tierra mia coffee menu prices

Discover Where to Get Delicious Specialty Coffee | Tierra Mia Coffee Menu Prices

Most of the coffee consumed globally is the standard one. However, you can enjoy the world’s specialty coffee by getting Tierra Mia coffee. With the company roasting and offering brewed coffee, it is always ready to drink or bagged coffee to brew at home. 

Apart from premium coffee, the cafes make excellent pastries and other drinks. The services are amazing and the same as the menu. I have summarized the latest Tierra Mia coffee menu prices to understand what to grab in their cafes. The menu gives you a quick view of available drinks and snacks. 

What is Tierra Mia coffee? 

Tierra Mia is a coffee roaster based in California, United States. Dealing with specialty coffee, the roaster delivers some of the best coffee you can get. It was founded in 2008, and its headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. 

Who is the owner of Tierra Mia? Founded by Ulysses Romero, as of 2022, he is still the owner and president of this coffee roasting company. 

Since the name is Spanish, most people ask, is Tierra Mia coffee Mexican? However, the roasting facility is based in the US, and the brand only operates in California. 

How many locations does Tierra Mia have? 

Since opening the first branch in 2008, the company outlets have increased to 20 by 2022. However, unlike other brands, Tierra Mia operates in one state. Since the company deals with specialty coffee, there is still potential for expanding to other states. 

Where is Tierra Mia coffee from? 

Dealing with specialty coffee involves a lot of work. Thus, sourcing can be tricky since it must fulfill all the outlined standards. To ensure all standards are fulfilled, Tierra Mia sources its coffee from Salvador, Colombia, and other parts of northern Latin America. 

The coffee is mostly organic and free from residue chemicals. Thus, the type of brewed coffee you get from the company exceeds your expectation. 

Tierra Mia coffee operations 

Getting your coffee is amazing and knowing the time to get into the Tierra Mia store is convenient. This leaves people wondering, what time does Tierra Mia open? Also, what time does Tierra Mia close? This question also keeps bothering the new customer. 

Normally, the coffee shops open from 06:00 AM to 12:00 midnight. Also, the outlets are open from Monday to Sunday and most of the holidays. On major holidays like Christmas, the company operates fewer hours while some locations remain closed. 

How to buy coffee from Tierra Mia

How to buy coffee from Tierra Mia?

Buying coffee or snacks from Tierra Mia is super simple. You can walk into their drive-through locations and order your drink. Also, you can order your drink online, which is convenient since shipping is offered. 

Whether you are ordering online or at drive-through locations, there are various ways you can use to make payments. One of the ways to pay is using a debit card. 

Does Tierra Mia accept Apple pay? You can use Apple and Google pay to pay for your coffee. 

Tierra Mia coffee menu prices 

Tierra Mia Specialties 

Tierra Mia SpecialtiesSizePrice 
Horchata LatteSmall $3.45
Horchata LatteMedium $3.95
Horchata LatteLarge $4.75
Mocha MexicanoSmall $3.45
Mocha MexicanoMedium $3.95
Mocha MexicanoLarge $4.75
Coco Loco LatteSmall $3.45
Coco Loco LatteMedium $3.95
Coco Loco LatteLarge $4.75
Cafecito Cubano Con LecheSmall $3.45
Cafecito Cubano Con LecheMedium $3.95
Cafecito Cubano Con LecheLarge $4.75

Traditional Beverages 

Traditional BeveragesSize Price 
Mocha$3.45 – $4.75
Espresso Macchiato$3.75
Cappuccino Italiano$2.95
Americano$2.50 – $3.50
Latte$2.75 – $3.95
Vanilla Latte$3.45 – $3.45
Caramelo Macchiato$3.45 – $4.75
Mocha Blanco$3.45 – $4.75

Tea & Hot Chocolates 

Tea & Hot Chocolates Size Price 
Hot Chocolate$2.75 – $3.35
Leche De Coco$2.75 – $3.75
Chocolate Mexicano De Guadalajara$2.75 – $3.35
Hot Loose-Leaf Teas$2.35 – $3.25
Honey Vanilla Tea Latte$3.45 – $3.75
Vanilla Tea Latte$3.45 – $4.75
Chai Tea Latte$3.45 – $3.95

Blended Cafe Frappe 

(Ice-Blended Coffee Flavors, Topped with Whipped Cream)

Blended Cafe FrappeSize Price 
Mocha FrappeSmall $3.45
Mocha FrappeMedium $3.95
Mocha FrappeLarge $4.75
Caramelo FrappeSmall $3.45
Caramelo FrappeMedium $3.95
Caramelo FrappeLarge $4.75
Cafe Corazon FrappeSmall $3.45
Cafe Corazon FrappeMedium $3.95
Cafe Corazon FrappeLarge $4.75
Coco Loco FrappeSmall $3.45
Coco Loco FrappeMedium $3.95
Coco Loco FrappeLarge $4.75
Rice & Bean FrappeSmall $3.45
Rice & Bean FrappeMedium $3.95
Rice & Bean FrappeLarge $4.75
Chocolate Mexicano FrappeSmall$3.45
Chocolate Mexicano FrappeMedium $3.95
Chocolate Mexicano FrappeLarge $3.45
Horchata FrappeSmall $3.45
Horchata FrappeMedium $3.95
Horchata FrappeLarge $3.45

Blended Fresca 

(Ice-Blended Cream Flavors, Topped with Whipped Cream) 

Blended FrescaSizePrice 
Vanilla CreamSmall $3.45
Vanilla CreamMedium $3.95
Vanilla CreamLarge $4.75
Chocolate CreamSmall $3.45
Chocolate CreamMedium $3.95
Chocolate CreamLarge $4.75
Strawberries & CreamSmall $3.45
Strawberries & CreamMedium $3.95
Strawberries & CreamLarge $4.75
Mango CreamSmall $3.45
Mango CreamMedium $3.95
Mango CreamLarge $4.75
Horchata CreamSmall $3.45
Horchata CreamMedium $3.95
Horchata CreamLarge $4.75
Coconut CreamSmall $3.45
Coconut CreamMedium $3.95
Coconut CreamLarge $4.75

Lemonades & Iced Tea 

Lemonades & Iced TeaPrice 
Organic Green Iced Tea$4.50
Strawberry Lemonade$3.95
Green Tea Lemonade$4.50
Strawberry Mojito Tea Lemonade$3.95
Mojito Mint Tea Lemonade$3.95

Final words 

The ultimate way to enjoy great coffee is by ordering from Tierra Mia. The brand strives to ensure only the best coffee gets to its customer. While deciding whether to order a coffee, tea, or snack, Tierra Mia coffee menu prices give you the easiest way to check how each item costs.