McDonald's Frozen Drinks

Everything You Need to Know About McDonald Frozen Drinks

Unarguably, McDonalds frozen drinks are top rated. They help quench your thirst and you can only beg for more. That’s how magical McDonalds frozen drinks are!

In this article, we have researched thoroughly about McDonalds frozen drinks. If you have your favorite flavor already, we are sure you would also want to taste other quality drinks from McDonald’s.

There are a variety of frozen drinks from this brand. They help you cool off refreshingly. They are affordable and quality drinks. Interestingly, the menu is expanded yearly so that customers can have more to drink.

What are McDonald’s Frozen Drinks?

As we all known, McDonald’s is a popular brand. Over the years, they have become household names across the globe. If you are a lover of McDonald’s, you would know that this fast food franchise serves consumers with only quality food, beverages, and drinks.

One reason we all would stick to McDonald’s is because they treat customers right. The McDonald’s frozen drinks are always icy. They are made to quench thirst. One can order at any time and delivery can be done anywhere.

Their new drinks are a perfect blend of classic beverages. If one is a lover of lemonade, slushie, soda, fruit, water, and natural drinks, everything is available for you. The frozen slushies are sweet and cold.

What Flavors of Frozen Drinks Does McDonalds have?

On the menu dollar, there is a variety of flavored frozen drinks at McDonald’s. There are more than 35 flavors including vanilla, lime, strawberry, mango, blueberry, and sour.

20 Popular McDonald’s Frozen Drinks

  1. McDonald’s frozen drinks include:
  2. McDonalds frozen fanta, slushies 
  3. frozen coke, frozen fanta wild cherry 
  4. minute maid strawberry watermelon slushie 
  5. frozen fanta blue raspberry 
  6. minute maid pink lemonade slushie
  7. soda
  8. Hi-C orange lavaburst
  9. unsweetened iced tea
  10. sweet tea
  11. minute maid premium orange juice
  12. McDonald’s shakes for kids
  13. strawberry banana smoothie
  14. mango pineapple smoothie
  15. dasani water, Dr Pepper
  16. fanta orange
  17. sprite, coca-cola vanilla
  18. diet coke, sparkling water
  19. frozen coke lime
  20. frozen coke pineapple

and a variety of new McDonalds frozen drinks are all available.

coca cola Frozen Drinks

What Season is Best for McDonald’s Frozen Drinks?

These frozen drinks are the best for you during summer. You have drinks to give you a refreshing taste and keep you cool. There is no reason to stay dehydrated. All you need is to grab a bottle or glass of these drinks.

There is no doubt that these drinks aren’t alcoholic. Therefore, it is for all ages. You can give yourself, children, older parents a nice treat with any of these drinks.

Also, they can be ordered for every occasion. You can entertain your guests at your parties, conferences, meetings, picnics, and large gatherings with these drinks. You can also gulp down some frozen drinks during any time of the day. These drinks are fruity and each has a unique taste and flavor. 

Also, these drinks are a perfect combination with french fries, food, burgers, chicken and different edibles you enjoy. The McDonald’s drinks are stored at cold temperature and are protected from light.

How Much are the Frozen Drinks at McDonalds?

There is no doubt that McDonald’s drinks are affordable. Unlike some fast food chains, one can buy frozen drinks at McDonald’s with $1. For instance, McDonald’s large coke is $1. 

This is one of the reasons McDonald’s drinks are always sold out. With an extra $1, customers can get other drinks of their choice. With one dollar, be ready to choose from flavors like pineapple, blueberry, lime, and vanilla.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does McDonalds have Slushies?

Yes, McDonald’s sells Slushies. The McDonald’s slushies are available in varying sizes ranging from small, medium to large. The prices are between $1.79 to $2.29. The minute maid slushies come in two flavors.

Does McDonald’s Have Boba?

People love McDonald’s drinks. However for lovers of boba, the menu has boba on it. But McDonald’s doesn’t sell boba in all states or locations including the USA. 

How Many Ounces in McDonalds Large Drink?

McDonald’s large drinks are available in different flavors. The large drinks are about 30 ounces. If you take a large cup at McDonald’s, the ounces differ from the small ones which are about 16 ounces.

McDonald’s ensures that customers are satisfied with all their frozen drinks. You can visit the website to know more about their services. For lovers of McDonald’s coffee drink who ask, “how many grams of sugar in McDonalds frozen coffee drinks?” The iced tea contains 28 grams(sugar).


You can have a taste of any of the flavors of the McDonalds frozen drinks. We are sure that you would not stop at one.

These drinks are the best for hot weather. You can order and the means of payment is simple. For your parties, these drinks can be delivered to your doorstep.

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