Starbucks paradise refresher review

Starbucks Paradise Refresher Review | Creamy Tropical Refresher Drink with Coconut Milk 

You must have heard about the new menu if you have been following Starbucks news. It’s perfect timing bearing in mind summers always give people headaches. The refresher drinks are a great step to hydrate and keep rivals on their toes. 

While others like Dunkins introduced their pineapple refreshers earlier, Starbucks is never too late. Besides, the refreshers from these two giants are completely different in terms of flavor. 

Paradise drink came alongside Pineapple passionfruit refresher beverage. They are currently the newest and trending menu from Starbucks. 

This Starbucks paradise refresher review debunks everything you need to know. Whether it’s the ingredients, flavor, or price, you are about to know.  

What is a paradise drink? 

Paradise drink is one of the latest refreshers from Starbucks that was introduced in the summer of 2022. It’s part of the new menu items unveiled for summer. 

The drink consists of pineapple passion fruit as the base. The coconut milk is excellent and offers a creamy taste. Therefore, you enjoy a perfect and creamy drink that is dairy-free

Apart from the paradise drink, Starbucks introduced a pineapple passionfruit refresher. The two drinks are superb and ensure everyone has something to celebrate summer. 

What’s in Starbucks Paradise Drink? 

Paradise drink is a result of careful crafting by a competent team from Starbucks. The essence is to bring a fantastic tropical sensation while keeping it healthy. 

Unlike other tropical refresher drinks from other brands, this has excellent ingredients. Therefore, when looking for low-calorie beverages, it’s one of the best options. 

The main ingredients include natural fruit juice and coconut milk. The base includes a pineapple passionfruit refresher. It consists of pineapple juice, passionfruit juice, sugar, white grape juice, natural flavors, green coffee extract, beta carotene, Rebaudioside A, and citric acid. 

 The other ingredient is coconut milk. Composition for coconut milk include; water, coconut cream, cane sugar, ≤2% Tricalcium Phosphate, coconut water concentrate, Corn dextrin, natural flavors, Xanthan Gum, Gellan Gum, Guer Sugar, Vitamin A Palmitate, and Vitamin D2. 

Apart from the two main ingredients, the drink includes freeze-dried diced Pineapples. 

All the ingredients are shaken over ice to give it perfect hydrating and cooling effects. 

hat’s in Starbucks Paradise Drink

Caffeine in Starbucks Paradise Drink?

Most of the refresher drinks at Starbucks have caffeine. Even the new paradise drink contains a small amount of caffeine. However, you won’t even notice since it doesn’t have a coffee taste. 

The type of caffeine used is extracted from green Arabica coffee. The drink offers a natural tropical feeling without the coffee essence for people who dislike the coffee taste.

Apart from the great flavor, this pineapple-based drink has a low caffeine level. Actually, a 12 oz cup has 35 mg, 16 oz has 45mg, 24 oz has 75mg, and 90mg. 

By the look of the caffeine levels, it’s low and hence a great option even for kids

Paradise Drink nutrition – Is Paradise drink healthy? 

Paradise drink is a summer beverage that is healthy to consume. It doesn’t pack a lot of calories, so you can enjoy it every day without impacting your health. 

Compared to pineapple passionfruit refresher, it has extra calories. But comparing it to other drinks and desserts, it’s a healthy drink.

If you are wondering about the nutritional value of this drink, the following figures offer some insight. 

Paradise drink 12 fl oz16 fl oz24fl oz30fl oz 
Saturated Fat1.5g2.5g3.5g4.5 g
Trans Fat0.0g 0.0g0.0g0.0 g
Dietary Fiber1.0g1.0g1.0g1.0g
Calories 110140200270

The Price of Starbucks Paradise Drink

Being a new drink, many people might be in darkness regarding the price. But, it’s an affordable drink and doesn’t cost you a lot. 

The beverage is within the price range of other existing refresher drinks

The cost ranges from $4.95 for the smallest cup to $5.45 largest cup. Bearing in mind Starbucks is encouraging people to go for reusable cups, you can pay less. 

Using the new summer-themed reusable cups from Starbucks will see you pay 10 cents less and earn redeemable points.

Starbucks Paradise Drink FAQ

Does Starbucks have a coconut refresher?

Starbucks offers coconut refreshers. However, they are not called coconut refreshers since its part of the drink. Paradise drink, pink drink, and dragon drinks are some coconut-based refreshers.

What is Starbucks skinny yellow drink? 

The skinny yellow drink is different from the Paradise drink. The drink composes of green tea lemonade mixed with coconut milk and agave. 

Does paradise drink help in reducing weight? 

Although paradise drink doesn’t pack a lot of calories, it will not help you cut weight.  


Paradise drink is a perfect way to enjoy paradise this summer. The drink crafted by experts ensures you want amazing and always keeps your soul high. 

This Starbucks paradise refresher review shows that it’s healthy and hydrating. With low caffeine, no reasons why everyone in your family should not enjoy it. 

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