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A Complete Guide to Wafflehouse Menu Prices!

Are you looking for a dream destination to get delicious and mouth-watering food items without spending a hefty amount? Well, being a foodie is not bad at all! However, finding out one of the best destinations for food that suits your budget is somehow difficult. 

However, you needn’t have to worry much if you choose Wafflehouse as your next destination for eating out! Wafflehouse is undoubtedly a blessing for the foodies as they’ve got a lot of delicious food items to offer for you at really affordable prices. The items including sandwiches, burgers, pancakes, bacon & egg combos are a few of them to make you really fulfilled once you finish your dishes. 

So, let’s have a detailed look at the unique food items and Wafflehouse menu prices so that you can have a transparent idea before you finally consider a bodily visit!

Breakfast Waffle House Menu

Wafflehouse has a great variety of delicious dishes available for having a satisfying breakfast! Especially, the all-star special waffle house price may surprise you, considering the affordability. Let’s check them all!

Popular Food ItemsAvailable SizesPrice
Special All-StarN/A$7.50
Large Hashbrowns with Special All-StarN/A$7.50
Hashbrown BowlN/A$7.00
Sausage, Bacon, or City Ham with Cheese ‘N EggsN/A$7.00
Cheese Melt with Hasbrowns and Texas Bacon or Egg, Sausage.N/A$6.60
Eggs and SteakN/A$8.85

Toddle House Omelets

Are you willing to taste a variety of omelets? Well, here is the complete list of Wafflehouse’s omelet items with prices!

Popular Food ItemsAvailable SizesPrice
Omelet- Cheese and HamN/A$5.85
Cheesesteak   N/A$6.50
Fresh Cheese (Omelet)          N/A$5.45
Hold the Yolks           N/A$0.50
Make It a three Egg OmeletN/A$0.40

Steak & Egg Items

The Steak & Egg items of Wafflehouse will make you delighted for sure! Let’s have a look at the available items with sizes and prices.

Popular Food ItemsAvailable SizesPrice
Eggs and T-Bone10 Oz$10.70
Eggs and Steak5 Oz$8.85
Eggs and Country HamN/A$7.20
Eggs and Papa Joe’s Pork Chops3 Chops$9.80
Eggs and Papa Joe’s Pork2 Chops$7.80
Eggs and Grilled Chicken2 Breast$9.25
Eggs and Grilled Chicken1 Breast$7.25

Only Egg Items

Do you love eating eggs? Well, you may consider taking a close look at the offered egg items of Wafflehouse with prices!

Food ItemsSizesPrice
Cheese ‘N EggsN/A$4.60
Egg- one  N/A$3.20
Egg- twoN/A$3.60
Egg- threeN/A$4.00


You would be surprised to know that Wafflehouse specializes in serving delicious Waffles to the foodies! You may consider checking how much is a waffle at waffle house! 

Food ItemsSizesPrice
Delicious WaffleSingle$3.05
Delicious WaffleDouble$4.05
Waffle- PecanN/A$3.55
Waffle-Peanut ButterN/A$0.25

Sandwiches and Texas Melts Items

Wafflehouse serves delicious sandwiches, and Texas melts items to the food lovers. Let’s check them all!

Food ItemsSizesPrice
Cheese Texas Melt and Bacon EggN/A$4.65
Cheese Sandwich and Bacon EggN/A$3.85
Cheese Sandwich and Sausage EggN/A$3.85
Cheese Texas Melt and Sausage EggN/A$4.65

Value Dollar Menu

If you’re searching for a value dollar menu, Wafflehouse should be your ultimate destination!

Food ItemsSizesPrice
Jelly and Grilled BiscuitN/A$1.00  
Angus Hamburger- Original” (Value Dollar Menu)N/A$1.00
“Original” Angus Cheeseburger- DoubleN/A$2.00
Chicken Biscuit- GrilledN/A$3.00
Cheese Grits Bowl      and Egg, Sausage.N/A$3.00
Cheese Biscuit and Grilled Sausage or Egg, Bacon.N/A$3.00
Sausage Gravy and Two Grilled BiscuitsN/A$3.00
Bacon Biscuits or Two Grilled SausageN/A$3.00
Drink and 1 Egg BreakfastN/A$4.00  
3 Toppings and Bert’s ChiliN/A$4.00  
“All the Way”- Hashbrowns ScatteredN/A$5.00  
Drink and Pecan WaffleN/A$5.00  
Cheese with Hashbrowns and Grilled HamN/A$5.00  

Sides Menu

Considering the sides menu of Wafflehouse won’t make you regret! Let’s check them all with available sizes and offered prices!

Food ItemsSizesPrice
Bacon3 Slices$2.70
Bacon               5 Slices$3.80
Sausage          2 Patties$2.70
Sausage          3 Patties$3.80  
Ham- CityN/A$2.70  
Ham- CountryN/A$4.05
Bowl of GritsRegular$1.95
Bowl of GritsLarge$2.45  
Bowl of Cheese GritsN/A$2.45

Waffle House Kids Menu

Do your kids love eating delicious food items? Well, Wafflehouse is here to delight your kids as well. Let your kids know about the available Waffle House kids menu and see their joyous reactions!

Food ItemsSizesPrice
Kid’s Waffle with Sausage or BaconN/A$4.25
Kid’s Breakfast- 1 EggN/A$4.25

Popular Meals for Lunch and Dinner

Wafflehouse has a variety of dishes available for lunch and dinner. You may consider checking the different lunch waffle house menu and dinner waffle house menu with offered prices before you finally decide on any!

Food ItemsSizesPrice
Hashbrowns with Bacon Angus Cheeseburger DeluxeN/A$6.65
Hashbrowns with Bacon Angus Double Cheeseburger DeluxeN/A$8.15
Hashbrowns with Grilled Bacon Chicken Cheese DeluxeN/A$7.40
Hashbrowns with Texas Bacon Cheesesteak MeltN/A$7.65
Hashbrowns with Texas Bacon Patty Melt with HashbrownsN/A$7.45
Garden Salad, Hashbrowns with T-Bone Steak Dinner CombinedN/A$11.00

Popular Texas Melts Items

Wafflehouse offers a large variety of popular and specialized Texas Melts items. You may consider checking them out!

Food ItemsSizesPrice
Cheesesteak Melt- Texas Bacon   N/A$5.70
Chicken Melt- Texas Bacon              N/A$5.75
Patty Melt- Texas Bacon                   N/A$5.50
Cheesesteak Melt- Texas                   N/A$4.60
Angus Patty Melt- Texas                   N/A$4.40
Grilled Chicken Melt- Texas             N/A$4.65
Sausage Melt- Texas              N/A$4.25


Wafflehouse has a variety of coffee items available to delight coffee lovers. Let’s check the varieties and how much is coffee at waffle house?

Coffee ItemsSizesPrice
Decaf Regular$1.80  
Dark RoastRegular$1.80  
Coffee – To GoRegular$1.80  
Coffee – To GoLarge$2.30

Some Common Queries About Famous Coffees of the Wafflehouse:

Well, you may have some additional queries about Wafflehouse. Especially, the coffees they serve are truly delicious with all the other available food items. So, we have tried answering some common queries. Please have a look!

Where can I buy waffle house coffee?

Well, Wafflehouse has 2500 restaurants in 25 US states. You can choose the closest one to your location to taste its delicious coffees. They’re open 24*7 to serve you the best waffle house drinks.

What kind of coffee does waffle house use?

Wafflehouse is highly concerned about its reputation. Wafflehouse uses the best quality coffees beans to prepare each variety.

What kind of royal cup coffee does waffle house use?

Upon collecting 3 million pounds of quality coffee beans from central and south America each year, Wafflehouse roasts the beans at a 450-degree temperature. The customized roasting process takes adequate time and effort to turn the Arabica beans into coffees. And you get a royal cup of coffee to start your day with confidence!

Where can you buy coffee similar to waffle house coffee?

In simple words, it is hard to find similar quality coffees like Wafflehouse serve to their customers. You may not get the same aroma and unique flavor in any other place than Wafflehouse.

What coffee tastes like waffle house?

The coffee blends of Wafflehouse taste smooth, extremely aromatic, and rich in flavor.

Final Thoughts

Well, it seems that you’re now better ready to consider Wafflehouse as your next destination to have delicious meals. This food destination offers a variety of delicious dishes for the real foodies. So, if you’re one of the great foodies, place your order online or visit to get your seat booked now!

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