Sugar Alternatives for Coffee

Are there any Sugar Alternatives for Coffee to choose From?

It is high time we discussed sugar alternatives for coffee. Some coffee lovers don’t like adding sugar to their coffee. But they don’t have the right information on other alternatives for their coffee.

In this article, we shall discuss how to sweeten coffee without sugar and how to make coffee sweeter. This is a well researched article and we have various tips on how you can enjoy your coffee better.

What are the Other Alternatives for Coffee apart from sugar?

It is not necessarily a must to add sugar to your coffee. There are those who don’t like the taste of coffee with sugar. However, there are other healthy coffee sweeteners you can add to spice up your coffee.

Please note that these sweeteners we shall mention below are healthy. They are substitutes for sugar in your coffee like coffeemate sugar free.

1. Honey

Some people have this mindset that only sugar is the best sweetener for the coffee. However, adding spoonfuls of sugar to coffee may be dangerous to your health.

The healthy sweetener nobody would advise against is honey which also add a more delicious taste to coffee. The health benefits of honey can’t be over-emphasized. 

It has natural nutrients making it a low calorie coffee sweetener. It contains some fiber and protein. This sweetener has no fat in it. It is rich in polyphenols. Honey is rich in antioxidants which neutralize the body. It does no harm to you.

Honey helps with your blood sugar. It is pure sugar and quite good for patients suffering from diabetes. When next you are thinking of natural sweetener to add to your coffee, choose honey. It gives energy and doesn’t allow allergies in the body.

2. Stevia

Another alternative for sugar in coffee is stevia. It is processed in powder form. When you add stevia to your coffee, it doesn’t cause an unpleasant aftertaste.

This is not an artificial substitute. This sweetener is obtained from Stevia rebaudiana plant which is mostly cultivated in Paraguay and Brazil. Some can’t differentiate this sugar substitute from sugar because it adds the same taste as sugar to the coffee. Stevia also has low calories just like honey. It equally helps to manage your weight.

Agave sugar alternative

3. Agave

This sweetener is natural. It is obtained from cacti but has some fructose. Agave nectar can make your coffee sweet just like sugar. This sweetener has little glycemic index.

It contains about 310 calories and it is produced from the tequilana plant. It is the filtered juice that is used in production.

4. Maple Syrup

This is another alternative for sugar. It can be added to coffee but is mostly used for pancakes.

It has great flavor and taste. When using this substitute for sugar, ensure it isn’t diluted. Sometimes, it could become diluted with too much fructose, so avoid using it that way.

Sugar Alternatives for Coffee maple syrup

5. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

You can add this to your coffee because it gives it a refreshing taste. This is great for the lovers of mocha. You don’t need to add any sugar to your coffee when you add the unsweetened cocoa powder. This helps to reduce the intake of sugar in your food. It adds some chocolate taste to your coffee.

6. Coconut Sugar Substitute

This is a sugar alternative for coffee. It is a natural sweetener that is obtained from coconut palm trees. It has little glycemic index. Coconut sugar is different from regular sugar because it has more nutritional value.

This coffee sweetener is also called coconut palm sugar. It contains zinc, potassium, fiber,  and iron.

7. Liquid Sugar for Coffee

Apart from using the regular table sugar, you can also use the liquid sugar for your coffee. Most people are only familiar with just the regular sugar.

Immediately you put it into your coffee, it dissolves. This liquid sugar is better than granulated sugar. It is processed from pure natural ingredients which makes it natural sweeteners for coffee.

How to sweeten coffee without creamer is by adding some natural flavors of sweeteners to it. You can add coconut milk to your coffee. Some prefer to add salt to their coffee. 

Also some flavored syrup works without adding creamer to your coffee. You can add molasses and chocolate chips. The best tasting sugar substitute for coffee would be based on your preference.


We have mentioned some sugar alternatives for coffee above. One of the best sweeteners for coffee is honey. This is primarily because of its health benefits. You can make your coffee taste the way you want it. However, note that you should stay away from anything that can be harmful to your health.

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