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Why Is It So Expensive? Meet the Rarest Bird Poop Coffee – Jacu Bird Coffee

Drinking gourmet coffee feels fantastic. But would you drink coffee extracted from bird poop? Well, if you don’t know about bird poop coffee, I’ll tell you more about this coffee from Brazil. 

Having come across different animal coffee like civet cats and money poop coffee, Jacu bird coffee didn’t come as a surprise. Although I have not yet tasted the coffee, it must be great. Well, without wasting time, let’s dive into the action. 

What is bird poop coffee? 

Bird poop coffee is a type of coffee obtained from the poop of a bird native to Brazil called Jacu. Usually, the birds feed on ripe coffee cherries, and the beans are excreted from poop. The beans are not physically digested due to the stiff parchment; hence they are only chemically changed due to fermentation and the action of enzymes.

Where does Jacu Bird poop coffee come from?

Well, Jacu bird coffee comes from Brazil. Its name is because it’s eaten by Jacu birds, a crossbreed of turkey and pheasant. These endangered birds were initially pests until farmers discovered they could turn their poop into expensive coffee. 

The birds are famous in small coffee plantations where they help produce Brazilian bird poop coffee. Since the birds aid in creating this coffee, most plantations grow their beans organically without pesticides.

How is bird poop coffee made? 

Jacu birds love eating ripe coffee cherries. These birds can consume 10% of the coffee produced in the field. Since the birds eat cherries directly from the bush, they only select the best ones. 

After eating, the coffee beans pass through their digestive tract where digestion occurs. But, the husk doesn’t allow the beans to be digested physically. The enzymes and other digestive elements allow for the digestion of some compounds eliminating the bitterness in coffee. 

After pooping, farmers collect the beans from the Jacu bird poop. They are cleaned, dried, and de-husked. The roasting follows, and the coffee is ready for grinding and brewing. 

What does Jacu bird poop coffee taste like

What does Jacu bird poop coffee taste like? 

Asking yourself how does the bird poop coffee taste like? One of the notable things is that the coffee is smooth and has no bitter taste. Also, due to partial digestion, it has less caffeine. Generally, the Jacu bird coffee offers a sweet, nutty flavor with an aniseed aftertaste. 

Are there benefits of drinking Jacu bird poop coffee? 

Different benefits come with drinking bird poop coffee. If you want to experience the goodness of this coffee, these are some benefits you can enjoy. 

  • Boost brain’s functionality 
  • Great for people who love low-caffeine coffee 
  • Easy to digest without complex compounds 
  • Immune and energy boosting 

 Is drinking Jacu bird poop coffee safe? 

Some people are afraid of drinking animal poop coffee due to contamination risks. Bird poop especially has a high chance of causing contamination of E.coli. The good thing is that Jacu bird coffee is super safe to drink. 

Since there is no reported illness arising from bird poop, you can enjoy it without worry. Usually, the coffee undergoes multiple washing, which removes any fecal material. Drying, de-husking, and roasting kill any would-be pathogens. 

How much is bird poop coffee?

Bird poop coffee is expensive owing to its production challenges. If you want to enjoy this coffee, be prepared to pay up to $100 for a small bag. Usually, a kilo of Jacu bird can retail at over $800. 

Final Words 

Jacu bird coffee is the ultimate choice when adding more flavor to your coffee drinking hobby. Although expensive, you can enjoy coffee from selected coffee shops dealing with specialty coffee. Overall, the coffee is sweet and safe for a fantastic experience. 


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