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Starbucks Hot Teas | Does Starbucks Have Tea Menu? 

Tea is one of the refreshing and unique drinks that you can enjoy. Starbucks is one of the places where you can enjoy different kinds of teas. 

Whether it’s hot or iced teas, you can always choose your favorite option. Among the most popular are the Starbucks hots teas. They are tasty and perfect beverages to enable you to beat the fall cold. 

 When I’m not feeling like drinking coffee, I have several tea options to grab at Starbucks hassle-free. 

Available hots teas Starbucks 

For every tea lover, variety is essential in ensuring satisfaction. The good thing is that once you opt for a hot tea, preparation is instant. 

The baristas at Starbucks usually prepare hot water in advance. As you request your favorite tea, it’s prepared from fresh Teavana tea bags. 

This is unlike iced teas, prepared from infusions made in advance. 

Apart from the brewed teas, there are variations like lattes. Like the coffee menu, tea has a diversity that caters to every tea lover. 

In the hot tea section at Starbucks, these are the beverages you will find. 

Black tea menu 

  • Organic chai Tea 
  • Earl Grey Tea 
  • Royal English Breakfast Tea 
  • London Fog Tea Latte 
  • Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte 

Green tea menu 

  • Honey Citrus Mint Tea 
  • Jade Citrus Mint Brewed Tea 
  • Matcha Tea Latte 
  • Emperor’s Clouds and Mist 

Herbal tea Menu 

  • Mint Majesty 
  • Peach Tranquility 
Herbal tea menu

What is the best hot tea available in Starbucks 

Well, Starbucks’ hot tea menu is broad. You can get confused as to which is the best option to pick. However, each tea is excellent, and I find it fulfilling. 

With that said, one of the best teas is Starbucks Earl Gray tea. It has a unique taste resulting from blended black tea and bergamot oil. 

Besides, organic chai tea is great for everyone who loves authentic black tea flavor. It’s a perfect coffee substitution due to its flavor and higher caffeine levels. 

Royal English Breakfast Tea leaves you feeling like a tea master. The blending of tea leaves ensures outstanding flavor and refreshment. With black tea and floral essences, the drink keeps the taste unique. 

The same great taste is experienced in black tea lattes

On green teas, they are super tasty. They are prepared from carefully selected green tea. Actually, green tea is among the healthiest teas in the world.

The Matcha green tea powder used in Teavana teabags has numerous benefits

Therefore, whether you opt for Jade Citrus Mint Tea or Honey Citrus Mint Tea, they are calming teas at Starbucks. 

Apart from the black and green tea, you can also enjoy healthy and caffeine-free herbal teas. 

They are great for relieving cold symptoms since they have robust herbal tea blending. 

Mint Majesty is one of the herbal teas with outstanding benefits. Others you can order are Starbucks chamomile tea and Hibiscus blend teas. However, the availability of these teas can depend on locations. 

Peach tranquility tea at Starbucks is a powerful infusion. The tea features chamomile blossoms, lemon verbena, and other amazing ingredients. 

Hot Tea Menu Lattes at Starbucks

Apart from the pure calming teas at Starbucks, there are also lattes. 

In general, lattes have a base, either black or green tea. The addition of milk to the brewed tea turns it into a chai tea latte. 

The lattes are some of the calming teas at Starbucks. 

Chai tea latte is the most common and popular drink among other tea lattes. 

The table below summarizes the available hot tea lattes at Starbucks.

Hot Tea base Hot Tea latte NameIngredients 
Chai Tea concentrate Chai latte Milk + Black Chai Tea Concentrate 
Earl GreyLondon Fog Tea Latte Earl Grey+ Milk + vanilla syrup 
Matcha Blend Tea Matcha Green Tea Latte Matcha Blend Tea +Milk 
Royal English Breakfast Tea Royal English Breakfast Tea LatteRoyal English Breakfast Tea + Milk + Classic syrup

What tea does Starbucks use

As you enjoy great beverages at Starbucks, it’s essential to know the tea leaves baristas use. Interestingly, Starbucks uses Teavana tea for black and green teas. 

Teavana is owned by Starbucks and specializes in tea. The tea is available in different blends; hence you can enjoy a variety of flavors. 

Unlike in cold teas, where infusions are pre-prepared in large quantities, in hot teas, you get your teabags. 

Best caffeinated tea at Starbucks 

Tea, like coffee, contains caffeine. Therefore, as you look to order tea from Starbucks, know it contains caffeine. 

The only tea that doesn’t have caffeine is herbal infusions. 

If you love more caffeine, the best and highest content you can get from Chai latte. A Venti cup offers 120mg of caffeine which is higher than the other teas. 

Starbucks temperature options 

Does Starbucks have hot tea or warm tea? You can order steaming hot tea, medium hot or warm, depending on the personal preference. 

You can order a drink at 180 degrees F for adults and 130 degrees F for kids

Starbucks Hot teacup sizes 

The available cup sizes are like in other hot drinks. Your tea is available in these sizes. 

  • Short (8fl oz)
  • Tall (12fl oz) 
  • Grande (16 fl oz)
  • Venti (20fl oz) 

Hot tea menu Starbucks FAQ 

How to order tea at Starbucks?

You need to do it right and make baristas work easy to get your order perfectly prepared. 

The ordering process should follow this process, temperature, Size, syrup, customization, and then determine the type of drink. 

You can order your tea drink at the store or use the app for deliveries. 

What does Starbucks sweeten their hot teas with?

Starbucks has a variety of sweeteners for teas and other drinks. However, liquid cane sugar syrup is the most common. 

However, other sweeteners like classic syrup and honey are optional. 

Does Starbucks have Decaf tea? 

Starbucks teas are caffeinated apart from herbal teas. At the moment, all black tea and green teas are caffeinated. If you wish for caffeine-free tea, choose the herbal option. 


If you are the customer who keeps asking, where can I get hot tea? Starbucks has variety. The variety of flavors and customizations ensures tea drinkers have something to cool their bodies. 

Starbucks hot teas are exceptional, and you can order your drink all year. Whether you are looking for a tea to refresh or soothe your sore throat, healthy teas are perfect. 

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