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Does Chai Tea Have Caffeine? Myth Revealed

Before I go ahead to answer the big question “does chai tea have caffeine” I’ll run you through some basics.

There are a lot of healthy substitutes for coffee. While coffee is the early morning sweetheart for a perfect day, an amazing mood. There are several other kinds of tea that can be as much as healthy. 

There are still many people who would not love to take coffee. This is mostly because of some health challenges or allergies.

For some people, it could cause jitters that are perceived by nervousness and agitation while for some others it could cause digestive disturbance and headaches. Others may just not like the bitter taste and may opt for something else.

If you match any of the categories above, worry not, I am here to give you better options to make a pretty amazing morning.

That perfect option is chai tea.

In a bit, I’ll tell you about chai tea benefits and I’ll also do a little comparison with chai tea latte caffeine vs coffee.

 chai tea benefits

What Amount of Caffeine Does Chai have?

The ingredients for making chai is warm milk, sweetener, spices, and black tea. If you want a decaffeinated chai then you will have to exclude the black tea because this contains caffeine. 

But if you want that mixed feeling of chai and caffeine then stash chai spice black tea caffeine amount moderately. If you exclude the black tea and use vanilla then you may not have the caffeine qualities.

On a regular, Prana Chai contains 20 to 100 mg of caffeine. This is mostly attributed to the way the tea is made (the brewing process). 

While the brewing is done, if the steeping time is reduced then it is possible that the caffeine content can be reduced by 80% when making the tea, using powders or concentrates will reduce the amount of caffeine in the tea but those made with spice blend will have more quantity of caffeine. 

The powdered made chai has about 25 to 55 mg of caffeine and the concentrated form has 30 to 35 mg of caffeine in it. On the other hand, on a rough scale, it is possible to meet with 120mg of caffeine in your regular coffee.

Also, there is a content in chai tea that helps to keep the nervous system calm. This is the tannin content. When it has fusion in the caffeine from the black tea, this is the expression it gives. It keeps you calm and less hyperactive.

Even so, some people prefer the feeling they get from their regular coffee. It’s priceless!

 does chai tea have more caffeine than coffee

9 Amazing Chai Tea Benefits

There are so many beautiful things I can expose you on about chai now so you don’t get lost when you get to find out about it in the long run.

  1. The largest high-class selection of chai products is in Chai Direct. There are over 140 products from over 26 brewers. You can explore the varieties.
  2. Chai tea is obviously a smart pick for you. Apart from the many health benefits, this tea is a transformer. According to research, tea polyphenols are used to increase attention span and focus (Thiamine). It also improves cardiovascular health as well as protects against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It has also been seen to alter the genetics of cancer in humans. 
  3. In India, chai means tea. People in the West call it spiced Indian style tea because it is a traditional tea that is spiced up with different spices and milk. It could also be called Masala Chai. This is used mostly by Indians as compared to coffee. Now, the world has gradually developed to adopting this tea. Even in America, this tea is served as Chai Latte.
  4. The percentage of caffeine in Chai is more than that of coffee? And how different is it? Well, the truth is obvious, a cup of chai can contain about 40 mg of caffeine while a cup of coffee can contain about 120 mg of caffeine. Tannin in the tea causes it to perform differently. In the contest of chai tea latte caffeine vs. coffee, I guess chai will win in some areas.
  5. Will you actually prefer the taste of coffee over chai? Chai has won the hearts of more than average users. This is because it has a way of both energizing and calming. It hardly makes you nervous and has more body and flavor. In comparison with other kinds of tea, chai is stronger and bolder as a result of the spices. It is obviously another healthy alternative to coffee.
  6. Chai can be commercialized as a concentrate, powder mix or in bulk loose tea leaf form. Whichever one you want is up to you to decide. The brewing process for concentrates is ideal; they taste better. Bulk loose tea form requires sweeteners and takes more time. The powder mix is just fine.
  7. Black tea is used to make chai: other alternatives are green tea, red tea, and yerba mate. Green tea would have been best since it contains less caffeine but black tea has as many benefits as green tea. Red tea is caffeine-free. Yerba mate is also healthy but slightly bitter.
  8. They are also USDA organic. They are cultivated without chemicals. For more information see USDA Organic Chai.
  9. Chai tea seems to be better for the environment. By estimate, over 1100 cups of water can equate a cup of coffee but 1/10th of this can produce a cup of tea. Look through this space and read more about chai tea’s positive environmental impact.


Does chai tea have more caffeine than coffee?

Well, chai tea has caffeine but it is not as comparable to that of coffee. Either way, the taste is amazing so you just have to choose your hustle.

Does vanilla chai tea have caffeine?

Yes. The base of vanilla chai is black tea, containing around 40mg caffeine per 8 oz cup.


I know this article contains so many words. But I hope I have answered your question “does chai tea have caffeine?”

Basically, Chai tea is a black tea that is spiced with a robust aroma and a modest amount of caffeine. It has been observed that this can actually lower the risk of a heart attack.

Do well to review your healthy lifestyle.

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