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21 strongest coffee at Starbucks you can order on or off the menu

Coffee is loved for its ability to stimulate the body and boost energy. Since it has a high content of natural caffeine, it’s one of the most consumed beverages on the entire planet.

Starbucks is a big coffee chain shop; it produces some of the best coffee drinks. Actually, instead of grabbing an energy drink, I’m inclined toward a coffee drink most of the time to kickstart my body and brain energy.

If you want to join a coffee-drinking group, I am about to let you discover the strongest coffee at Starbucks.

21 Strongest coffee at Starbucks listed

This list presents the most caffeinated drinks at Starbucks. They are great and offer a fantastic energy boost and body stimulation. Amazingly, I have made your work easy by listing coffee drinks ranked from most to least caffeinated.

I will use Venti as our standard cup for all drinks apart from Nitro cold brews in this list.

1. Brewed coffee; Veranda Blend (475 mg Caffeine)

Suppose you love high caffeinated coffee Veranda Blend is the Starbucks drink to wake you up. Unlike other coffee brews, a venti cup boasts 475 mg caffeine.

If you take the daily recommended caffeine level of 400 mg, this coffee exceeds the limit. It even beats some of the renowned brands of energy drinks.

By taking Grande, the coffee d pumps in 380 mg caffeine in your system. Therefore, it’s enough to keep your body enjoying amazing stimulation.

2. Iced Clover brewed coffees (470 mg Caffeine)

Typically, clover brewing technology is an innovative method of extracting espresso. The coffee drink is extracted from beans using vacuum and press technology, resulting in super tasty espresso.

Apart from the innovative extraction process, the best coffee beans ensure a high level of caffeine and deep flavor.

For instance, iced clover brewed Italian roast has 480 mg of caffeine for a Venti cup.

Apart from iced clover brewed Italian roast, the following coffees also have 480 mg caffeine per Venti cup.

  • Iced Sumatra Clover
  • Iced French Roast Clover
  • Iced Komodo Dragon Clover

3. Clover Medium roasts (445 mg caffeine)

Clover technology has proved to be reliable for the extraction of coffee. Clover medium coffee brews have excellent caffeine levels, which keeps your days exciting.

Most medium roasted brewed coffee has a caffeine level of 445 mg per Venti cup. Thus, a cup in the morning ensures your day starts on high gear.

Besides caffeinated coffee, clover machines are also excellent for preparing decaf coffee.

The only limitation with clover machines is that they aren’t in every Starbucks store. Therefore, you might not get some of these coffees in your local Starbucks.

4. Brewed Coffee Pike Place (410 mg Caffeine)

Pike is another extra strong coffee at Starbucks. Coffee is one of the regular menus available in most Starbucks stores.

It is fantastic, like an energy drink, since it packs a remarkable amount of caffeine. A Venti cup offers 410 milligrams of caffeine. Being one of the strongest coffee drinks, it is an excellent coffee drink that offers an authentic flavor and inviting scent.

Besides the high caffeine content, the coffee features a blend of different Latin American. This results in a rich and smooth texture which ensures none can match the results.

5. Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee (360 mg Caffeine)

Most people who love coffee will always go for brewed one. Starbucks iced brew coffees are unique, especially when you need to relax your mind.

The drinks offer extreme caffeine levels, which keep your body relaxed for a long time. Also, the drinks have no additives, which lets you enjoy pure coffee flavor and smell.

Although there are different coffee drinks under this category, they provide super refreshments.

Some of the drinks you can order under this class include Cold Brew with Cold Foam. It has 360 mg of caffeine for the Trenta cup and 310 mg in the Venti cup.

6. Blonde Caffè Americano (340 mg Caffeine)

Another drink that you should try today is Blonde Caffè Americano. It’s a drink that provides excellent taste while offering your body super stimulation.

This drink features Starbucks signature espressos which provide authentic flavors. While its best when free from additives, the drink provides a light coffee feeling.

 Apart from the super flavors, this coffee has 340 mg caffeine which is excellent for a cold day.

7. Cold Brew Coffee with Milk (330 mg Caffeine)

If you love the tasty blended coffee and cream flavor, cold brew coffee with milk is the best choice.

Having this drink refreshes and also adds a creamy essence. It’s Starbucks cold brew only with the addition of milk. The reduction of coffee and milk topping contributes to the lower caffeine than a sister drink.

As you wake up and think about which drink is good for you, this cold-brewed coffee with milk is a perfect menu. It has 330 mg caffeine, making it great for mornings and evenings.

8. Cordusio Mocha (320 mg Caffeine)

Starbucks always has something for you to keep refreshed regardless of the season. Cordusio Mocha is the most caffeinated Mochas at Starbucks.

Unlike straight coffee, this has blended flavors, ensuring a new feeling.

The drink was unveiled in Italy and is a reserved roastery. Apart from the revolutionary flavor, the drink provides 320 mg caffeine for Venti cups. It’s one of the best Starbucks drinks for energy and beats others like salted caramel mocha with a significant margin.

9. Cold Brew with Cold Foam (310 mg Caffeine)

When you are a fan of iced and cold coffee drinks, this cold brew with foam never disappoints. The iced coffee at Starbucks provides drinkers with a fantastic way to rejuvenate their bodies and souls.

Packing 310 mg of caffeine in a Venti your body and brain to relax faster after a day-long engagement.

Brewed from water and the highest quality beans, it delivers a strong natural coffee flavor. Also, the cold foam lets the drink flow down your throat in style.

10. Iced Shaken Espresso (300 mg Caffeine)

This icy and frothy coffee, previously known as double ice, is thrilling for everyone who loves cold drinks.

It contains shots of espresso poured on ice and a small amount of sweetener. After shaking for a few seconds, the drink is topped with splashes of 2% milk.

What results is a drink that refreshes and keeps your mouth salivating. A venti cup has 300 mg caffeine.

11. Starbucks Reserve Cold Brew (300 mg Caffeine)

Cold brewing is a fantastic technique to obtain exceptional coffee drinks at Starbucks. The reserve cold brew offers a smooth and mellow taste, ensuring your mouth keeps yearning for more.

Since the brew has fewer calories, the innovative brewing ensures a balanced taste. A cold brew provides 300 mg grams of caffeine which is superb when starting your day.

12. Caffè Americano (300 mg Caffeine)

The Caffe Americano is a drink that consists of espresso shots and hot water. It’s a fantastic way of enjoying your coffee while appreciating the unique soft flavor.

Diluting the espresso improves the flavor, especially for people who find strong brew unappealing.

Although adding hot water helps improve the flavor, the caffeine content of this drink doesn’t change. Actually, you get a Venti cup with 300 mg caffeine which is super stimulating.

13. Dark Mocha Nitro with milk (295 mg Caffeine)

This excellent drink from Starbucks brings out the special feeling and taste to brighten your day. If you love Mochas, this one goes beyond regular Mocha taste. ‘

The dark mocha sauce blends well with shots of espresso m creating a smooth feeling. Also, the nitro-infused milk gives the drink its bubbly nature.

As you drain the cup, there is a spectacular experience and flavor you never experienced.

The drink is only available in Tall and Grande cups containing 295 mg of caffeine.

14. Salted Cream Cold Foam CB (275 mg Caffeine)

Starbuck Salted Cream Cold Foam CB is a drink that consists of cold coffee brewed with caramel flavoring and salted cold cream.

The combination lets you enjoy caramel-flavored drinks with a salty and sugar-balanced taste. It’s a drink you can always request on the Starbucks menu.

 This refreshing and savory drink provides 275 mg of caffeine in a Venti cup.

15. Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew (275 mg Caffeine)

Pumpkin-based coffee drinks are seasonal at Starbucks. This pumpkin cream cold brew is sweet and refreshing.

Considering the super ingredients and high levels of caffeine, there is no trial and error. When it’s the pumpkin season, it’s a worthy drink that possesses natural pumpkin dust, coffee, and creamy milk.

Despite all the ingredients, the drink still has good caffeine delivering 275 mg for the Venti cup.

 If you want a giant cup, Trenta is available and offers 315 mg of caffeine.

16. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew (275 mg Caffeine)

When you feel the need to change from Americano or black coffee, it’s time to check another menu at Starbucks. Vanilla, sweet cream cold brew is one of the best vanilla flavored coffee brews.

The base for this drink is cold brew coffee with pumps of vanilla, splashes of ice cream, and vanilla syrup. The resulting drink from this blending results in one of the unique flavored drinks.

Not only is this drink satisfying, but it also contains enough caffeine for superb body stimulation. A Venti cup packs 275 mg of caffeine.

17. Iced Mocha and flavors (265 mg Caffeine)

Iced mocha is one of the best Starbucks drinks for energy. Boasting a rich and premium espresso, combined with bittersweet mocha syrup, creates one of the fulfilling results.

Besides, the milk and is as well as sweetened whipped cream flow down the throat while satisfying.

The 265 mg of caffeine enables this drink to provide enough kick to enable the body to raise energy levels.

18. Iced Coffee (255 mg caffeine)

A cup of iced and chilled coffee from Starbucks never disappoints. Perfected by professional baristas, you get a super relaxing drink whenever you want.

The coffee lets you enjoy authentic flavor since it only has a mix of classic syrup, coffee brew, and ice.

Despite the simple ingredients, it’s revitalizing and provides 255 mg caffeine to unlock your body’s energy.

19. Iced Blonde Latte (255 mg Caffeine)

If you love latte drinks, Iced blonde latte is here to keep your body enjoying incredible energy boosts. This drink offers 255 mg caffeine which is enough to boost your mood and energy.

 Starbucks provides the best ingredients to achieve a great drink hence perfect brew.

Brewed espresso shots, ice, milk, and optional toppings let you have the perfect drink to brighten your day.

most caffeinated drink at starbucks

20. Iced Caramel Macchiato (225 mg Caffeine)    

 The art of making Macchiatos is exceptional when you pop into Starbucks. One of the satisfying drinks you can enjoy is Iced Caramel Macchiato.

The making of this drink features a rich espresso shot poured over ice cubes. The milk, vanilla syrup, and caramel drizzle complete the drink’s exceptional and balanced taste.

The caffeine content is 225 mg per Venti cup. With significant calories input, the drink helps boost your energy instantly.

21. Iced White Chocolate Mocha (225 mg Caffeine)

If you want to enjoy a great energy-boosting drink at Starbucks, try Iced White Chocolate Mocha. It doesn’t only contain coffee but has other tasty ingredients that make it perfect for any time of the day.

The drink combines coffee, chocolate, and cream flavors, creating an unexplainable experience. Combination is ingenious to deliver a superior drink.

Once you drain this drink, you get 225 mg of caffeine to help revitalize your energy sources.

What is the strongest coffee at Starbucks?

Well, as we have seen in the list provided above, the strongest coffee you can get at Starbucks is Veranda Blend. The latter is capable of providing 475 milligrams of caffeine per Venti cup.

Additionally, the best espresso drink at Starbucks is ice shake espresso. With high caffeine and intense coffee flavor, you will always appreciate every sip.

For the strongest cold coffee at Starbucks, cold brew coffee is fantastic in taste and the caffeine kicks well.

How much caffeine is in Starbucks refresher drink?

Have you ever heard of Starbucks refreshers? These are coffee drinks made from green coffee extracts and fruit juices.

They are perfect choices for everyone who wants a coffee drink but dislikes the flavor.

Typically, the refresher drinks have 45 mg caffeine in Grande cups.

How much caffeine in Starbucks Doubleshot?

Starbucks Doubleshot energy drinks are popular due to their great caffeine and taste. However, it’s essential to know it contains 225 mg caffeine before ordering. However, the drink is available in different flavors.


Coffee is excellent for tasty espresso and other related drinks. The strongest Starbucks coffee is much higher even than most energy drinks on the market.

With unique clover technology, it is simple for Starbucks to make high caffeinated coffee. The different types of coffee available ensure everyone has the right choice for the level of caffeine they are comfortable with.

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