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Strange Yet Sweet – Bat Poop Coffee

What is your favorite animal poop coffee? I know you might have heard about different coffee from animal poops. But do you know about bat poop coffee? It might sound odd, but it’s one of the best and most expensive coffee you can buy. 

Suppose you want to enjoy this coffee; it’s important to know how it’s produced and where you can buy it. In this write-up, I will look more into this coffee to ensure everyone gets every detail before indulging.

What is bat poop coffee? 

Bat poop coffee is a coffee that is processed by the Jamaican fruit bat (Artibeus jamaicensis). The coffee, although called poop coffee, isn’t; rather, it’s right to call it ‘bat spit coffee.’ Bats don’t swallow coffee like birds or civet cats; they enjoy the sugary mucilage and spit the beans. The Saliva enzymes work on the coffee hence giving them a new taste. 

How is Bat poop coffee made? 

Making bat poop coffee starts when Artibeus jamaicensis, a bat native to Jamaica and Mexico, feeds on ripe arabica beans. Usually, the bat feed on ripe cherries to get the sweet mucilage, but they do not swallow the beans. 

Once the beans are spat out, they undergo fermentation outside the animal body. The enzymes in the bat saliva initiate the breakdown of some phytochemicals making the coffee less bitter and palatable by most drinkers. 

How does bat poop look? 

Well, there are different types of animal poop coffee, and they have varying colors. However, what color is bat poop? The coffee usually has a greenish color. Therefore, you might confuse the beans with regular unroasted coffee beans. 

Is bat coffee safe to drink? 

One of the things I can assure you of is that this coffee is safe to drink. Despite bats having a bad reputation for harboring diseases, bat poop coffee is safe to drink. 

The coffee undergoes a series of cleaning to remove the dirt and other contaminants. Further, the coffee is drying as well as roasting which eliminates any microorganism. 

How does bat coffee taste? 

Drinking bat poop coffee brings an excellent feeling. It has an improved taste and is easy to digest; it brings a smooth floral, fruity, and sweet taste. Also, the aftertaste is pleasant. Bat poop coffee has amazing taste despite its expensive nature.

Are there benefits of bat poop coffee? 

Drinking bat poop coffee offers more benefits than regular coffee. The main reason is due to the partial digestion by the bat enzymes. The main benefit is the ease of digestion. Also, coffee retains the same amount of nutrients and antioxidants. However, the caffeine content is unaffected since the coffee doesn’t undergo gut digestion.

Where do they sell bat poop coffee? 

Well, bat poop coffee, also known as bat guano coffee, is grown in Madagascar. Also, coffee is grown in Costa Rica. To enjoy authentic bat poop coffee, you can buy it at Sea Island Coffee

Apart from availability, you might ask, how much is bat poop coffee? The average cost of a bat is about $800 per kilogram. 

Final words 

Bat poop coffee is one of the most expensive and rare to find. Also, it’s among the most challenging to produce; it’s safe and tasty. Although it’s rare to find, the coffee is enjoyable. If you are looking for a connoisseur coffee, bat poop is an amazing jackpot. However, you need to prepare to dig deeper into your pocket. 


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