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Popeye Louisiana kitchen Inc is one of the restaurants where you can enjoy great meals. Formally known as Popeyes Chicken, the restaurant is one of the most famous in the US. 

Competing with other large like KFC and MacDonald’s, it’s present in the US and other countries. 

Known for its signature fried chickens, the restaurants also have French fries, biscuits, and vegetables. 

If you are a fan, Popeyes menu prices are great despite being a bit higher. However, the summarized list offers some of the latest prices to keep you updated.

What is Popeyes? 

Popeye is a restaurant based in Miami, Florida, US. The restaurant started in 1949 in Arabi, Louisiana, as Chicken on the Run. Formally the restaurant was called Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits and Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits. 

After a while, the restaurant failed, and Al Copeland, the man who created Popeyes, reopened it. After reopening, Popeyes has expanded to 25 countries with over 3,400 locations. 

Currently, you might be asking who owns Popeyes. The restaurant is a whole subsidiary of Restaurant Brands International. Also, the restaurant offers franchising models, which make up the biggest part of the brand. 

Popeyes Operations 

Well, the restaurant is a great joint. It offers a super enticing chicken menu that every customer wishes to enjoy. Therefore, knowing when lunch or dinner is served is important. 

You can be worrying what time does Popeyes open and what time do Popeyes close. The restaurant typically opens at 10:00 am every day from Monday to Sunday. 

The closing time is 11:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday. However, on Friday and Saturday, the restaurant closes at 12:00 am. 

Apart from the opening and closing time, the restaurant opens most holidays. The only days the restaurant doesn’t open is on Easter and Christmas.

Does Popeyes have a coffee menu? 

It’s one of the big questions that every customer has. If you love coffee drinks, the restaurant doesn’t have coffee beverages. However, there are other beverages and drinks you can enjoy. 

What drinks does Popeyes have? 

The restaurant has an assortment of drinks like lemonade, coke, sprite iced tea, and diet coke. 

Popeyes Menu Prices summary 

Popeyes Chicken Combos Menu 

  • Dinners Include Regular Side & Biscuit. 
  • Combos Include Regular Side, Biscuit, & Small Drink. Spicy or Mild
Chicken Combo Size Price 
Wings – Combo3 Pcs $7.99
Wings – Dinner3 Pcs$6.49
Bonafide® Chicken – Combo4 Pcs $9.19
Bonafide® Chicken – Dinner4 Pcs $7.69
Bonafide® Chicken – Combo3 Pcs $7.99
Bonafide® Chicken – Dinner3 Pcs $6.49
Bonafide® Chicken – Combo2 Pcs $6.79
Bonafide® Chicken – Dinner2 Pcs$5.29

Popeyes Chicken SandwichesMenu

Chicken Sandwich Price 
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo$7.69
Classic Chicken Sandwich Combo$7.69

Popeyes Tender Combos Menu 

Tenders Combo Size Price 
Tenders-Combo5 Pcs $9.29
Tenders-Dinner5 Pcs $7.79
Tenders-Combo 3 Pcs $7.29
Tenders-Dinner 3 Pcs $5.79

Popeyes Seafood Menu 

  • Dinners Include Regular Side & Biscuit. 
  • Combos Include Regular Side, Biscuit, & Small Drink. 
  • Platter Include 2 Regular Sides, Biscuit, & Medium Drink
Seafood Size Price 
1/4 lb Popcorn ShrimpCombo $6.99
1/4 lb Popcorn ShrimpDinner $5.49

Chicken Family Meals Menu 

  • Chicken or Tenders – Spicy or Mild 
Chicken Family meals Size Price 
Handcrafted Tenders8 Pcs $19.80
Handcrafted Tenders12 Pcs $28.60
Handcrafted Tenders16 Pcs $35.20
Mixed Chicken8 Pcs$19.80
Mixed Chicken12 Pcs $28.60
Mixed Chicken16 Pcs $35.20

Popeyes Signature Sides Menu 

Signature sides Size Price 
Jalapeno1 Pc $0.49
Jalapeno6 Pcs $1.95
Biscuit1 Pc $0.79
Biscuit6 Pcs $3.99
Biscuit12 Pcs $6.99
Green BeansRegular $1.79
Green BeansLarge $3.99
Cajun RiceRegular $1.79
Cajun RiceLarge $3.99
Cajun FriesRegular $1.79
Cajun FriesLarge $3.99
Cole SlawRegular $1.79
Cole SlawLarge $3.99
Mashed Potatoes with Cajun GravyRegular $1.79
Mashed Potatoes with Cajun GravyLarge $3.99
Red Beans & RiceRegular $1.79
Red Beans & RiceLarge $3.99

Popeyes Non-Alcoholic Drinks Menu 

Drink Size Price 
Lemonade or Fruit Punch½ Gallon $2.99
Lemonade or Fruit Punch1 Gallon $4.99
Iced Tea½ Gallon$2.99
Iced Tea1 Gallon $4.99
Soft DrinkSmall $1.99
Soft DrinkMedium $2.29
Soft DrinkLarge $2.59

Popeyes Kids Meals Menu 

Kids Menu Size Price 
Mild Leg1 Pc $3.39
Nuggets4 Pcs $3.39
Mild Tender1 Pcs $3.39

Popeyes Limited Time Offers Menu 

Food Size Price 
Ghost Pepper Wings Dinner6 Pcs $8.39
Ghost Pepper Wings Dinner12 Pcs $13.19
Ghost Pepper Wings Combo6 Pcs $7.19
Ghost Pepper Wings Combo12 Pcs $11.19
Chocolate Beignets3 Pcs $1.99
Raspberry Cheesecake Fried Pie$1.20

Popeyes Family Feasts menu 

Food Price 
Big Family Feast$35.20
Bigger Family Feast$60.00
4 Sandwiches$19.80

Popeyes Desserts Menu 

Dessert Price 
Hot Cinnamon Apple Pie$1.29

Popeyes FAQ 

When was Popeyes founded? 

The restaurant was founded in 1972 in Arabi, Louisiana. However, the current headquarters are located in Miami, Florida. 

What oil does Popeyes use? 

If you have ever asked yourself the kind of oil Popeyes uses, the restaurant uses palm kernel oil.

What is Popeyes small coffee nutrition? 

Since Popeyes doesn’t have coffee drinks, they don’t have the nutrition value. 

What is Popeyes $6 special?

The Popeyes special $6 is a piece of fried chicken, two signature sides, and a buttermilk biscuit. 


Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a great place to enjoy chicken and other striking meals. The menu is a bit broad and allows you to choose your best meal. For the quickest price comparison, this Popeyes menu price update gives your excellent convenience. 

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