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Enjoy Coffee Trusted by Millions; Messenger Coffee Menu Prices

Getting clean and high-quality coffee can sometimes be tricky. But selecting the right roaster guarantees high-quality, ethically sourced, and sustainable coffee. Once you are in Kansas City, Missouri, it’s worth hopping into Messenger coffee and enjoy a cup of coffee and yummy snacks.

The café is a hub for clean and artisanal coffee sourced from the best coffee-producing regions. Besides coffee, you can also enjoy amazing food. This messenger coffee menu price gives you the available treats. Let’s walk together and discover the best treats for you and your friends.

What is Messenger Coffee?

Messenger coffee is a company based in Kansas City, Missouri. It deals with sourcing, roasting and distributing coffee in wholesale and retail. Also, it operates several cafes that serve coffee and other exciting beverages. 

The company was founded in 2013 when a group of three small companies came together to form Messenger Coffee company. Founded in Kansas City, United States, the company engages in single-sourcing and roasting premium coffee.

Currently, Messenger coffee is owned by Dan Trott, Danny O’Neill, and Ron Matsch. Family. Danny O’Neill is the founder of Roasterie, while Dan Trott is the founder of Fairwave Specialty coffee collective

Where Does Messenger Coffee Get Its Coffee From? 

Where Does Messenger Coffee Get Its Coffee From

The company is dedicated when it comes to the sourcing of coffee. It sources green coffee beans directly from farmers. Usually, the sourcing is from Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Colombia. 

Direct sourcing and high payment to farmers create motivation, thus, consistency in high-quality beans production. 

Where Is Messenger Coffee Roasted? 

Besides sourcing, Messenger coffee also does the roasting in their facility. The roastery was opened in 2017 and roasts all the coffee used in their cafes. Besides, the company supplies coffee to other restaurants, cafes, churches and other establishments in wholesale and retail. 

Messenger Coffee Food Menu?

When drinking coffee, the coffee shop also has baked food. Since the café shares coffee with Ibis bakery, you can enjoy a variety of pastries. They are freshly baked and bring an amazing experience when consumed with freshly brewed coffee. 

How Many Messenger Coffee Locations Are There? 

Wondering how many Messenger coffee stores are there? The company has several stores since its founding. As of February 2023, the brand had 3 stores. Also, there is an upcoming store at Kansas International airport

Messenger Coffee Menu and Prices


Item Price 
Cold Brew$3.75
Flavored Latte$4.30


Item Price 
Iced Tea$3.0
House Soda$3.50
Matcha Tea$5.50
Matcha Latte$4.25
Loose Leaf Tea$4.25

Ibis Pastries 

Item Price 
Classic Croissant$5.00
Seasonal Financier$4.75
Seasonal Pound Cake$5.00
Almond Croissant$5.50
Seasonal Cookie$2.75
Toffee Chocolate Chunk Cookie$2.75
Kouign Amann$4.50
Pain Au Chocolat$5.25
Seasonal Croissant Bun$5.40


Item Price 
Oat Porridge$7.50
Rosemary Heirloom Polenta$8.75
Cheese Slipper$10.00
Cranberry Walnut$9.00

Messenger Coffee Food Menu

Item Price 
Ibis Brioche Cinnamon Roll$5.00
Avocado Toast$8.50
Cranberry Walnut Toast$4.25
Smoked Salmon Toast$11.00
Warm Steel Cut Oats$10.00
Smothered Burrito$8.50
Corned Beef Hash$4.50
Wild Rice And Winter Squash Bowl$11.50
Sunrise Sandwich$9.00
Vegetarian Gyro$7.00
French Onion Grilled Cheese$10.00
Mortadella Sandwich$11.00
Chicken-Baconranch Sandwich$11.00

How To Order From Messenger Coffee? 

Messenger coffee is a dine-in and takeaway café. Therefore, ordering is straight at the counter or pre-order online. The coffee house doesn’t deliver, but you can pick it up at the selected location once your order is ready. 

To order online is easy, and this is the process. 

1. Log into Messenger coffee’s official website.

2. On the top right, click on the menu icon to reveal all the pages, then click on ‘order online.’ 

How To Order From Messenger Coffee 2

3. on the new page with Messenger coffee locations, choose your favorite and click on learn more. 

How To Order From Messenger Coffee 3

4. A new page will open with information about your selected store. Click on ‘order Online’ to proceed to a new tab. 

How To Order From Messenger Coffee 4

5. On the new tab, set your order pickup time before proceeding and click on ‘start your order.’ 

How To Order From Messenger Coffee 5

6. A new page displaying a menu will appear. Click on the categories to navigate the available menu. 

How To Order From Messenger Coffee 6

7. Click on your favorite menu item to order, customize it and hit ‘Add to Order.’ 

Messenger Coffee Contact Information and Operating Time. 

Postal Address: 1624 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO, United States, Missouri

Operating Time: Mon-Sun 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Telephone: +1 (877) 334-7660 

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form: 

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Final Words 

Messenger Coffee Company is a legit place where you can bet on the quality of coffee and food. Whether you like coffee in the morning or evening, it’s a perfect place to enjoy a premium cup of Joe. Messenger Coffee menu prices offer you an easy way to confirm what to expect when ordering. 


Is Messenger Coffee food gluten-free? 

Most of the baked food at Messenger coffee contains wheat. But, for people with gluten issues, there are gluten-free foods like snacks baked from almond flour. 

Is Wi-Fi in Messenger password protected? 

Yes, the Wi-Fi is password protected, but you can request staff for a password. 

Does Messenger Coffee have parking? 

Yes, the coffee shop has large and ample parking.

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