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Ruth Chris Menu Prices Latest Update, Best Steak Deals 

Getting a quality restaurant where you can enjoy superb meals is all everyone is looking for. Ruth’s Chris is one of the renowned steakhouses for its fantastic menu. 

The restaurant is a superb place where you can enjoy delicious meals with your family. Apart from steak, there are also enjoy a variety of seafood, veggies, and drinks

To ensure you can have convenience at the restaurant, this Ruth Chris menu price is all you need. It contains different prices for different meals you can get at the restaurant. 

Is Ruth Chris expensive? Check the menu below to see whether the meals are within your expected price range. Included are Ruth’s Chris steak prices

What is Ruth Chris? 

Ruth Chris is a steakhouse restaurant that deals with a variety of food. The restaurant is known for steak, seafood, salad, and soups. 

Established in 1965 by Ruth Fertel in Winter Park, Florida, it has continued to grow. Currently, it has over 100 branches across the US, Canada, Panama, Puerto Rico, Hongkong, and other countries. 

You might be wondering why it is called Ruth’s Chris and what does Ruth’s Chris mean. 

Well, initially, the restaurant was called Chris steakhouse. However, a fire incident destroyed the restaurant. Ruth Fertel, the owner, relocated the restaurant and renamed it Ruth Chris steakhouse. 

When the founder changed the name, she added hers to the brand name, which is why it’s called Ruth Chris. 

Is Ruth Chris expensive? 

Well, everyone is looking for an affordable restaurant where to eat quality food at minimal prices. That is why every new customer asks what to order at Ruth Chris and how much does it cost to eat at Ruth’s Chris. 

On average, the menu at the restaurant is very affordable. The price depends on what you plan to eat. A typical dinner can range from $40-$90. 

Regarding what is the best thing to eat at Ruth’s Chris, there are different foods you can choose from. The best food you can get at the restaurant is NY Strip + Filet, classic cheesecake, fillet, and lobster bisque, among others. 

Whether you love steak or salad, there are many options you can pick at the restaurant. 

Ruth’s Chris operations 

Regarding operations, Ruth’s Chris is an efficient restaurant where you can eat your meal on time. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can always enjoy it on time. 

What time does Ruth’s Chris open and what time does Ruth Chris close are some of the common questions that people ask. 

Usually, the restaurant opens from 4:00 pm-10 pm from Monday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, the opening time is 4:00 pm and closes at 10:30 pm. 

On Sundays, the opening time is 4:00 pm, and the closing time is 9:00 pm. 

Does Ruth’s Chris have coffee? 

When it comes to drinks, people will target coffee when they go to a restaurant. But, can you get coffee at Ruth’s Chris? Unfortunately, the restaurant doesn’t have regular coffee

If you want to enjoy coffee, there are various cocktails you can choose. You can request Espresso Martini, Irish coffee, and Ruth’s coffee. 

ruth's chris steak prices

Ruth’s Chris Menu summarized 

 Appetizers Menu 

AppetizersSize Price 
Shrimp Remoulade$19.00
Shrimp Cocktail$19.00
Veal Osso Buco Ravioli$15.00
Crab Stack$19.00
Sizzling Blue Crab Cakes$19.00
Chilled Seafood TowerSmall $59.00
Chilled Seafood TowerLarge $118.00
Crispy Lobster Tail$21.50
Mushrooms Stuffed with Crabmeat$15.00
Barbecued Shrimp$17.00
Seared Ahi-Tuna$17.00

Salads & Soups Menu 

Salads & SoupsPrice 
Soup of the Day$9.50
Lobster Bisque$11.00
Harvest Salad$9.50
Steak House Salad$9.00
Ruth’s Chop Salad$10.50
Fresh Mozzarella & Heirloom Tomato Salad$12.00
Lettuce Wedge$9.50
Caesar Salad$10.00

Signature Steaks & Chops Menu 

Signature Steaks & ChopsPrice 
Tournedos and Shrimp$47.00
Porterhouse for Two$91.00
Cowboy Ribeye$56.00
Petite Filet$41.00
Pork Chop$29.00
Lamb Chops$42.00
New York Strip$47.00

Specialty Cuts Menu 

Specialty CutsPrice 
Tomahawk Ribeye$119.00
Bone-In New York Strip$60.00
Bone-In Filet$65.00

Entree Complements Menu 

Entree ComplementsPrice 
Hollandaise Sauce$5.00
Bearnaise Sauce$5.00
Bleu Cheese Crust$5.00
Ruth’s Dipping Trio$7.00
Oscar Style$15.00
Lobster Tail$19.00

Seafood & Specialties Menu 

Seafood & SpecialtiesPrice 
Shrimp & Grits$31.00
Salmon Fillet$30.00
Vegetarian Plate$26.00
Chilean Sea Bass$41.00
Stuffed Chicken Breast$29.00

Potatoes & Signature Sides Menu 

Potatoes & Signature SidesPrice 
Lobster Mac & Cheese$19.00
Sweet Potato Casserole$10.50
Shoestring Fries$10.00
Lyonnaise Fingerling Potatoes$10.00
Julienne Fries$10.00
Au Gratin$10.00

Vegetables Menu 

French Fried Onion Rings$10.00
Fresh Broccoli$9.50
Cremini Mushrooms$11.50
Grilled Asparagus$11.50
Fire-Roasted Corn$11.00
Roasted Brussels Sprouts$12.00
Creamed Spinach$9.50
Fresh Baby Spinach$9.50

Beverages Menu 

Beverages Price 
Soft Drinks$3.34
Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water$7.65
San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water$7.55

Desserts Menu 

Dessert Price 
Creme Brulee$11.21
Chocolate Sin Cake$11.15
Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce$10.74
Classic Cheesecake$10.96
White Chocolate Bread Pudding$10.88
Carrot Cake$13.50
Chocolate Chip Cookies$1.50
Bread Pudding$10.92
Chocolate Duo$10.62

Shareable Sides Menu 

Shareable SidesPrice 
Brussels Sprouts$14.10
French Fries$12.02
Mac and Cheese$13.67
Cremini Mushrooms$13.47
Sweet Potato Casserole$12.23
Grilled Asparagus$12.65
Garlic Mashed$13.00
Baked Potato$11.87
Creamed Spinach$11.56
Au Gratin$12.58

Ruth’s Chris Menu FAQ 

How much is a typical dinner at Ruth’s Chris? 

 A typical dinner at Ruth’s Chris costs around $40 to $100. The price is determined by what you choose to eat. 

How much is dinner for 2 at Ruth’s Chris?

The most popular dinner for two is Porterhouse for Two. It will cost you $91 to enjoy the delicacy. 

How many Ruth Chris locations are there? 

Currently, there are over 100 locations in 10 countries and territories. 

Who owns Ruth’s Chris steakhouse? 

The restaurant is owned by Ruth’s Hospitality Group

Where to buy Ruth’s Chris steakhouse gift card? 

 Ruth’s Chris has gift cards you can use to pay for meals. You can get gift cards from the restaurant website, stores, and other stores like Amazon. 

What to wear to Ruth Chris? 

 Ruth’s Chris promotes a decent family-friendly dressing code. Therefore, clothes with obscene language, exposing underclothes, offensive graphics, and exposing clothes aren’t allowed. 

Further, clothes for the gym, sweatpants, cut-off shorts, and tank tops are prohibited in the restaurant. 


While there are many restaurants where you can enjoy meals, Ruth’s Chris is exceptional. It is affordable and family-friendly. By looking at the Ruth Chris menu prices, you can witness that the quality and price correlate perfectly. 

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