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Go The Unusual Way – Match Head In Coffee

Hello coffee lovers, I am here again.

So, there are a lot of amazing things you could do with your coffee instead of the normal whip and cream, honey and sugar, plain and boring and all. 

I am not saying these ones are not nice and should not be used again. I’m only saying that you could up your game a little bit. Give your taste buds a whole new experience and watch it work wonders for you. 

There are several new things to add to coffee to give a whole new feel and adventure.

Stick with me, I have some amazing things to reveal to you.

Have you heard of the matchsticks coffee? This is a coffee boutique shop that is especially known for making coffee that is rich and adventurous. To some people, it may look like something strange but to coffee lovers, it is a serious deal, on a good day. 

In the expanse matches in coffee were used by Holden. Some say it was to soothe his stressed mind as it contains a bit of phosphorus.

There are several coffee add ins that can make your coffee taste really good. Funny enough, these things are not too difficult to find. 

Some of them are the basic things you keep around your house.

Coffee Add ins List

Here’s a list of what to put in coffee to make it taste good;

Match head: Although I won’t do this often, you can actually add a match head to your cup of coffee. Most people add this due to the presence of potassium and phosphorus. Don’t go overboard, little is better.

Butter: This sounds weird, yeah? But this is surely one sure way on how to flavor coffee. If you put half of a spoon or a small cube of butter to your coffee, it instantly makes it creamy. You have to put it in moderation all the same. The effect it will create in your mouth is surely heavenly.

Salt: Do you know what to put in your coffee to make it taste completely different? Well, salt is one of such things. Salt in dark chocolate surely adds spice to it. If you don’t want to put it after making the cup of coffee then you can easily add it to your coffee grinds while in the process of brewing.

Ice cream: Vanilla ice cream in your coffee with espresso over it will surely turn you on. Vanilla flavor or strawberry flavor could have a special degree of richness and trust me, if you put it in your coffee, you will feel the goodness right from the aroma before it even gets to your taste buds. Adding vanilla extract to coffee is the real deal.

Honey: This looks normal and old but this is golden. Instead of using sugar or sweeteners in your coffee, you may want to use honey in it. Honey is especially recommended for diabetics and people suffering other ailments related to difficulty in producing insulin in the body. I choose honey over sugar.

Cardamom: Making use of the ground cardamom is as good as the coffee itself. It tastes almost alike as chai and some think it even has a singer taste. Remember my message on moderation? I will still advise that you take a worthy amount. Don’t make it less nice and don’t put too much that it will lose its value. It may end up being a challenge though.

Extract from vanilla: How much vanilla extract in coffee? Not much. There is nothing as heavenly as drinking your latte with a tint of vanilla in it. No need to use flavor in your coffee when you can get the main deal. For me, that’s a lot real. But I must warn, you may get too addicted. And when you do, well, I would surely be happy for you.

Lime or lemon: These two fruits have a rich quantity of vitamin C. So if you think you are missing out on a good nutritive life then I suggest you should have a rethink. These fruits have flavors that are altogether amazing for the cup of coffee. Guess what? The peel is that amazing too. You could include the peel of either of them in your next mug of coffee.

Coconut milk: Diary may look too cliché so instead of doing that, you could tweak the menu for a bit. Coconut milk, for starters, is very nutritious, then imagine using them in your coffee. I don’t even want to say, “I told you so”.

Melted chocolate: This gives a brand new flavor to your cup of coffee. It has been known that coffee and dark chocolate is super rich and works like magic in the body. Have a focus but don’t limit yourself.

Nutmeg: This surely sounds bizarre but a trial will confuse you. Add one or two pods and don’t forget to share the good news with a friend.

 coffee add ins


I hope this short has given you a few tips on how to make coffee taste good.

There are no limits to what you can do with your cup of coffee to have a memorable experience. Choose what works best for you and keep up at it. I tell you, I was shocked as well when I heard about match head in coffee. But then, it is said to be a way of adding phosphorus and potassium to your cup of coffee.

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