serve sachets. You can buy their low acid coffee from amazon.

Final Words

Coffee is a lifesaver every morning and is a beverage that gets your day going well. Try low acid coffee and see how that works for you. With so many options, ensure you’re healthily enjoying your cup of joe.

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