Keurig Brewer Maintenance Kit, Includes Descaling Solution, Water Filter Cartridges & Rinse Pods


Cleaning your coffee maker regularly is an important step to keep it working at peak performance and keep your beverages tasting their best. The 6 Month Brewer Care Bundle has everything you need to regularly clean and maintain your brewer for 6 months.

The Keurig 6 Month Brewer Care Bundle includes 2 bottles of Keurig Descaling Solution, 3 Water Filter Cartridges, and 10 Keurig Rinse Pods. The 6 Month Brewer Care Bundle is compatible with all Keurig coffee makers.

If you have a Keurig K-Mini or K-Mini Plus brewer, we recommend that you consider our Keurig Cleanse Kit which only includes Keurig Descaling Solution and Keurig Rinse Pods as the K-Mini brewers do not use Water Filter Handles.

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  • INCLUDES: (2) descale solution, (10) Rinse pods, and (3) water filter cartridge refills
  • RINSE PODS: reduces flavor carry over between brews
  • QUICKEST WAY TO CLEAN YOUR K Cup pod holder: rinse away residue and oils that can build up in your coffee maker
  • EASY TO USE: use just like you would a regular K Cup pod
  • DESCALING SOLUTION: use every 3 months to clean and remove mineral deposits that can built up inside your coffee maker
  • SAFE AND GENTLE: safely cleans inside your coffee maker without harming your brewer
  • WATER FILTER CARTRIDGES: filter chlorine, calcium, and other impurities from your water to enhance beverage taste and quality
  • EASY TO USE: soak, rinse, insert and place in your brewer enjoy better tasting beverages in 5 minutes
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL KEURIG MULTI CUP RESERVOIR BREWERS: use with the Keurig Water Filter Handle in all Keurig multi cup reservoir coffee makers (not compatible with Keurig K Mini, K Mini Plus, and K15 coffee makers)
  • REPLACE EVERY 2 MONTHS: for better tasting beverages

Weight 2.83 lbs
Dimensions 11.89 × 8.07 × 6.42 in
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