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Everything You Need to Know About Subway Menu Prices

Subway is a food chain popular among people worldwide and for all the right reasons. It serves a wide range of food items ranging from subs to desserts which are all flavorful at their best. The subway sandwiches and drinks are immensely popular for their affordable range and delicious taste.

Someone who enjoys a good subway treat might often ponder basic questions such as what is the Subway coffee price or how much a daily sub costs. So, we bring you all the answers. Here, we present to you the perfect list of Subway menu prices so that you are well-informed about everything at Subway.

USA Subway Menu with Prices

The table below gives you a holistic overview of the prices of the different menu items available at Subway.

(Includes daily specials, veg bowls, customizable breakfast combos at $3.00)

Subway Coffee Prices

DrinkPrice (In $)Size
Coffee$ 1.6012 oz.
Coffee$ 1.8016 oz.

Sub of the Day

FoodPrice (In $)Size
Monday – Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki$ 3.996”
Tuesday – Chicken Oven Roasted$ 3.996”
Wednesday – Turkey Breast$ 3.996”
Thursday – Italian B.M.T.$ 3.996”
Friday – Tuna Sub$ 3.996”
Saturday – Black Forest Ham$ 3.996”
Sunday – Meatball Marinara$ 3.996”

Subway Sandwich Prices

FoodPrice (In $)Size
All American Club$ 5.796”
All American Club$ 8.99Footlong
Black Forest Ham$ 4.696”
Black Forest Ham$ 6.89Footlong
B.L.T$ 4.496”
B.L.T$ 6.39Footlong
Chicken Buffalo$ 5.796”
Chicken Buffalo$ 8.99Footlong
Bacon and Chicken Ranch$ 5.796”
Bacon and Chicken Ranch$ 8.99Footlong
Cold Cut Combo$ 4.596”
Cold Cut Combo$ 6.89Footlong
Grilled Chicken$ 5.496”
Grilled Chicken$ 8.49Footlong
Chicken Oven Roasted$ 5.396”
Chicken Oven Roasted$ 7.99Footlong
Italian B.M.T$ 5.396”
Italian B.M.T$ 8.39Footlong
Veggie Delite$ 4.496”
Veggie Delite$ 6.59Footlong
Marinara Meatball$ 4.596”
Marinara Meatball$ 6.89Footlong
Turkey Over Roasted$ 5.396”
Turkey Over Roasted$ 8.39Footlong
Spicy Italian$ 4.696”
Spicy Italian$ 6.89Footlong
Veggie Patty$ 5.396”
Veggie Patty$ 8.39Footlong
Turkey and Ham Oven Roasted$ 5.196”
Turkey and Ham Oven Roasted$ 7.99Footlong
Cheese and Steak$ 5.796”
Cheese and Steak$ 8.99Footlong
Tuna$ 5.396”
Tuna$ 8.39Footlong
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki$ 5.796”
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki$ 8.99Footlong
Cali Fresh Turkey$ 6.996”
Cali Fresh Turkey$ 11.79Footlong
Cali Fresh Steak$ 7.696”
Cali Fresh Steak$ 12.69Footlong

Subway Wraps

FoodPrice (In $)Size
All American Club$ 7.49
Black Forest Ham$ 7.49
B.L.T$ 7.49
Buffalo Chicken$ 7.49
Bacon and Chicken Ranch$ 7.49
Grilled Chicken$ 7.49
Cold Cut Combo$ 7.49
Italian B.M.T$ 7.49
Chicken Oven Roasted$ 7.49
Turkey Oven Roasted$ 7.49
Turkey and Ham Oven Roasted$ 7.49
Spicy Italian$ 7.49
Steak and Cheese$ 7.49
Tuna$ 7.49
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki$ 7.49
Cali Fresh Turkey$ 7.49
Cali Fresh Steak$ 7.49
Veggie Delite$ 7.49
Veggie Patty$ 7.49

Subway Protein Bowls

FoodPrice (In $)Size
Veggie Patty$ 8.39
Tuna$ 8.39
Cali Fresh Turkey$ 11.79
Cali Fresh Steak$ 12.69
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki$ 8.99
Steak and Cheese$ 8.99
All American Club$ 8.99
Black Forest Ham$ 6.69
B.L.T$ 6.39
Bacon and Chicken Ranch$ 8.99
Cold Cut Combo$ 6.89
Italian B.M.T$ 8.39
Chicken Oven Roasted$ 7.99
Grilled Chicken$ 8.49
Turkey Oven Roasted$ 8.29
Meatball Marinara$ 6.89
Spicy Italian$ 6.89

Subway Fresh Melts

FoodPrice (In $)Size
Spicy Italian$ 5.196”
Spicy Italian$ 7.89Footlong
Ham and Cheese$ 4.896”
Ham and Cheese$ 7.69Footlong
Tuna$ 5.896”
Tuna$ 9.39Footlong
Marinara Meatball$ 5.096”
Marinara Meatball$ 7.89Footlong
Cheese and Steak$ 6.296”
Cheese and Steak$ 9.99Footlong
Oven Roasted Turkey$ 5.996”
Oven Roasted Turkey$ 9.29Footlong
Chicken Buffalo$ 5.996”
Chicken Buffalo$ 9.99Footlong
Italian B.M.T$ 5.896”
Italian B.M.T$ 9.39Footlong
Bacon and Chicken$ 6.296”
Bacon and Chicken$ 9.99Footlong

Personal Pizza at Subway

FoodPrice (In $)Size
Cheese Pizza$ 4.99
Pepperoni Cheese Pizza$ 5.75
Bacon Cheese Pizza$ 5.75

Subway Sides

FoodPrice (In $)Size
Chips$ 1.39
Raspberry Cheesecake Cookies$ 0.89
Chocolate Chip Cookies$ 0.89
White Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies$ 0.89
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies$ 0.89
Musselman’s Apple Sauce$ 1.59

Breakfast Menu at Subway (Make it a meal for $ 3.00)

FoodPrice (In $)Size
Bacon, Cheese, and Egg$ 6.79
Egg, Bacon, and Cheese Wrap$ 7.49
Egg, Steak, and Cheese$ 6.79
Steak, Cheese, and Egg Wrap$ 7.49
Egg, Cheese, Black Forest Ham$ 6.79
Egg, Cheese, Black Forest Ham Wrap$ 7.49
Egg and Cheese$ 6.79
Cheese and Egg Wrap$ 7.49

Subway Salads (Make it a Meal at $ 3.00)

FoodPrice (In $)Size
All American Club$ 7.79
Black Forest Ham$ 6.69
B.L.T$ 6.49
Buffalo Chicken$ 7.79
Bacon and Chicken Ranch$ 7.79
Grilled Chicken$ 7.49
Cold Cut Combo$ 6.59
Italian B.M.T$ 7.39
Chicken Oven Roasted$ 7.39
Turkey Oven Roasted$ 7.39
Turkey and Ham Oven Roasted$ 7.19
Spicy Italian$ 6.69
Steak and Cheese$ 7.79
Tuna$ 7.39
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki$ 7.79
Cali Fresh Turkey$ 8.99
Cali Fresh Steak$ 9.69
Veggie Delite$ 6.49
Veggie Patty$ 7.39

Subway’s Drinks

DrinksPrice (In $)Size
Fountain Drinks$ 2.49Small
Fountain Drinks$ 2.49Medium
Fountain Drinks$ 2.59Large
Simply Apple Juice$ 2.49
Simply Orange Juice$ 2.49
Simple Lemonade Juice$ 2.49
1% Low Fat Milk$ 1.29
Super Fruit Punch$ 1.29
Chocolate Flavored Milk$ 1.69
Gatorade Blue$ 2.49
Gatorade Fruit Punch$ 2.49
Gatorade Zero Grape$ 2.49
Dasani Water$ 2.49

Baked Bread at Subway

FoodPrice (In $)Size
9 Grain Wheat6”
9 Grain WheatFootlong
Artisan Flatbread6”
Artisan FlatbreadFootlong
Habenero Wrap6”
Habanero WrapFootlong
Tomato Basil Wrap6”
Tomato Basil WrapFootlong
Italian Cheese and Herbs6”
Italian Cheese and HerbsFootlong
Spinach Wrap6”
Spinach WrapFootlong

Guide to Subway’s Food and Drinks

subway coffee price

Ordering subs can be a bit confusing. Thus, we have answered some of the common questions that might be up while ordering your sub.

How are Subway sandwiches prices?

Subway sandwiches are healthy and highly well-suited for regular consumption. Their pricing begins at $4.69 and goes to $10, depending upon the variety of sandwiches one chooses to consume.

How much is a Subway pizza?

The Subway personal pizza range is ideal for all pizza lovers, and it is one of the most delectable pizzas in town. The regular cheese pizza will cost not more than $5, whereas the bacon or pepperoni cheese pizza usually costs around $5.75.

How much is a footlong at Subway?

A footlong Subway, also referred to as a 12-inch subway, is one of the most popular choices at any Subway outlet worldwide. Usually, a footlong sub would cost around $5-8, depending upon the fillings and choice of bread.

How much is a 6 inch at Subway?

The regular sub, usually of the size of 6-inch, ranges from $3-5 depending on your choices and preferences. All the subs and sandwiches are available in the 6-inch size, ideal for an individual’s consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we end this excruciating list of all Subway menu prices, we bring you the commonly asked questions and their answers for your convenience.

1. Why did Subway raise their prices?
Subway promises their customers top-quality products which are prepared with top-quality raw materials. These raw materials and the staff training constitute the major reason why Subway increased its prices. Preparing all the fresh subs is a time-consuming process and thus, demands significant monetary resources.
2. When does Subway prices increase?
There is no particular time when the Subway prices would be significantly hiked. It usually remains stable throughout the year and is more expensive than other fast-food chains worldwide due to the cost of raw materials and taxes.
3. How much is a Subway cookie?
Subway offers customers the privilege to opt for cookies that come in various lip-smacking flavors. These cookies cost only $0.89 and are incredibly delicious.

Final Thoughts

There is no questioning that Subway is the go-to outlet for anyone craving a good, healthy meal and some soft beverages. It is ideal for kids and adults alike and provides a bright and friendly atmosphere.

We hope the above-given Subway menu prices helped you better understand Subway’s items and their costs. So, do try out their food items on your next visit without fail!

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