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Where Do You Get the Best Hand-crafted Coffee and Muffins? Mojo Coffee Menu Prices

Getting into a café and enjoying uplifting coffee is what everyone desires. But the experience is different from one café to another. Mojo coffee is one coffee shop where coffee is brewed to give every drinker a reason to keep returning. The brewing art and high-quality coffee beans ensure every coffee, or blended beverage leaves you yearning for more. 

If you have not experienced the Mojo Drive coffee magic, it is probably time to get there. However, before that, check this latest; Mojo coffee menu prices. It has prices for espresso, cold coffee, muffins, and much more. Let’s navigate together and see what’s interesting in the coffeehouse. 

What is mojo coffee?

Mojo Drive coffee is a drive-thru coffee shop chain based in Texas, United States. The brand is known for its amazing coffee and other blended beverages. Besides, the coffee shop also deals with expertly roasted bagged coffee to give drinkers an excellent coffee experience. 

Besides the signature menu, you might be eager to know Who started Mojo Coffee and who owns Mojo coffee. Three cousins founded the coffee house, Austin Moon, Forrest Jackson, and Loyd Reagan, in Burnet, Texas, and still own it. 

According to the company, the move to establish a coffee shop was motivated by the urge to share kindness with other coffee lovers. Founded in 2015, it has spread its wings to other locations within Texas.

Where is Mojo coffee located? 

The first store, as stated above, was opened in Burnet, Texas. However, the brand has expanded to other 4 locations making the total five stores. According to Hello Georgetown, Mojo coffee is on plans to open a new drive-thru café in Georgetown.

Is Mojo Coffee Organic? 

Most people these days are looking for premium quality clean coffee. The cleanliness in this context is coffee beans without agrochemical residue. When it comes to Mojo coffee, is the coffee organic? Well, Mojo coffee is single-sourced but not organic

What is fair trade mojo coffee?

As a coffee drinker, you should always be conscious about where your coffee comes from. Is it sustainably produced? Is it traded fairly? Well, Mojo coffee is labeled as Fairtrade. This means it is certified by an organization known as Fairtrade. The organization certifies that coffee is ethically produced and traded.Thus, it is safer for drinkers than non-certified coffee. 

Mojo Coffee Menu Prices

Mojo coffee

Featured Items 

Featured ItemsPrice 
Mojo’s Famous Frappe (A frosty blended Espresso drink)$4.93
Riser (Steamed milk infused with rich vanilla)$4.93

Latte, Mocha, Breve

(Choose your favorite flavor and milk combinations to add to our signature espresso)

Latte, Mocha, BrevePrice 
The Original Mocha$4.43
Almond Joy(Dazzling chocolate coconut and almond infusion)$4.93
Aloha (Chocolate macadamia nut sensation with Breve)$4.93
Riser(The original silky blend of Irish Cream with Breve)$4.93
Dark Chocolate Mocha (Mocha with dark chocolate sauce and chocolate milk)$4.43
Vanilla Latte (Steamed milk infused with rich vanilla)$4.43
Chai Tea Latte(Black tea and a touch of honey, vanilla, and spice)$4.43
Milky Way (Mocha spun with velvety caramel)$4.93
Caramel Latte$4.43
White Chocolate Mocha(Milk steamed to perfection and spun with velvety caramel)$4.93
Snickers(Caramel and hazelnut infused with chocolate milk)$4.93

High Octane

High OctanePrice 
Giddyup (Vanilla mocha with 2 extra shots)$5.52
Six Shooter(Intense blend of Irish cream and 6 shots)$5.52

Blended Mojo Frappe

Blended Mojo FrappePrice 
Blended Mojo Frappe(A frosty blended Espresso drink)$4.93

Mojo Classics 

Mojo ClassicsPrice 
Premium Teas((Earl Grey, Green, English, Black)$2.57
Mojo Cocoa (REAL creamy hot chocolate)$2.86
Mojo Coffee(Private reserve americano)$2.27

Smoothies & Frosts 

Smoothies & FrostsPrice
Bottled Water$1.68
Tea and Lemonade$1.68
Flavored Tea and Lemonade$2.86

Energy Drinks 

Energy Drink Price 
Gummy Bear(Kiwi+Lime+White Chocolate)$4.93
Swamp Water(Blue Razz+Orange)$4.93
Mustang(Strawberry+Blue Razz)$4.93
Pixie Stick(Strawberry+Peach+Almond)$4.93
Shark Attack(Blue Razz+Strawberry+Coconut or Lime)$4.93


Granola Bar$3.45
Muffin Tops$3.45
Raspberry Jambar$3.45


Apple Juice$2.27
Kids Lemonade$2.27
Not-so-Hot: Chocolate Milk, Steamer$2.27
Mini Frost$3.16

Mojo Coffee Contact Information  

Postal address: 609 E Polk St, Burnet, TX 78611, USA  

Operating Time: Mon to Fri: 5:30am – 8:00pm, Sat-Sun: 6:00am – 8:00pm

Telephone: +1 512-755-1069 

Email:  [email protected] 

Contact Form: 

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Pinterest: None 

YouTube:  None 


Important Links 

Official Website 
Gift cards 

How to order from Mojo Coffee? 

If you want to order coffee from Mojo Coffee, you can do it in person or online on their website. Being a drive-thru, you can walk into the café and place your order. The online feature is only for ordering ahead, and you collect in their locations.

Mojo coffee doesn’t do deliveries, as I have mentioned. But this doesn’t limit you from getting your coffee delivered. You can opt for third-party services, specifically Doordash. To order, follow the steps below. 

1. Get into the Mojo coffee page on Doordash here

order Mojo coffee 1

2. Set your address and location if you have not logged in to view your nearest location menu. 

order Mojo coffee 2

3. Select your menu item, customize it, and hit ‘add to cart.’ Your order is now ready for delivery. 

order Mojo coffee 3

Final Words 

Mojo drive-thru coffee is a perfect café where you can enjoy some tasty coffee in Texas. Although the coffee shop doesn’t have an app or deliveries, it’s an amazing place to grab hand-crafted coffee. Even more exciting, Mojo coffee menu price is amazing, perfect for a coffee drinker to try. 


Is there a secret Mojo coffee menu? 

No, Mojo coffee doesn’t have a secret menu. 

Does Mojo have Wi-Fi?

Yes, the coffeehouse has a Wi-Fi connection. However, you need a password to connect, which you can ask the staff. 

Where to buy Mojo coffee?

You can buy mojo coffee at their stores or pre-order online from their website. 

How to find balance on a Mojo coffee gift card?

If you want to check Mojo coffee gift cards, follow these steps. 

  1. Log in to the mojo coffee gift card page
  2. On the right-hand side, you will see a ‘check gift card balance’, then click it and a new tab will open. 
  3. On the new tab, you will see a window where to input your gift card number and pin to check your balance. Put your card number, and pin and click ‘check balance.’ 
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