50+ Coffee Nook Essentials: The Ultimate Guide to Outfit Your Coffee Station

Coffee Nook Furnitures

1. Coffee Nook Table: This is the centerpiece of your coffee nook and can come in various shapes and sizes depending on your space and needs.

Small Round Table: Great for a cozy feel and ideal for small spaces.

Narrow Table: Perfect for fitting into corners or maximizing limited floor space.

Console Table: A narrow, rectangular table that works well against a wall.

Folding Table: A space-saving option that can be folded down when not in use.

Nesting Tables: These consist of two or three tables of different sizes that can be stacked together or used separately. They offer flexibility and can be easily rearranged based on your needs.

Barrel Table: Repurposed wooden barrels can be converted into unique and stylish coffee tables for a rustic or industrial aesthetic.

2. Side Table: A small table that can be used next to your main coffee table for additional surface area or to display decorative items.

3. Coffee Nook Seating: These seating options should be comfortable for relaxing and enjoying your coffee. Popular options include:

Armchair: Provides a comfy spot to curl up with a cup of coffee.

Accent Chairs: Offer a stylish seating option and come in a wide variety of designs.

Bistro Chairs: Lightweight and often made of metal or wood, perfect for a French bistro vibe.

Coffee Nook Bar Stools: Tall stools designed for seating at a coffee bar or countertop.

Benches: A space-saving option that can seat multiple people.

4. Coffee Nook Cabinet: Provides storage for coffee mugs, beans, filters, and other coffee supplies. 

5. Coffee Nook Shelf: Great for additional storage or displaying coffee mugs, art, and other decorative items.

6. Pegboard: A pegboard can be a functional and stylish way to hang mugs, coffee filters, or other coffee-related items.

7. Coffee Bar Cart: A mobile option that offers storage and can be rolled around for easy access or moved to entertain guests.

8. Multifunctional Furniture

Coffee Nook with Charging Station: Keep your devices charged and within reach with a built-in charging station in your coffee bar. This can be integrated into the table or countertop.

Coffee Table with Built-in Storage: This provides a space-saving solution for storing coffee mugs, magazines, or other items.

Ottoman with Storage: Ottomans with built-in storage offer additional seating and a place to store blankets, books, or magazines.

Coffee Nook Breakfast Bar: Extend your coffee nook into a small breakfast bar by adding a countertop extension and additional bar stools.

Coffee and Wine Bar Cabinet: This combines storage for coffee mugs, beans, filters, wine glasses, and wine bottles. It can feature separate sections for each beverage or compartments dedicated to wine storage like a built-in wine rack.

Coffee Gears

9. Coffee Roaster: Roasting your own coffee beans at home allows for complete control over the flavor profile.

10. Coffee Scale: A coffee scale can help you to measure out the perfect amount of coffee grounds for the perfect cup of coffee.

11. Coffee Grinder: If you buy whole coffee beans, you’ll need a grinder to grind them fresh before brewing. Grinding your own beans will give you the freshest, most flavorful coffee.

12. Coffee Maker: This is the most important piece of gear for your coffee corner. There are many different types of coffee makers to choose from, so you can find one that fits your budget and your needs.

Espresso machine: If you prefer espresso-based drinks, an espresso machine is a great option.

Nespresso Machine: Uses pre-portioned coffee pods for quick and convenient coffee. (Not a traditional grinder-based brewing method)

Cold Brew Coffee Maker: For brewing smooth, less acidic cold brew coffee.

Pour-over coffee maker: Another great way to make a delicious cup of coffee. Requires more practice than a drip machine but many coffee enthusiasts prefer the taste.

Drip coffee maker: A classic and easy-to-use option.

French press: A great way to make a full-bodied cup of coffee.

AeroPress: Versatile brewer for various coffee styles.

Siphon coffee maker: This visually stunning brewing method uses vacuum pressure to brew coffee.

Turkish Coffee Pot: For traditional Turkish coffee.

Ibrik: A traditional Middle Eastern coffee pot used for making strong, cardamom-flavored coffee.

13. Kettle: If you’re using a pour-over coffee maker or French press, you’ll need a kettle to heat up water.

14. Digital Thermometer: Useful for precise water temperature control for some brewing methods.

15. Refractometer: This tool measures the dissolved solids in coffee, helping you achieve perfect coffee extraction.

16. Milk Frother: If you like to make lattes or cappuccinos, you’ll need a milk frother to create steamed milk.

Coffee Nook Accessories

17. Coffee Filters (Paper or Reusable Metal) / Coffee Socks (Fine-Mesh Fabric): Separate coffee grounds from the brewed coffee. Paper filters result in a cleaner cup, while coffee socks allow more coffee oils and some fine particles through for a fuller-bodied taste. Coffee socks are reusable but require washing after each use.

18. Thermal carafe: Keeps brewed coffee hot for hours without sacrificing flavor.

19. Travel mug: Keeps your coffee hot or cold while you’re on the move.

20. French press travel mug: Doubles as a brewing device and travel mug.

21. Coffee mug warmer: Keeps your coffee hot for longer periods.

22. Mugs: You’ll need some mugs to drink your coffee out of! Choose mugs that you love and that will make your coffee taste even better.

23. Mug rack: A mug rack is a great way to store your mugs and keep them on display.

24. Coffee scoop: A scoop ensures consistent coffee grounds measurement for each brew.

25. Spoons: You’ll need some spoons for stirring your coffee.

26. Airtight container: This will help to keep your coffee beans fresh.

28. Canisters: Pretty canisters can store your coffee beans, tea, sugar, and other coffee supplies.

Coffee Nook Décor and Ambience

29. Plants: Plants can add a touch of life to your coffee corner. Choose plants that don’t require a lot of light or water, as these will be the easiest to care for in a small space.

30. Lighting: Good lighting is essential for any space, but it’s especially important in a coffee bar where you’ll likely be spending time in the morning or evening. A small table lamp or pendant light can brighten up your nook and make it more inviting.

31. Artwork & Wall Decor: Hang paintings, coffee-themed prints, or inspirational quotes related to coffee. A small chalkboard or bulletin board can be a cute touch to display notes or coffee recipes.

32. Flooring: If you have a dedicated space for your coffee nook, you can consider adding a special touch with the flooring. A small rug can add color and pattern, or you could even tile the area for a more permanent look.

33. Comfy Textiles: Throw pillows and blankets add comfort and visual interest. Choose colors and textures that complement your overall décor style.

34. Music Player: A small Bluetooth speaker or docking station can allow you to play music while you relax in your coffee station.

35. Scented Candles: Light scented candles with coffee or vanilla fragrances to fill your nook with inviting aromas and create a soothing environment.

36. Coffee-themed rug: A small rug with a coffee theme can add a decorative touch and define the coffee nook space.

37. Books & Magazines: Place a small bookshelf or stack of coffee table books with topics like coffee culture, brewing techniques, or travel destinations to enjoy while sipping your favorite brew.

Coffee Making Ingredients

38. Coffee beans/Ground coffee: This is the most important ingredient for a delicious cup of coffee. You can choose between whole coffee beans or pre-ground coffee. Whole beans will stay fresh longer and allow you to grind them to your desired coarseness, but pre-ground coffee is more convenient.

how many coffee beans per cup

39. Coffee subscription: Get a regular delivery of freshly roasted coffee to eliminate frequent trips to the store.

lifeboost coffee subscription

40. Water: Coffee is mostly water, so it’s important to use good-quality water. If your tap water doesn’t taste good, you can use filtered or bottled water.

41. Ice cubes/ice molds: For making iced coffee or blended drinks.

42. Milk/Alternative milk options: If you like to add milk to your coffee, you’ll need to choose the type of milk you prefer. Here are some popular options:

Dairy Milk: Whole milk, skim milk, or low-fat milk can all be used in coffee. Whole milk will make your coffee the creamiest, while skim milk will add the least amount of calories.

Non-dairy Milk: There are many different types of non-dairy milk available, such as almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, and coconut milk. Experiment to find your favorite.

43. Cream/Whipped cream/Non-dairy creamers: These can add a rich and creamy texture to your coffee.

44. Coffee liqueurs: A small amount of coffee liqueur can add a boozy twist to your coffee drink.

45. Sweeteners: If you like your coffee sweet, you can add sugar, honey, stevia, or another type of sweetener.

46. Flavorings: There are many different flavorings that you can add to your coffee, such as vanilla extract, cinnamon, chocolate syrup, or caramel sauce.

47. Spices: A pinch of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, or ginger can add a unique twist to your coffee.

Extras for Your Nook

48. Electrical Outlet: Make sure you have a nearby outlet to plug in your coffee maker, grinder, or other appliances.

49. Trash Can: A small trash can is essential for throwing away coffee grounds, filters, and other coffee-related waste.

50. Cleaning Supplies: Keep a few basic cleaning supplies on hand, such as a spray bottle with all-purpose cleaner and a few paper towels. This will make it easy to clean up spills and keep your coffee nook looking its best.

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