Types of Coffee

Different Types of Coffee You’d Find In Our Lovely Planet

Your coffee quest isn’t complete without having an idea of the diverse types of coffee. Trust me there are quite a lot. If you are looking at trying different kinds of coffee you should check this list out, it contains all of them.

There’s no harm in trying something new, especially when it has to do with your favorite beverage, all coffee lovers would love to explore new kinds of coffee. 

You are a coffee freak? Well, how much do you know about coffee names, let’s find out in the coffee list below!

Types of Coffee Beans


Ever come across this name? According to the books, Arabica’s production ranges from 60 to 70%. This special plant is sometimes referred to as the “mountain varieties” this is because it is grown at a high altitude with constant rainfall and ample shade.

In general, Arabica is the most delicate of all coffee bean types out there, growing Arabica in an unsuitable environment could completely ruin it. Arabica is also known to be prone to plant diseases.

If you are a fan of hardcore flavors and aroma, Arabica beans seem to be an amazing pick. Want to enjoy Arabica beans? Use a manual brewing technique like the pour-over method and make sure you brew with hot water. Cold brewing might mess with the complexity and depth of the beans.


The next coffee type on my list is the Robusta, I like the name! These plants are not popular from quality or depth. Robusta is highly known for its high caffeine level and hardness. Growing in hot climates isn’t an issue for the Robusta. The Robusta can withstand diseases, climates, and altitudes much more than other types of coffee beans. 

If you are not a fan of highly acidic coffee beans, the Robusta would make a great pick. Sugar and cream will stand out better with Robusta coffee beans. 

There you have it, for low acidity, you should go for Robusta. 

types of coffee beans


From the Arabica family comes “Typica”. Typica is generally considered as high-quality beans. They produce less coffee than other types. If you are wondering why anyone would stress to get this coffee, the answer is simple “Quality”. 

These kinds of coffee beans are known for sweetness some of the best baristas make their best coffee from Typica coffee beans. Typica can also be divided into various types.

Some of the subtypes of Typica coffee are; Amarello de Botucatu, Blue Mountain, Sumatra, Kent, and Kona.


Named from the village in Ethiopia where it originated from and was planted and harvested until sometime in 1950-1959, Gesha has its uniqueness. I like the fact that the Gesha coffee type is resistant to coffee rust.

Gesha is also considered to produce a floral and aromatic cup of coffee. However, they are quite expensive and this is due to two major reasons. One is the fact that it is very demanding to grow and harvest, the second is that lately, the demand for Gesha coffee beans has been growing.

types of coffee flavors


Meet Bourbon, another kind of Typica. The life and times and Bourbon began way back when the French brought a Typica Arabica plant to an Island called reunion. Some types of Bourbon include N39, Arusha, K20, Jackson, Tekic, Pacas, Pointu, SL35, Kenya selected, Mayaguez, Semperlorens, SL34, and Caturra, all being various mutations from Bourbon.

Liberica and Excelsa

Liberica and Excelsa have different profiles although Excelsa is a sub-variety of Liberica. But I would consider them as two different types. Liberica came to limelight when 90% of the world’s Arabica crops were destroyed by something called coffee rust, this happened sometime in the 1890s.

Liberica was produced majorly by the Philippines not until later when they declared independence and stopped supplying these coffee beans. Liberica beans are known for having a fruity aroma and a rare woody flavor. 

Excelsa is quite easier to find, unlike Liberica that grows on a maximum of 6 feet trees, Excelsa grows on huge coffee trees, I’m talking 20 to 30-foot trees guys. These kinds of coffee beans are most of the time used to add depth and complexity to different types of coffee blends.

Popular Types Of Coffee

So, here are the most popular types of coffee flavors you can have. Some of the coffee types listed below might not be found in your regular coffee shop, you might need to travel to have a taste. 

But hey, with the right guidance you can make any of these coffee types yourself.

Here there are, my 4-year-old kid, calls them “popular types coffee”…Lol

Antoccino: Served with steamed milk, Antoccino is a single shot of espresso coffee.

Caffe Americano: This is also a kind of espresso, it is made by diluting a regular espresso with hot water.

Breve: This another type of espresso coffee that is served with half cream and half milk.

Cappuccino: A Cappucino is a very popular coffee drink made with hot milk and frothed milk.

Latte: This is an espresso made with frothed milk.

Flat White: A flat white is the same as a latte, the only difference is that here textured milk is used. 

Espressino: This is a drink that is made from steamed milk, cocoa powder, and espresso.

Macchiato: Similar to a cappuccino but stronger, a macchiato is made with a little foamed milk. 

Americano: Americano is one of the most popular coffee drinks, it is made by diluting a regular espresso with hot water.

Cafe au lait: This is made with scalded milk and it is quite strong.

Cafe Zorro: This is similar to Americano, the difference is in the ratio of coffee to hot water.

Vienna Coffee: Made with whipped cream and two shots of strong black espresso, Vienna coffee is the choice of many.

Other Types Of Coffee And Their Country

Coffee Country
Black tie Thailand
Cafe Cubano Cuba
Caffe Crema Switzerland, Australia
Ca phe sua da Vietnam
Cafe Bombon Spain
Egg Coffee Vietnam
Galao Portugal
Irish Coffee Ireland
Turkish Coffee Turkey
Eiskaffe Germany

Difference Between Coffee Drinks

Sure there are lots of coffee drinks out there but what differentiates them from one another, there are a lot of factors.

Brew Method: Coffee brewing method is one major differentiator. Some coffee drinks are best made by cold brewing, most might need the use of a french press or the good old manual method.

Ratio: The ratio of water to coffee used is also what highly differentiates some coffee drinks from others. 

Milk Used: A coffee type might work best with steamed milk, another might not need frothed milk, some might not even need milk at all.


For us coffee lovers, coffee remains one of the best things on planet earth. You can beat your hands on your chest and call yourself a “coffee god” only when you have had all these coffee types. I have had quite a few and I must say, “coffee is amazing”. They are all unique in taste.

Let us hear from you, have you had all these types of coffee? What are your thoughts?

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