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What Is Monkey Poop Coffee? Is It the Best Animal Poop Coffee?

On my mission to look for different coffee types, animal pooped coffee has caught my attention. At first, Civet coffee seemed surprising, but monkey poop coffee is even more mind-boggling. 

I know you probably have no clue about this coffee. We can sail together as we discover this coffee. We’ll learn what monkey poop coffee is, its production, and its price. Let’s roll. 

What is monkey poop coffee?

Money poop coffee is a type of coffee that is produced from monkeys. Usually, the coffee is made from berries chewed and spitted by Rhesus monkeys. Unlike cat poop coffee, monkey coffee doesn’t get into the gut. It is the enzymes in their saliva that act on beans. 

The coffee comes from Taiwan and India. Grown near forests, the monkeys eat ripe cherries, which are then collected and processed into brewing coffee. However, is it really a poop coffee? A short answer is no. Then, what is monkey poop coffee called? The coffee is commonly referred to as monkey spit coffee. 

How is monkey poop coffee made? 

I’ve mentioned that this coffee is exclusively made in Taiwan and India. This is the reason that makes it a rare coffee and highly-priced. The production is unique in that the coffee depends on Rhesus monkeys to allow the fermentation of cherries. 

Since the coffee is grown in forested areas, the monkeys were initially pests. However, farmers were able to turn the ‘damaged’ bean into gourmet coffee. 

The monkeys eat ripe coffee beans in search of the sweet mucilage that covers the ripe cherries. However, after enjoying the sweetness, the monkeys spit out the beans just like you do with sugarcane. The enzymes in the saliva act on the beans, altering the overall flavor and quality. 

The collection of beans follows, whereby they are thoroughly cleaned and roasted. 

Although the coffee is known as monkey poop coffee, we can agree it’s not a pooped coffee. The monkeys only aid in processing the coffee cherries without passing through the digestive tract. 

Besides monkey poop and monkey spit coffee, do you know it is also called lemur poop coffee beans?

How does Monkey poop coffee taste?

One of the noticeable qualities of money poop is its flavor. The interaction of the beans and monkey saliva ensures there is an amazing transformation. 

Drinking the coffee lets, you enjoy the great flavor. It feels sweet with a complex taste and hints of chocolate, nuts, citrus, and vanilla. Amazingly, the coffee is super sweet and doesn’t have bitterness. 

Although the coffee is sweet, the level of caffeine is unaffected since the beans don’t get into the stomach. Thus, it can’t be classified as low-caffeine coffee. However, the type of beans will affect the overall caffeine content. Arabica beans have lower caffeine compared to Robusta. 

Besides the Arabica being low in caffeine, it’s the best coffee made from monkey poop. The main reasons are the low caffeine and excellent flavors. 

How does Monkey poop coffee taste

Is drinking monkey coffee safe? 

As with any animal poop coffee, I’ve been asking whether monkey poop coffee is safe. However, considering the beans are still intact, there is less chance of contamination. 

Besides the coffee beans being intact, the collection, cleaning, and roasting eliminate any chance of bacteria and other contaminants. The removal of parchment and high degrees during roasting ensures the coffee is super safe. Therefore, as you sip monkey spit coffee, always be confident about its safety. 

Buying monkey spit coffee 

As I’ve said earlier, monkey coffee is a rare type to get. Therefore, it’s unlike common coffee you can get in any store. If that is the case, where to buy monkey poop coffee, and how much does monkey poop coffee cost? 

Well, the coffee is only available in selected stores that deal in specialty coffee. For genuine coffee poop coffee, some of the sellers include Indian Bean Co, Beandeck, and letskauphy, among others.

The prices differ depending on the sellers. However, a kilogram of monkey coffee can sell for as high as $700. 

How to brew monkey poop coffee? 

Brewing monkey coffee should not be a problem. It has no unique ways of brewing, and it’s okay to use the available methods to make your drink. Monkey coffee is available for all roasts depending on your favorite coffee brewing method. This way, you can get light, medium, and dark roast. 

Besides the roasts, different grind sizes are available, which is great for all brewing methods. Whether you like cold brewing, espresso, pour-over, and others, there are no restrictions on brewing. However, for the best experience, drinking coffee without additives is the best I can recommend. 

Final words 

Having a gourmet coffee is one of the most fulfilling things for any ardent coffee drinker. Monkey poop coffee is one of the best choices for anyone in the process of collecting or tasting specialty and rare coffee. With excellent qualities, the coffee is worth your bucks. 


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