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Starbucks Catering Menu Prices (2022 Complete Review) 

Starbucks Catering offers you a variety of coffee flavors that nourishes you. This is a widely recognized coffee brand across the globe. They provide customers with only quality coffee and other beverages.

In this article, we shall discuss more about the Starbucks Catering. No doubt, every year, this brand ensures that customers get satisfied with taking coffee. The Starbucks Catering coffee has health benefits. It is fast becoming a household name.

What is Starbucks Catering?

Let us give a brief history of how this brand began. The first shop started its operation in Seattle, Washington. The main focus of this company is to provide consumers with nourishing beverages.

Its founders include Zev Siegl, George Bowker, and Jerry Baldwin. It began selling coffee in 1971. The company sells a variety of coffee beans. This includes the ground beans, whole beans, and roasted beans.

Where Does Starbuck Catering Offer Coffee?

The company is not limited to selling coffee in their coffee outlets. They also provide catering services for different functions in different locations. The functions include business conferences, meetings, small or large gatherings, school events, picnics, and they help serve your guests with well brewed coffee.

You can take it hot or cold, depending on your preference. You can also drink Starbucks coffee with any food. They deliver coffee to any location you want.

What is the Starbucks Catering Menu?

There is a menu for Starbucks coffee. The menu includes pastries, donuts, and salad. The coffee may be decaf or sometimes regular. The catering menu has varieties on its list.

It has classic coffee cake, espresso brownie, top pot donuts with glazed chocolate, blueberry muffin, coffee almond bar, wheat triple berry with Sargent muffin, butter croissant, and whole wheat corn on the menu.

How Much is Starbucks Coffee for Catering?

The Starbucks catering has a price list for all its services. For 12 short coffee cups, that cost about $12.95. This is for decaf and regular coffee (96 fl. oz).

One factor you should also consider for the Starbucks coffee catering prices is the location. If you want delivery, this would be different from prices on-site. The Starbucks catering coffee box cost depends on your menu. It contains 12 cups, milk, stir sticks, napkins, and sugar packets.

Also, for the pastry, it has its catering prices.

Butter croissant costs $1.90 while classic coffee cake costs $2.80. The espresso brownie costs $1.90 with blueberry muffin and coffee almond bar the same price. Apple fritter costs $1.95. Coffee mocha costs $3.45, the same with the iced coffee with milk. Caramel frappuccino costs between $3.75 to $3.95. 

The Starbucks menu breakfast is different from Starbucks menu bakery and the Starbucks Catering lunch and snacks.

What is the Largest Starbucks Coffee Catering Pack?

what is the largest starbucks coffee catering packThe Starbucks coffee catering has different packs.  The pack depends on the size of the cups. Some of the cups are short, grande, tall, venti, and trenta. The tall cups and grande cups are large. 

The tall cup size is 350 ml while the grande cup size is 470 ml. However, the trenta cup size is 890 ml. Some believe it is the largest Starbucks Coffee pack.

How to Order Starbucks Catering?

It is crucial you note how you can order any of the Starbucks catering services.

You need to identify the location you want to order from. Don’t forget that the Starbucks Catering is available in different locations. However, the nearest location to the customer’s event center would be the most preferred.

Also, you need to know the type of coffee you prefer. Starbucks has a variety of flavors. So, you can pick the coffee beverages or the regular coffee. You also need to state if you want your coffee hot or cold. This matters so as to satisfy your taste.

What matters most is placing your order at least one hour before your event starts. This is one of the ways to have your coffee delivered to you. It depends on the size of the gathering. If it is a large gathering, it is advisable you place an order three to four hours before the function.

You also need to give the number of guests you want Starbucks to cater for. When ordering, you need to state if you want the coffee delivered to you. Also, you may pick up your orders yourself. Customers should note that both credit and cash are accepted means of payment. 


Does Starbucks cater coffee? Yes, Starbucks offers you coffee and other beverages like tea. This article has explained what Starbucks Catering is all about. Starbucks catering hot chocolate is great for everyone. You can order from any location across the globe.