starbucks hot chocolate calories

What you should know about Starbucks Hot Chocolate Calories

If you love to take Starbucks hot chocolate, it is crucial you know more about Starbucks hot chocolate calories. The variety of hot chocolate has calories in it. The grande hot chocolate Starbucks calories are different from Starbucks tuxedo hot chocolate calories.

Let us shed more light on the calories present in the hot chocolate from Starbucks. This will enlighten each reader as they consume beverages from Starbucks.

What are Starbucks Hot Chocolate Calories?

Food and beverages contain calories. However, these calories are different depending on the nature of what we are consuming. What the term calories mean in food or drinks is the measured quantity of energy present in food. 

The reason we should be curious about calories is to help us become knowledgeable about what to consume or not. When calories are stored up in our bodies, it therefore becomes too much fat. If you don’t burn calories, you definitely add more weight.

How many calories in starbucks hot chocolate?

The amount of calories in the Starbucks hot chocolate is calculated based on the recipes used in production.

starbucks hot chocolate size

Starbucks grande hot chocolate calories

The drink has 400 calories. The calories make up 49% carbohydrates with 37% fat.

The nutritional facts about the grande hot chocolate are given below.

  • The calories make up saturated fat of 10 g with 16 g total fat.
  • The sugar is 43 g.
  • The protein also makes up the calories which is 14 g.

Starbucks tall hot chocolate calories

The drink has 320 calories in it. This is for a serving size of the tall hot chocolate. The calories consist of 38% fat with 49% carbohydrates.

The nutritional facts are given below.

  • The total fat is 13g and the saturated fat is 8 g.
  • The cholesterol is 45 mg.
  • The protein is 11 g with dietary fiber of 3g.
  • The sugar is 34 g.

Starbucks tuxedo hot chocolate calories

The Starbucks tuxedo hot chocolate has 470 calories in it.

The nutritional information about the drink is given below.

  • This consists of 19 g of fat.
  • The carbohydrate is 60 g with 3 g of fiber.
  • This drink also has 16 g of protein.
  • The sodium in it is 230 mg.

Starbucks white hot chocolate calories

This drink has 440 calories in it.

The nutritional facts are given below.

  • The calories make up 19 g of fat.
  • The cholesterol is 55 mg with the carbohydrates of 55 g.
  • The protein is 15g with sugar of 55 g.
  • It also has sodium of 260 mg, while the dietary fiber is 3 g.

Do Starbucks k Cups Have Calories?

Yes. The calories in the k Cups are 2 calories. This is for 1 pod of 8 oz. These calories are different from all the hot chocolate mentioned above.

What is a Zebra Hot Chocolate at Starbucks?

This is a hot chocolate that many lovers of Starbucks products love. It is a blend of pure hot regular chocolate with hot white chocolate. This chocolate also contains some well steamed milk. Some prefer topping it with candies which makes it preferred by children.


Starbucks hot chocolate calories can be burned by engaging in sporting activities. The Starbucks hot chocolate nutrition is also stated. We believe that the question: “How many calories in Starbucks hot chocolate?” has been answered. Now when you consume the Starbucks hot chocolate, you have an idea of the amount of calories you are gulping down.

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