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Discover the Buzz: Starbucks Debuts New Store in Downtown State College

Starbucks has expanded its presence in State College with the opening of a new downtown location. Situated on the ground floor of the Pugh Centre at 150 E. Beaver Ave, the store offers a convenient and inviting space for students and residents to relax, study, and socialize. Operating from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, the new Starbucks aims to become a bustling hub in the heart of State College.

The opening of the downtown location marks the closure of the previous Starbucks on S. Garner St., as the new store takes its place in the Pugh Centre. This transition provides a fresh opportunity for Starbucks to better serve the community with an upgraded and modern space.

The impact of this new location on the State College community is expected to be significant. With its prime position and extended hours, the downtown Starbucks is poised to become a popular gathering spot. Students can enjoy a cup of coffee between classes or find a cozy corner to study, while residents have a convenient place to meet with friends or grab a quick bite to eat.

This expansion showcases Starbucks’ commitment to providing quality coffee experiences in thriving communities. The new downtown State College location offers an inviting atmosphere and a wide selection of beverages and treats to cater to diverse tastes. Coffee lovers and curious customers are encouraged to visit the new Starbucks and experience the buzz for themselves.

In conclusion, the opening of the downtown State College Starbucks brings excitement and convenience to the community. With its strategic location, updated facilities, and welcoming ambiance, the new Starbucks promises to be a gathering place that enhances the vibrant spirit of State College. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in your favorite Starbucks creations in this fresh and inviting setting.

Eight Starbucks Locations in the State College area:

  1. New Store: 1st floor of Pugh Centre, 150 E. Beaver Ave. (replace the store at 141 S. Garner St.)
  2. Colonnade Boulevard: 315 Colonnade Blvd. (inside Target)
  3. West College Avenue: 232 W. College Ave.
  4. Paterno Library: 126 Paterno Library (on Penn State’s campus)
  5. HUB-Robeson Center: 30 HUB-Robeson Center (on Penn State’s campus)
  6. North Atherton Street: 2030 N. Atherton St.
  7. South Atherton Street: 2121 S. Atherton St. (inside the Giant supermarket)
  8. Downtown State College: 201 W. Beaver Ave. (inside the downtown State College Target)
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