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Latest Smoothie King Menu Guide Updates

A perfect summer day doesn’t end without grabbing a smoothie. However, not every smoothie can make you feel complete. Choosing the right one ensures you can enjoy the refreshment. 

Smoothie King is one of the places where you can get a variety of smoothies. With years of experience, the quality of their smoothies is appealing. 

Suppose you want to grab yours; you need to know Smoothie king first. The update enables you to see how much is smoothie king?

What is Smoothie king? 

Maybe you have heard the brand but never bothered to know it in detail. Also, you might be asking who owns Smoothie king. 

Smoothie King is a food company opened in 1973 by Steve and Cindy Kuhnau. 

After years of operations, the company was purchased by a South Korean company in 2012. Currently, it has headquarters in Kenner, Louisiana. 

This smoothie company operates in the US and has stores in South Korea, Cayman Is, and Trinidad and Tobago. 

 Most people wonder how many continents smoothie king on. The company operates on 3 continents, with a large presence in North America. 

Smoothie king menu 

The menu at Smoothie King is diverse. You can order different types of smoothies’ effort-free. Whether you love fitness blends, slim blends, wellness bland, and others, you can choose.

Apart from the existing smoothies, you can always customize yours to fit your taste. There are a lot of enhancers and extras to enable smoothie customization. 

Smoothie king operation hours 

What time does smoothie king close/open? This is one of the main concerns among many people. However, the store is highly convenient, and you can get your drink efficiently. 

Usually, the store opens 7 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, it opens from 9 AM to 9 PM, and Sundays, from 11 AM -7 PM. 

Therefore, you can get your smoothie everyday, including on weekends. 

Does Smoothie king offer coffee menu? 

For coffee lovers, you can now enjoy coffee at Smoothie king. The store offers iced coffee in addition to any smoothie of your choice. 

The amazing coffee-based smoothies are Activator coffee smoothie and The Hulk coffee smoothie. 

With these coffee-based smoothies, they are perfect for bodybuilders. Mainly the smoothie king activator coffee features cold brew coffee, coconut water, Gladiator protein, protein blend, and nonfat milk

The energy-boosting ingredients are amazing and offer your body a significant boost. And, if you are wondering how to smoothie, the King activator ingredients are all you need. 

smoothie king coffee-based smoothies

Smoothie king Menu summarized 

Smoothie king fitness blend 

Food Size Price 
Gladiator (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry)20 oz $5.29
Gladiator (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry)32 oz $7.29
Gladiator (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry)40 oz$8.49
The Activator® (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry)20 oz$5.29
The Activator® (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry)32 oz$7.29
The Activator® (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry)40 oz$8.49
Original High Protein (Banana, Chocolate, Lemon, or Pineapple)20 oz$5.29
Original High Protein (Banana, Chocolate, Lemon, or Pineapple)32 oz$7.29
Original High Protein (Banana, Chocolate, Lemon, or Pineapple)40 oz $8.49
Almond Mocha High Protein20 oz $5.29
Almond Mocha High Protein32 oz $7.29
Almond Mocha High Protein40 oz$8.49
Power Punch Plus®20 oz $5.29
Power Punch Plus®32 oz$7.29
Power Punch Plus®40 oz$8.49
Peanut Power Plus™20 oz $5.29
Peanut Power Plus™32 oz$7.29
Peanut Power Plus™40 oz$8.49

Smoothie king Wellness Blends

Food Size Price 
Pumpkin Spice (Limited Time)20 oz $4.79
Pumpkin Spice (Limited Time)32 oz$6.99
Pumpkin Spice (Limited Time)40 oz $8.39
Super Punch Plus20 oz $4.79
Super Punch Plus32 oz $6.99
Super Punch Plus40 oz $8.39
Orange Ka-BAM®20 oz $4.79
Orange Ka-BAM®32 oz $6.99
Orange Ka-BAM®40 oz $8.39
Mangosteen Madness™20 oz $4.79
Mangosteen Madness™32 oz $6.99
Mangosteen Madness™40 oz $8.39
Veggie Blends (Apple Kiwi Kale, Berry Carrot Dream, or Carrot Kale Dream)20 oz $4.79
Veggie Blends (Apple Kiwi Kale, Berry Carrot Dream, or Carrot Kale Dream)32 oz $6.99
Veggie Blends (Apple Kiwi Kale, Berry Carrot Dream, or Carrot Kale Dream)40 oz $8.39
Açaí Adventure®20 oz $4.79
Açaí Adventure®32 oz $6.99
Açaí Adventure®40 oz $8.39
Blueberry Heaven®20 oz $4.79
Blueberry Heaven®32 oz $6.99
Blueberry Heaven®40 oz $8.39
Green Tea Tango®20 oz $4.79
Green Tea Tango®32 oz $6.99
Green Tea Tango®40 oz $8.39
Vegan – Nutty Super Grain20 oz $4.79
Vegan – Nutty Super Grain32 oz $6.99
Vegan – Nutty Super Grain40 oz $8.39
Vegan (Dark Chocolate Banana or Mango Kale)20 oz$4.79
Vegan (Dark Chocolate Banana or Mango Kale)32 oz $6.99
Vegan (Dark Chocolate Banana or Mango Kale)40 oz $8.39

Smoothie king Energy Blends 

Food Size Price 
Pure Recharge™ (Mango Strawberry or Strawberry)20 oz$4.79
Pure Recharge™ (Mango Strawberry or Strawberry)32 oz $6.99
Pure Recharge™ (Mango Strawberry or Strawberry)40 oz$8.39
Berry Punch®20 oz $4.79
Berry Punch®32 oz $6.99
Berry Punch®40 oz $8.39

Smoothie king Take a Break Blends

Food Size Price 
Lemon Twist Strawberry™20 oz $4.49
Lemon Twist Strawberry™32 oz $6.69
Lemon Twist Strawberry™40 oz $8.29
Peach Slice Plus®20 oz $4.49
Peach Slice Plus®32 oz $6.69
Peach Slice Plus®40 oz $8.29
Passion Passport®20 oz $4.49
Passion Passport®32 oz $6.69
Passion Passport®40 oz $6.69
Banana Boat®20 oz $4.49
Banana Boat®32 oz $6.69
Banana Boat®40 oz $6.69
Yogurt D-Lite®20 oz $4.49
Yogurt D-Lite®32 oz $6.69
Yogurt D-Lite®40 oz $8.29
Banana Berry Treat®20 oz $4.49
Banana Berry Treat®32 oz $6.69
Banana Berry Treat®40 oz $8.29
Caribbean Way®20 oz $4.49
Caribbean Way®32 oz $6.69
Caribbean Way®40 oz $8.29

Smoothie king Kids’ Cups 

Food Size Price 
Strawberry Bluegurt Blitz12 oz $3.09
Lil Angel™12 oz$3.09
Choc-A-Laka12 oz$3.09
Apple Kiwi Bunga12 oz$3.09

Smoothie King Enhance Your Blend

Food Size Price 
Extras – Fruit/Fruit Juice, Yogurt/Ice Cream, Greek Yogurt or Veggies$0.99
Energy – Caffeine Charge, Pure Recharge, or Energy Boost (No Caffeine)$0.99
Wellness – Multi-vitamin, Antioxidant, Probiotic, Immune or Fiber Blend$0.99
Slim Down – Diet Down$0.99
Fitness – Muscle Builder or Protein$0.99

Smoothie king Snacks & Supplements

Food Size Price 
Lean 1 Meal Replacements2-pounds tub$35.99
Gladiator Protein2.5 pounds tub$41.99
Kids Snack$1.19
Snack Pack2 oz$1.99
Apple Chips$3.49
Sweet Potato Chips$1.49
Pop Chips$1.29
Snappea Crisps (Original or Caesar)$2.49
Dirty Chips$1.19
Veggie Chips$1.29
Ostrim Jerky Strips$1.29
Smoothie King Snack (Yogurt Pretzel, Chocolate Raisin, or Peanut Butter Crunch)$2.99
Smoothie King Snack (Banana Chips, Gummi Bears, or Granola)$1.99
Protein Cookie (Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, or Peanut Butter)$2.29
Protein Bar$3.29
Naturally Delicious Bread (Banana Nut, Chocolate Protein, Carrot, Zucchini, or Pumpkin)$2.19
Smoothie King Protein Muffin (Blueberry, Chocolate, or Banana)$2.19
Smart Water1 liter $1.99
Water 1 bottle $0.99

Smoothie king menu FAQ 

Why does smoothie king have different prices at different locations?

Smoothie king prices ranged depending on the location. For locations in the US, they charge differently from ones in South Korea and Caymans Is. 

Also, the availability of the ingredients differs from one place to another hence affecting the pricing. 

Where does smoothie king source their pumpkins from?

Well, Smoothie king sourced their pumpkin from Califia farm. The pumpkin spice used is organic, which means great health benefits. 

How much is a small smoothie at smoothie king?

The small smoothie at smoothie king costs about $5.29. However, the price might differ depending on the store. 

How much is a 32 oz smoothie at smoothie king? 

A medium-sized, 32 oz smoothie costs around $7.29.

How much is a large smoothie at smoothie king? 

If you love the largest 40 oz smoothie cup, it costs $8.49. Customizing can lead to paying more money. 


Smoothie King is unmatched when it comes to quality drinks. Utilizing organic ingredients, their smoothies are extra tasty and healthy

By looking at this smoothie king menu price, you can see the cost is a bit higher than other brands. However, these are drinks you can always rely on.

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