pink drink with matcha cold foam

How to Order TikTok Trending Pink Drink with Matcha Cold Foam at Starbucks 

Starbucks offers a range of drinks. You can have coffee, tea, refresher drinks and others. Apart from the official beverages, you can always order a customized one

Pink drink is one of the known drinks that refresh and is popular with people of all ages. But, now there is more than that; a pink drink with Matcha cold foam. 

The drink is now famous across different social media, especially on TikTok. With a drink containing a variety of ingredients, it presents two layers, a green top and pink bottom. This has led to it being nicknamed a pink and green Starbucks drink. 

If you are interested in tasting the drink, let me show you how to order it in Starbucks. 

What is in Starbucks pink and green drinks? 

Before you order the drink, it’s vital to know what the ingredients are. 

However, the ingredients are available at Starbucks. Despite being a TikTok Matcha drink, it’s easy to order at Starbucks. 

The base for this drink is the Pink drink

Pink drink is a mix of strawberry Acai refresher, which has a passion fruit accent. The refresher is mixed with coconut milk to deliver an excellent and invigorating experience. 

Once you have a pink drink, customization entails additional vanilla cold sweet cream blended with a scoop of Matcha green tea powder. 

Adding the Matcha cold foam delivers a fantastic drink that tastes uniquely. 

How does Starbucks pink and green drink taste? 

The taste can be described as complex and super appealing. You mix the Strawberry Acai, coconut, green matcha tea and vanilla to create something extraordinary. 

The general taste is a mixture of different flavors. However, the overall taste is fantastic, and you feel more of a tropical drink with a slight green tea feeling. 

How to order Matcha pink drink at Starbucks

Confused about how to order Starbucks matcha drinks secret menu? It’s pretty simple than you ever imagined. 

If you decide to visit the store, this is the best way to order your pink and green drink. 

Ask the barista for a pink drink topped with vanilla sweet cold foam and a scoop of sweet Matcha powder. 

 Unfortunately, the drink can’t be customized via the app. This is due to the lack of a Matcha powder option. Therefore, the best way to order Matcha at Starbucks is by visiting their coffee shops. 

How many scoops of matcha in a grande

Like other cold drinks, pink and green Starbucks drinks are available in different cups. You can get it in Tall, Grande, Venti and Trenta. 

Since Matcha is used as a topping, a single scoop is ideal for any cup. Also, remember the cost for each scoop since it’s a customized drink. The more the scoops, the more you will pay. 

How to Order TikTok Trending Pink Drink with Matcha Cold Foam at Starbucks  1 pink drink with matcha cold foam

How much is a Trenta pink drink at Starbucks? 

The price for a pink drink and pink & green drink is different. However, the price is excellent and not as expensive as you might think. 

Here is a price summary for the two drinks.

Cup size Pink drink price Pink drink with matcha cold foam price 
Tall $4.35$6.25
Grande $4.75$6.65
Venti $5.257.15

Pink and green drink FAQ 

Does the drink have caffeine? 

Yes, the drink has a low caffeine level due to the Acai berries. They contain caffeine hence the drink is caffeinated. 

Can I get matcha cold foam at Starbucks? 

The matcha cold cream is only available in secret menu drinks. Otherwise, it’s not available in the item lists in their menu

Can I substitute coconut milk with dairy milk for a pink and green drink? 

The best milk for the drink is coconut milk. However, you can always substitute with dairy, oat and almond milk to feel how it tastes. 


A pink drink with matcha cold foam is not only popular on TikTok, but it’s a really refreshing drink. Unlike other customized drinks at Starbucks, this is simple to create. 

It’s a perfect summer refresher, whether you want to create your drink at home or buy it at Starbucks. 

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