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What is McDonald’s Iced Coffee Price and Why You Should Buy?

McDonald’s has been expanding its menu with a variety of coffee flavors. One of such is McDonald’s iced coffee. However, McDonald’s iced coffee price is quite affordable.

The iced coffee is refreshingly cool, and has a sumptuous taste. One of the reasons there are more customers each year is the quality of the beverage. Also, the menu shows the price of each coffee flavor.

How Much is McDonald’s Iced Coffee?

To begin with, McDonald’s iced coffee can be served at any time of the day. Some prefer it for breakfast, while some gulp it down before going to bed.

The McDonald’s iced coffee is well brewed and always has a fresh taste. It is made purely from Arabica beans which are grown in Brazil and Colombia. The McDonald’s iced latte price differs from the iced coffee. The McCafe latte is roasted espresso with milk

McDonald’s has syrup which makes it sweet. It is not like coffees from some chains that are bitter. The flavored syrup includes hazelnut, French vanilla, and caramel.

The iced coffee McDonald’s price is different from the caramel frappe McDonalds price. The price of the McDonald’s iced coffee solely depends on the cup’s size; small, medium, or large.

McDonald’s iced coffee costs $1. With $1, you can order this iced beverage (small) during hot summer. While mocha small costs $2.69. 

The iced coffee has the tasty flavor of french villa and is free of sugar. For this, you can buy a medium coffee for $2.30. However, the medium mocha costs $3.27.

In a nutshell, small iced coffee costs $1 while the medium iced coffee price is $2.30.

mcdonald's iced coffee price

How Much is a Small Iced Coffee at McDonalds?

The small iced coffee cost $1.

How Much is a Cup of Coffee at McDonalds?

It costs $1, the same as a small iced coffee.

How Much is a Medium Coffee at McDonald’s?

The price is $2.30.

How Much is a Large Coffee at McDonald’s?

People also want to know the price of large coffee at McDonald’s since there are different cup sizes.

The large coffee costs at least $2.49. This is an iced coffee that everyone can drink in hot weather. McDonalds coffee cost is based on the fact that McDonald’s understands that people want quality coffee yet affordable. The large coffee price is different from the iced caramel latte McDonalds price. 

How Much Sugar is in McDonald’s Large Coffee?

The large iced coffee contains about 260 calories. The nutrition facts are 81 calories (fat), 43 grams (carbohydrates), 35 mg( cholesterol), 65 mg (sodium), 42 grams(sugar), 9 grams (fat), 6 grams (saturated fat), 2 grams (protein).


The McDonald’s iced coffee price has been stated above. A cup of coffee from McDonald’s costs $1. McDonald’s iced coffee has a unique taste.

It is always fresh and they don’t sell stale coffee. The menu is expanded yearly, yet all McDonald’s edibles are affordable. If you haven’t tried any McDonald’s coffee flavor, you can try an iced coffee today.