Must Read: 10 Best Coffee Shops In Austin You Will Want To Try

Have you been searching sentences like “Where to get coffee near me” or “What Austin coffee shop should I go to?” Well, If you’re looking for a place brimming with quirky, unique, and hot spots, Austin is the best place to find it. Austin is home to some of the best coffee shops you would ever discover. 

We have narrowed the best coffee shops in Austin to 10 with so many to choose from.

10 Best coffee shops in Austin you will want to try

Below, the 10 best coffee shops in Austin you will want to try have been listed:

  1. Sa-Tén @ Airport Blvd
  2. LeverCraft Coffee
  3. Houndstooth Coffee
  4. Flitch Coffee
  5. Civil Goat Coffee
  6. The Brew And Brew
  7. Thunderbird Coffee
  8. Idlewild Coffee
  9. Alfred
  10. Manana

Sa-Tén @ Airport Blvd

Featuring Japanese-style cuisine, Sa-Tén is a great tiny internet café. It is quiet, I assure you. a wonderful location to set up your laptop while eating some delectable meals and coffee. The majority of visitors—nearly 60%—are using laptops while they are there. One spot you should go to is Sa-Tén @ Airport Blvd.

Location: 4917 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78751, United States
Working Hours: Sunday-Monday 8am-5pm
Phone: +1 512-840-0090
Website: sa-ten

LeverCraft Coffee

The lemonade at LeverCraft is something you shouldn’t miss if you enjoy both coffee and house-made innovations and creativity. The best vegan-friendly Belgian waffles are available for consumption by vegans as well. The Yaupon Matcha Latte is the best beverage on the menu in my opinion. You should surely visit this place and try out the goodness they have to offer. 

Location:  3307 Oak Springs Dr Austin, Austin, Texas
Phone: (512)481-2341

Houndstooth Coffee

best coffee shops in Austin

One of Austin’s hippest coffee shops is shown here. Houndstooth is among the top coffee places in Austin that tourists should try. Houndstooth is known for its exquisite coffee and tea. One of the coffee cafes that takes its business seriously is this one.

They have locations in Henderson, Walnut Hill, and Dallas. The bartenders at Houndstooth have a comprehensive cocktail menu and are prepared to get you a shot.

Location:  4200 North Lamar Boulevard
Website: Visit Houndstooth
Social Media: Twitter

Flitch Coffee

A distinctive little coffee shop, Flitch Coffee offers a wide variety of drinks and a sizable outside patio. In addition, a taco truck is close by for dipping your coffee into. I’m unsure of how long the vehicle will remain, though. Due to the location of the coffee shop in a residential neighborhood, street parking is the predominant option. It might not be one of the cute coffee shops I’ve seen, but they sure do serve great coffee. Flitch coffee is one of the best east austin coffee shops.

Location: 641 Tillery St, Austin, TX 78702, United States
Working Hours:  Sunday-Monday 7am-3pm
Website: flitchcoffee
Social: Facebook

Civil Goat Coffee

Among Austin’s newest coffee businesses is Civil Goat Coffee. Both the employees and the ambiance are welcoming. The establishment’s name comes from the fact that a goat actually works there. There are pastries available to pair with the excellent coffee that is offered here.

Location: 704 Cuernavaca Dr N, Austin, TX 78733, United States
Working Hours: Sunday – Monday 8am-3pm
Website: civilgoat
Phone: +1 512-792-9929
Social: Facebook

The Brew and Brew

Due to its expertise in both coffee and beer, this coffee shop is among the best in Austin and is a must-try for everyone who loves both daytime and nighttime hangouts. If you happen to be here as dusk falls, have a traditional espresso and a glass of their wonderful cider. After doing this i’m sure you would want to visit over and over again. 

Location:  500 San Marcos Street #105 Austin, Texas 78702
Operating Hours: Sun 7:30 am to 10 pm, Mon 7:30 am to 3 pm, and Tues – Sat 7:30 am to Midnight
Phone: 512-493-0963
Website: brewandbrew
Social Media: Instagram

Thunderbird Coffee

The Thunderbird Coffee is more than just a fancy hangout with mouthwatering coffee. It’s the ideal place to also stop for a bite because of the warmth and comfort that their meals and dishes provide. Outside the coffee shop is spacious enough to host large gatherings or corporate meetings. Since most of their coffees are influenced by Thai cuisine, they are also particularly delectable. The honey nut latte is the best beverage they provide.

Location:  1401 W Koenig Lane
Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday 7 am – 6 pm
Contact: (512) 472 9900, [email protected]
Website: Thunderbird
Social Media: Instagram/Facebook

Idlewild Coffee

This is a coffee and skating shop. The staff is quite welcoming. The best cortado I’ve recently had in Austin was at this cafe. There is a delectable array of pastries to choose from on their simple menu. Although it seems strange, having a coffee shop inside a skateboard store is fantastic.

Location: 812 W 12th St, Austin, TX 78701, United States
Working Hours: Saturday-Sunday 9am-6pm, Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm

Social Media: Facebook
: +1 972 741 1412


The first coffee shop outside of California, Alfred, is clearly doing well. Due to its popularity, it first made its way into LA and has since established itself in Austin. The smells of baked products would overwhelm you as soon as you walk into the store. Additionally, there are dog-friendly patios outside where you may relax with your furry buddy. Alfred is a must-visit if you’re looking for a nice coffee shop in Austin. This is most definitely a cool coffee shop in austin.

Location:  4200 North Lamar Boulevard
Website: ALfred
Social Media: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram


Manana has excellent cakes and coffee. The best part is that all of their freshly baked goods are discounted to half price if you visit right before closing. The staff is kind and well-versed in coffee and other staple foods. If you enjoy coffee, you might want to put visiting this establishment on your bucket list because of the welcoming, peaceful atmosphere and great coffee. 

Location: 1603 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704, United States
Working Hours: Sunday-Monday 7am-7pm
Phone: +1 512-872-3144
Website: mananaaustin
Social Media: Facebook



This list gives you a choice of ten fun and jovial places to grab a cup of java or tea. From cozy cafes to hip music venues and everything in between, anyone could find a favorite here. It is exciting to see how different unique coffee shops are born in Austin. Do well to drop by any of the best coffee shops in Austin when you are in town. It’s safe to say, Brew-you-later!

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