why does coffee make you poop

Is Caffeine Responsible for Pooping Urge in Coffee? Find Out Why Does Coffee Make You Poop

From some of my close friends, I have heard them complain about the urge to poop once they drink coffee. At first, I thought caffeine was causing this, but even after drinking decaf coffee, they still experienced the same issue.

Through a bit of research I have done, I know the pooping problem after drinking coffee affects many people. But why does coffee make you poop? If this has been a concern, let’s sail together and know the causes and how to minimize this experience. 

What in coffee makes you poop?

The available data states that over 30% of people experience pooping after consuming coffee. However, the reason behind this scenario is still being debated even today. 

Coffee has over 1000 compounds, and the main suspects in causing urge to poop is caffeine, N-alkanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamine, and chlorogenic acids

These chemicals combined or individually will to some extent, cause a coffee drinker to rush to the toilet after drinking coffee. While caffeine makes you poop, the other two active compounds will also cause the same effects. If that is the case, does decaf coffee make you poop? According to research by medical experts, decaf coffee also triggers the urge to poop among the people who experience this condition. 

Drinking coffee and feeling like pooping doesn’t fair well with most people. But, to counter the problem, it’s essential to know what the coffee does to trigger the urge. 

Coffee stimulates colon contraction 

According to the researchers, on different occasions, drinking caffeinated coffee can lead to increased colon contraction. Usually, colon contractions are responsible for the movement and mixing of food material and the ejection of poop. 

Under normal circumstances, these colon contractions are standard and never abrupt. However, consuming caffeine has shown to stimulate the rate of contraction, which results in an urge to go to the washroom. 

The laxative effects of coffee, however, depend on the amount of caffeine. Coffee high in caffeine acts faster in stimulating the colon than decaf coffee. One study showed that caffeinated coffee induces contractions by 23% compared to decaf

Is Caffeine Responsible for Pooping Urge in Coffee? Find Out Why Does Coffee Make You Poop 1 why does coffee make you poop

Coffee can trigger the action of some hormones 

Besides stimulating colon contraction, coffee can also trigger stomach hormones. 

Bearing in mind that coffee is acidic, consumption can lead to an increased levels of hormones like gastrin. This hormone is responsible for the production of gastric acid. 

Increasing levels of gastrin lead to more contraction in the gut, which results in fastening the urge to defecate. Besides, more gastric acid in the stomach can trigger Gastrointestinal Acid Reflux(GERD). 

Coffee additives like dairy products can stimulate bowel movements

Coffee additives like milk, cream, and syrups are fun and make the beverage sweeter, and a large number adds them.  But, milk and cream from dairy can upset your stomach. This is especially if you are lactose intolerant; there are chances of looking for a toilet after drinking a latte or cappuccino. 

People who can’t digest lactose might experience awful effects like a gassy stomach, cramps, nausea, and even diarrhea. When these reactions happen, the body tries to stabilize by ejecting whatever is in the digestive system. 

If you can’t handle lactose well, trying non-dairy additives might solve the urge to poop after drinking coffee. 

Decaf also causes urge to poop 

You might be saying, maybe if I do decaf, it will save the ship…, that is not the case. Drinking decaf also makes people poop which is the reason why experts believe caffeine isn’t the only one responsible for that. 

As I mentioned earlier, coffee has over 1000 chemicals which means others might also have laxative effects. The presence of N-alkanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamine and chlorogenic acids are the reason decaf causes the pooping urge. 

How to stop coffee from making you poop? 

Drinking coffee is fun, and stopping it is not the best option. Knowing how to deal with coffee is ideal if it makes you poop rather than giving up. Some of the steps to stop pooping after drinking coffee include. 

Final words 

While the majority of coffee lovers have no issues after drinking the beverage, a good number still face undesirable effects. By knowing why coffee makes you poop, it’s now easy to switch to the right coffee.

Going through this information, it’s my wish that you now know why coffee has been messing with you. It’s time to adjust and say bye to discomforts after a cup. 


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