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Discover Where to Get Delicious Specialty Coffee | Tierra Mia Coffee Menu Prices

With a Latin American-inspired menu and a commitment to sustainability and fair trade practices, Tierra Mia Coffee is a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts in California. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Tierra Mia Coffee’s menu and prices, as well as how to order and some important links to help you find your nearest location. We’ll also explore the history of Tierra Mia Coffee, customer ratings and reviews, and much more. So, grab a cup of coffee and keep reading to discover why Tierra Mia Coffee is a must-visit for any coffee lover.

A Brief History of Tierra Mia Coffee

Tierra Mia Coffee is a specialty coffee retailer and roaster that was founded in 2008 by Ulysses Romero in South Gate, California. According to an interview with Romero, he started the company after earning an MBA from Stanford University and working as a financial consultant in New York City. The name “Tierra Mia” means “my land” in Spanish, and the company’s goal is to bring Latin American coffee culture to the United States.

Tierra Mia Coffee sources its coffee beans from premium purveyors such as Intelligentsia and Stumptown, and roasts them in-house to create unique blends that reflect the flavors of Latin America. Until now, Tierra Mia Coffee has expanded to 21 retail locations in California and has become a popular destination for coffee lovers who appreciate high-quality, flavorful coffee.

Where is their coffee from? 

Dealing with specialty coffee involves a lot of work. Thus, sourcing can be tricky since it must fulfill all the outlined standards. To ensure all standards are fulfilled, Tierra Mia sources its coffee from Salvador, Colombia, and other parts of northern Latin America. 

The coffee is mostly organic and free from residue chemicals. Thus, the type of brewed coffee you get from the company exceeds your expectation. 

How to buy coffee from Tierra Mia

Tierra Mia coffee menu prices 

Tierra Mia Specialties 

Tierra Mia SpecialtiesSizePrice 
Horchata LatteSmall $3.45
Horchata LatteMedium $3.95
Horchata LatteLarge $4.75
Mocha MexicanoSmall $3.45
Mocha MexicanoMedium $3.95
Mocha MexicanoLarge $4.75
Coco Loco LatteSmall $3.45
Coco Loco LatteMedium $3.95
Coco Loco LatteLarge $4.75
Cafecito Cubano Con LecheSmall $3.45
Cafecito Cubano Con LecheMedium $3.95
Cafecito Cubano Con LecheLarge $4.75

Traditional Beverages 

Traditional BeveragesSize Price 
Mocha$3.45 – $4.75
Espresso Macchiato$3.75
Cappuccino Italiano$2.95
Americano$2.50 – $3.50
Latte$2.75 – $3.95
Vanilla Latte$3.45 – $3.45
Caramelo Macchiato$3.45 – $4.75
Mocha Blanco$3.45 – $4.75

Tea & Hot Chocolates 

Tea & Hot Chocolates Size Price 
Hot Chocolate$2.75 – $3.35
Leche De Coco$2.75 – $3.75
Chocolate Mexicano De Guadalajara$2.75 – $3.35
Hot Loose-Leaf Teas$2.35 – $3.25
Honey Vanilla Tea Latte$3.45 – $3.75
Vanilla Tea Latte$3.45 – $4.75
Chai Tea Latte$3.45 – $3.95

Blended Cafe Frappe 

(Ice-Blended Coffee Flavors, Topped with Whipped Cream)

Blended Cafe FrappeSize Price 
Mocha FrappeSmall $3.45
Mocha FrappeMedium $3.95
Mocha FrappeLarge $4.75
Caramelo FrappeSmall $3.45
Caramelo FrappeMedium $3.95
Caramelo FrappeLarge $4.75
Cafe Corazon FrappeSmall $3.45
Cafe Corazon FrappeMedium $3.95
Cafe Corazon FrappeLarge $4.75
Coco Loco FrappeSmall $3.45
Coco Loco FrappeMedium $3.95
Coco Loco FrappeLarge $4.75
Rice & Bean FrappeSmall $3.45
Rice & Bean FrappeMedium $3.95
Rice & Bean FrappeLarge $4.75
Chocolate Mexicano FrappeSmall$3.45
Chocolate Mexicano FrappeMedium $3.95
Chocolate Mexicano FrappeLarge $3.45
Horchata FrappeSmall $3.45
Horchata FrappeMedium $3.95
Horchata FrappeLarge $3.45

Blended Fresca 

(Ice-Blended Cream Flavors, Topped with Whipped Cream) 

Blended FrescaSizePrice 
Vanilla CreamSmall $3.45
Vanilla CreamMedium $3.95
Vanilla CreamLarge $4.75
Chocolate CreamSmall $3.45
Chocolate CreamMedium $3.95
Chocolate CreamLarge $4.75
Strawberries & CreamSmall $3.45
Strawberries & CreamMedium $3.95
Strawberries & CreamLarge $4.75
Mango CreamSmall $3.45
Mango CreamMedium $3.95
Mango CreamLarge $4.75
Horchata CreamSmall $3.45
Horchata CreamMedium $3.95
Horchata CreamLarge $4.75
Coconut CreamSmall $3.45
Coconut CreamMedium $3.95
Coconut CreamLarge $4.75

Lemonades & Iced Tea 

Lemonades & Iced TeaPrice 
Organic Green Iced Tea$4.50
Strawberry Lemonade$3.95
Green Tea Lemonade$4.50
Strawberry Mojito Tea Lemonade$3.95
Mojito Mint Tea Lemonade$3.95

Customer Reviews

Tierra Mia Coffee has garnered positive reviews from customers for its quality coffee and friendly service. Customers appreciate the unique flavors of their in-house roasted coffee, inspired by Latin American blends. The company’s commitment to sustainability and fair trade practices is also well-regarded.

However, some customers have mentioned higher prices compared to other coffee shops and occasional long wait times during busy periods. Limited seating at certain locations has also been noted as a potential challenge when looking for a place to sit and enjoy the coffee.

Despite these considerations, Tierra Mia Coffee remains a popular choice for coffee enthusiasts in Southern California and beyond, thanks to its high-quality offerings and dedication to sustainability.


Based on the reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor, Tierra Mia Coffee generally receives positive ratings for its high-quality coffee and friendly service.

On Facebook, Tierra Mia Coffee maintains an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars based on over 2500 reviews. Customers frequently commend the unique coffee flavors and the friendly service from the staff.

On Yelp, Tierra Mia Coffee has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, with many customers praising the quality of the coffee and the unique flavor profiles offered by the company. However, some customers have noted that the prices can be higher than other coffee shops and that wait times can be long during peak hours.

On TripAdvisor, Tierra Mia Coffee also holds an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Many customers highlight the excellent coffee quality and the friendly service delivered by the staff.

How to order from Tierra Mia?

Tierra Mia Coffee offers several convenient ways to order their coffee and other products. If you prefer to order in person, you can visit one of their retail locations and order at the counter. You can find the locations and hours of operation for their cafes and drive-thru locations on their website.

For those who prefer to order online, Tierra Mia Coffee has an online store where you can purchase beverages, coffee beans, large traveler containers, food and gift cards. You can browse their selection of products and add items to your cart, then proceed to checkout to complete your order. Online ordering is available for their non-drive-thru cafes.

Tierra Mia coffee operations

Normally, the coffee shops open from 06:00 AM to 12:00 midnight. Also, the outlets are open from Monday to Sunday and most of the holidays. On major holidays like Christmas, the company operates fewer hours while some locations remain closed. 

Contact Information

Tel: +1 323-987-0346

Email: [email protected]

Important Links

Website: tierramiacoffee.com/

Facebook: facebook.com/tierramiacoffee/

Instagram: instagram.com/tierramiacoffeecompany/

Gift Card: squareup.com/gift/ML4127ZAV9YR9/order

Final words 

The ultimate way to enjoy great coffee is by ordering from Tierra Mia. The brand strives to ensure only the best coffee gets to its customer. While deciding whether to order a coffee, tea, or snack, Tierra Mia coffee menu prices give you the easiest way to check how each item costs. 


How many locations does Tierra Mia have? 

Tierra Mia Coffee currently operates 21 retail locations in California, with 17 locations in Los Angeles County, 3 locations in Orange County, and one location in the Northern California.

Is Tierra Mia a franchise?

Yes, Tierra Mia Coffee is a franchise. The company has been profiled in the Los Angeles Times and has appeared on TV throughout the years, and it is a well-known franchise that has been growing in popularity since 2008 when its first coffee house opened in the intersection of Atlantic Boulevard and Firestone Boulevard.

Does Tierra Mia have Wi-Fi?

You can connect to Wi-Fi while enjoying your drink and snack at Tierra Mia. You only need to ask for the password and enjoy the free internet. 

Does Tierra Mia have keto drinks?

Unfortunately, Tierra Mia doesn’t have Keto drinks; unsweetened coffee is great for anyone on a keto diet

Does Tierra Mia have vegan options?

Tierra Mia Coffee does not have many vegan options, but they do have soy, almond, and oat milk alternatives for their coffee drinks. They also offer a few vegan pastry options, such as the vegan blueberry muffin and vegan banana bread. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the specific location you plan to visit to confirm their menu offerings as they may vary by location.

Does Tierra Mia have gift cards?

Yes, Tierra Mia Coffee offers convenient gift cards that can be purchased both in-store at any of their retail locations and online as digital gift cards. These gift cards can be used at all Tierra Mia Coffee locations. You can choose any amount between $1 and $200 to load onto the gift card, and they can be redeemed for any item on the menu at Tierra Mia Coffee.

Does Tierra Mia accept Apple pay?

No. Tierra Mia Coffee currently accepts card and cash payments only, and Apple Pay is not among their accepted payment methods.

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